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Luis Trevino #R62319Primary Picture
Sumner, Illinois38Straight


My name is Luis and I joined Write a because I’m looking to socialize with people all across the country.  I look forward to being friends with great open minded females that like to exchange ideas, wants, desires and engage in meaningful conversations.

I like to engage in positive activities, seeking to enhance my...

Chad Wheeler #A518-379 - Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio38Straight

Have you ever been surrounded by people but STILL feel “Lonely”?

That’s MY situation right now! So, I’m reaching out to meet new people and make some new friends…I’ve been locked up awhile. I’ve had a difficult past, so I work hard in here to better myself…

I’ve done some college and I’m in the “Dog Program”. I help train dogs to assist handicapped people outside of prison. My...

Landon Reynolds #AD4452 - Primary Picture
Norco, California30Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

It’s been awhile since I’ve been open and honest to exactly what it is I want. To get straight to the point, I want a friend. I’m looking for genuine conversation, something to motivate me to be better and do better.

I have a lot to offer in return. I’ve been down for 10 years and don’t have much to go. So I’m past all the games and know what I want. I’m single and have no kids, so yes...

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Dillen Endres #111809 - Primary Picture
Eagle Pass, Idaho27Straight

I started this profile with the hope that you would read it and maybe you could become my friend.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and it’s as big as the sun. I have a clean pathway and the sky is always clear, so don’t be afraid to take a walk with me.

If you have any questions I am a very open person, so feel free to ask.

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure...

Gabriel Castellano #02090250 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas28Straight


Life is too short to spend it alone. I’m looking to make friends. I’m not into any serious relationships, but I’m no future teller, so anything is possible. As for friends, I’m seeking really anyone who’s on a positive note that’s able to keep up a nice convo. No stress or expectations, just brain-storming and bs’ing. It’s all in good spirit.

To get a hold of me, I...

Billy Marcus Lyon #00750528 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas47Straight
African AmericanCatholic

Have you found what you're looking for yet?

If not, continue reading because here is where your search may end. I have an outgoing personality with a great sense of humor an a friendship first mind-set. I'm 6' tall but I am am very down to earth, kind-hearted, good-natured, high-spirited, humble, smile easily, fun to be with, silly, optimistic, easy going, romantic, enthusiastic, and a...

James Krajnik #02050030 - Primary Picture
New Boston, Texas35Straight

Hi, I'm Jimi.  I’m 6'3" tall, weigh 200 pounds with an athletic build from the country, near Houston.  I look like a bad boy, but don't judge a book by its cover.  I'm really a country boy, just a little nerdy at heart.  I love anything in regards to nature; hunting, fishing,and camping.  I ride bikes; grew up racing motorcycles. Anything on two wheels is the ultimate...

Quintez Gordon #A639-865Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio32Straight
African American

I’m 30 years old and looking for new friends to communicate with (females only).  I’m seeking something genuine, regardless the relationship.  Somebody to be here and contribute the best way you know how to!  I don’t ask for much, just a little maturity and someone who has goals in life. 

Raymond Negron #12756-049Primary Picture
Forrest City, Arkansas36Straight


My name is Raymond. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After the age of 16 I started my life in Manchester, New Hampshire. I’m a man with a lot of energy. I like to exercise, lift weights, swim and run. I enjoy staying active. I would like to meet new friends to correspond with. I am a happy and gentle person. I love adventures and ladies with open minds that like to take...

Hector Jason Zepeda #94750-379Primary Picture
Three Rivers, Texas34Straight

Hello, I’m a Hispanic male, 5’10” tall, and very athletic that loves the outdoors.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and doing anything in the outdoors that’s relaxing.  At home I love to watch movies, BBQ, hang-out, do anything drama free, and anything that brings a smile to my face.  I’m also a kickboxer and MMA fighter that loves to fight only in competition, not on the...

Benjamin Varela #56828380Primary Picture
Three Rivers, Texas32Straight

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet I have never encountered a picture that fully illustrates the meaning of love, trust, and  friendship. With that being said, words are meaningless unless enforced.

So I hope that you will give me the opportunity to give you my words so you can gain a full...

Rhonda Orr #1507163 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas45Straight

Hi, my name is Roni. I’m looking to meet people and make some new friends. I like to read; mostly fiction and biographies. I also enjoy football, current events, and listening to music of all kinds. I am interested in quite a bit so I can talk about whatever comes up.

I’m pretty low maintenance. I just like to have fun and get to know someone.

I hope I hear from you...

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Gerardo Sanchez #B77676 - Primary Picture
Vienna, Illinois44


Everyone calls me Jerry which is short for my first name.  I don’t have any family here, reason being I am the first of my family born in the States and all of my so-called friends disappeared as my time kept going.

I miss the free world, even the simple things in life.  I use to get paid driving city to city.  I watch TV and fantasize about...

Ker'Sean Ramey #999519 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas33Straight
African American

How would your life be different if…you stopped allowing other people to dilute/poison your day with their words and opinions?  Let today be the day…you stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.

We’re all searching for something, whether it’s God’s Love, our purpose in life, or our identity as individuals...

Justin Szalla #01942282 - Primary Picture
Beaumont, Texas24Gay

First let me say thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read my profile.  As you may know, I am looking to make a friend, somebody to confide in and share thoughts with.  For a person such as myself, being incarcerated and having limited contact with the outside world is hard.   Having someone to share my time with on pen and paper brings a breath of...

Anthony Giunta #309809 - Primary Picture
Safford, Arizona31

Hi there.  My name is Anthony Giunta. I am 30 years old and I am currently incarcerated at  facility in Arizona.

I have been back and forth from jail to prison going through a trial since I started on this site almost a year ago. I may have missed mail or it was sent back. All I know is, I have not received any letters from anyone and I pray that someone will reach out...

Rarecole Brown #A676-073 - Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio34Straight
African AmericanChristian

I'm 33 years old and I'm halfway through my sentence. I'm looking for a grown woman. Age doesn't matter, just maturity. Someone open minded, genuine, and has faith in God, and contribute in the best way you know how in helping me get through this time. I consider myself a great listener and a problem solver. Sometimes life gets lonely and we all need somebody genuine...

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Robert Fenwick #232686 - Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky31Straight

Hello, My name is Robert Fenwick.

I am 30 years old, 5'5", 170 lbs, and covered in tattoos. My kids mean the world to me first and foremost even though I've landed myself here and caused me to be away from them!

A few things I’m interested in are motorcycles and fast cars. I dress to impress; I take pride in my appearance. I enjoy anything that has to do with the...

Jeffrey Alberts #Y12228 - Primary Picture
Vienna, Illinois29Straight

My name is Jeffrey Aaron Alberts. I’m 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, brown hair, and eyes. I am random, spontaneous, and like to stay positive and optimistic in all situations. I have a light-hearted approach at how I live my life and typically leap at new opportunities and experiences. My biggest passions are my health, music, tattoos, art, family/friends, nature, and last but not least, animals....

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Chaz Kerrigan #349620 - Primary Picture
Aberdeen, Washington31Straight

Hey there! I'm looking to meet some new people and learn about as many different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives as possible, including yours, which is why I've posted this profile. I'm a tall, open-minded, nonjudgmental, spontaneous, witty, confident, and educated individual who is searching for meaningful and lasting friendships, maybe more?

Since my incarceration, I've...

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Pete Russell #00999443 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas46Straight
African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Pete and I would like to become your friend and hopefully one day, meet you.

If you are a positive person, open minded, love cats and dogs, the outdoors, a good movie, a good book, love yoga and meditation like myself, then send me a letter and let’s be friends. Overall, if you are a positive person, write me!

Myself, I love to read and write. I have...

Harry Banks #202155 - Primary Picture
Jackson, Michigan56Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Harry Banks. I'm an African American, 5'8" tall, and approximately 170 pounds.  I'm a runner in good physical condition and I'm told not hard on the eyes.  I am placing this ad for the purpose of correspondence and friendship.  I'm understanding, open-minded and a great listener.

I am able to receive and send messages (emails) through Inmate...

Peter Zielinski #17679194 - Primary Picture
Salem, Oregon47Straight

Before coming to prison, I enjoyed the typical life of a regular, everyday guy.  Full of love for life, I was unafraid to follow my passions and I faced each day head on, full of vigor and determination.  Even though many things in my life have changed since I’ve been incarcerated, I remain true to my values and I refuse to allow my single worst failure in life to redefine who I am....

Livingston, Texas40Straight
African American

Hello, my name is Elijah but family and friends call me “Tee”.  I’m going to keep this short, simple, and respectable.  I’m a down to earth person with a big and wonderful sense of humor.  I love to laugh, joke and have fun.  I keep those around me laughing and with an upbeat spirit. ...

Angela Simpson Hodges #270925 - Primary Picture
Goodyear, Arizona43Straight
African AmericanMuslim


My name is Angela but you can call me Angel.

Lately things seem to be almost as crazy out there as they are in here…There’s no consistency, no respectability and morons have stolen positions of authority.

I am on this site because I like learning about people and because communication with the outside world is educational; anything educational is a blessing....