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Dilley, Texas30Straight

Hello, my name is Dennis.

I'm an outgoing very smart person who loves to write and read.

Looking for friends who I can write.

If you write me through JPay, include your mailing address in the body of the letter.

Miti Maugaotega #3343619 - Primary Picture
Lebanon, Missouri33Straight

I'm a lifer, looking for companionship to pass the time.

If you're interested, just hit me up and we'll go from there.

You can email me directly through the emessaging section of Securus.

San Luis, Arizona36Straight

I would like to meet someone who likes outdoors, hiking, swimming, picnics, and traveling. I am looking for someone who would be interested in getting to know me better. Someone who may be able to visit with me occasionally.

I am active in my religious beliefs. I am working here at the prison. I am hoping that I can meet someone nice that has the same likes as I do. I have a great...

Iowa Park, Texas36Straight
African AmericanChristian

Sharing a voice in search of finding one from you. My name is Morris. I’m looking to meet a positive friend in you. That likes talking, having fun and understanding. I like reading, talking, writing, dancing and having fun myself, because that’s who I am. But truthfully, I would like to get to know you and hope you would like to get to know me as well and while we’re doing that, I hope you don...

Amarillo, Texas36Straight


My name is Ruben Garcia. I am 36 years old, Hispanic male from the flatlands of West Texas (Lubbock). I’m writing this with the hopes of finding and building a solid and loyal friendship with any and all. I’m open to meeting, talking and writing people from all walks of life. I’m an outgoing, funny and caring man. I enjoy reading books and magazines and listening to all types of...

Cleveland, Texas38Straight


My name is Pedro but people call me Pete.  I'm hoping to meet some new friends and establish positive contacts.  I'm in the process of fixing my life right now.  I have always been a really smart person that happened to make some dumb decisions that put me in my current situation. 

I love reading fiction novels, self-help books and biographies. ...

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Buena Vista, Colorado33Straight

Hello stranger, I’m a 33 year old male with diverse interests currently looking for interesting and empathetic people to correspond with. I’m serving a sentence for alleged domestic violence related to offenses against a woman I was with for nearly 4 years of my life. I’m not proud of the mistakes I’ve made in life but I’ve grown tremendously from them and I’m willing to discuss anything with...

White Deer, Pennsylvania33Straight

Hello, from Russian Bad Boy,

If you’re a happy, positive woman with large dreams and ambitions, I’m eager to hear from you and hopefully to share my own journey toward wealth and adventure with you.

I may have come to Federal prison 10 years ago for money laundering and drug conspiracy (Rico) but I’m leaving with a headful of knowledge and entrepreneurial passion (not to...

Iowa Park, Texas25Straight

I will start this off by thanking you for taking time out of your day to read this. It means a lot to me. My name is Brandon Maldonado, I’m 25 years old. I am currently serving a 12 year sentence for robbery. I do believe in God and do not pass judgment if others don’t. I take advantage of my time in a positive way by learning new stuff that will help better myself and add fuel to my success...

Raleigh, North Carolina32Straight
Multi-racialNative American

Hey World! I’m welcoming female companions that are willing to share some of their time and establish a friendship. If the connection is deep and something greater happens, that’s cool too but only time will tell.

What’s a King without his Queen! I’m half African American and Mexican. I’m also 6’ and 195 pounds. I enjoy reading and listening to music. If I grabbed your attention, do...

Moose Lake, Minnesota29Straight
Native AmericanNative American


My name is Donald W. LaQuier Jackson.  I am looking for people to write to, you know, just passing time till I'm released.

My goal when I get out is to start a religious organization for Native Americans interested in finding there ancestral identity.  I already started a Facebook group dedicated towards my goal.  I'm also interested in learning about...

Manistee, Michigan49Straight

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello! How is your day? Well, let me tell you, I am a very good listener! I will listen to what is on your mind, to ease it instead of letting it go loco.

So, I am an honest person and I speak my mind. I am about family and about friends!! While in here I’ve educated myself in food tech and custodial maintenance and I’ve taken very good classes like...

Dixon, Illinois26Straight
African AmericanChristian

Thank you for taking your time to read my profile.  I look forward to meeting new and productive people and building something new on a positive level.  I'm down to earth, a good listener, ambitious, good sense of humor, and when it comes to women, I am very passionate towards them. 

I'm 26 years young.  I love to lift weights, listen to music and read books. ...

Dixon, Illinois28Straight


How you doing?  If you are reading this then we have met in this form of fashion.  Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

First and foremost, I'm not here to waste your time.  If you're looking for something and someone real, here it is.  If you offer the same, let's come together and create a bond that can never be broken.

If you're tired of being...

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Dixon, Illinois34Straight
African AmericanChristian


My name is Rozelle.  I am currently finishing up the last bit of my sentence and preparing for my positive reintegration into society.  I take the initiative to post this ad and seek friendship and correspondence with a wonderful female. 

I work out to stay in good physical shape and self-educate myself on many subjects to stay mentally advanced.


Berlin, New Hampshire28Straight

Dear Queens,

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out to view my profile. I wanted to join Write A Prisoner for some time now but the thought of disappointment never allowed me to follow through. I’ve come to the realization not all people are alike. I’ve learned to not let my past effect my future. Now I’m ready and looking for a positive friendship with the possibility...

Coleman, Florida29Straight

What’s Good Ladies,

I’m here to give you a few details about myself. I’m 29 years old, I’ll be 30 February 3, yes, I’m an Aquarius, but don’t let the age fool you LOL. I’m from the Bronx, New York, born and raised. I have a beautiful daughter who I love out of this world. I’m very outgoing, smart, ambitious, sacrifice, loyal, humble and cocky when the time is appropriate. Life is too...

Terre Haute, Indiana33Straight

I seek true friendship from genuine people, people who know the foundation to any long lasting friendship is honesty, loyalty, trust and respect.  Are there people out there who still value real friendship?  Those are the people I desire to correspond with.  I am surrounded by so many fake people that I long for something real. 

Prison is a dark place and it can be...

Joliet, Illinois31Straight
African AmericanChristian

Your Happiness Is My Only Concern…

Are you ready to be showered with the attention and appreciation you deserve? Well, continue reading my profile and when you’re done, sit down and write me. I want to know what your interests are as well as what makes you smile.

I’m looking for that woman who deserves to be spoiled as well as reassured that she is the best creature God created...

Susanville, California24Straight

Hey Everyone,

First and foremost thank you for your time by stopping and checking out my page. I look forward to meeting you and building a real friendship.

So here’s a little about myself. I am a 24 year old Chicano from Davis, California. I spend my time growing my education, staying healthy by working out and I’m always fine-tuning my passion in art. I hold close the...

Blythe, California26Straight


My name is Benjamin Ma, but you can call me Ben. Hopefully we can write or talk with one another so we can become friends or more and I will be able to get the privilege to know who you are.

I have been incarcerated for some time now but I don’t allow that to keep me from being disconnected from the society or meeting new people. I live one day at a time and I hope for...

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Shirley, Massachusetts33Straight


My name is Ariel and I'm from Bronx, New York.  I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and making new friends.  Despite life's up’s and downs, I keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic.  We only live once, so I believe it's important to maximize the opportunities and experiences life has to offer; one of the most important being that of a genuine...

Opelousas, Louisiana30Straight

Hello, my name is Jacob. I'm a 6'6" 250lbs, small-town guy. I clicked on a link and now I'm here. I'm currently fighting my case and looking for friends along the way.

My days are pretty full here as I am always looking for something to stay busy. I'm a very positive person with a great outlook on life. Outside of this, I'm a dad and a workaholic. I'm a mechanic by trade and enjoy...

Tabor City, North Carolina37Straight

My name is Brian, I'm from a little town named Benson, North Carolina.  I'm a southern gentleman.  I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, a big nose, and a big big big – personality.  I'm a mechanic and welder, fabricator by trade.  I've taken classes in electrical, plumbing, carpentry and more.  I have a special talent of making something out of nearly nothing.  I...

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Wasilla, Alaska36Straight


My name is Elliott Isaiah Hernandez.  I am 35 years old, I turned 36 in August on the 23rd.  I am 5 foot 5 inches tall, 155 pounds, my race is Mexican, Indian and Irish.  I was born and raised in Ogden, Utah until I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I mostly grew up living in Oklahoma City and in Irving, Texas, before I moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1997.


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