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Miguel Talavera #106078 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho25Straight


My name is Miguel Talavera. I’m lookin for someone that I can connect with and also find some friends in the process. I’m 25 years old. I love outdoor activities like fishing, camping and many other things.

I’ve been incarcerated since 2012. I keep myself busy by working out, drawing and doing hobby craft. I’m hoping to find a friend to email with and, well, someone to...

Kristine Lau #04532-122 - Primary Picture
Dublin, California50Straight

Aloha from Hawaii!

My name is Kristine, my friends call me Kris, and I am 48 years old. I am a petite 5'2", you could say I'm fun-sized. (smile) I am of Asian descent, but in my previous life I was a GREEK goddess! I would describe myself as adventurous, energetic, fun-loving, and a risk taker who is willing to try anything at least...

Rashan Williams #00422041 - Primary Picture
Angola, Louisiana42Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Here stands a man that’s on the inside and who is “seeking friendship” from real individuals. Loneliness is always in my presence in a place like this and a lot of family and friends who were with me on the outside are now a thing of the past. Even being faced with the reality of waking up in a prison every morning, my mind, my heart and my spirits remain in the right...

Franklin Lynch #H34201 - Primary Picture
San Quentin, California63Straight
African American


My name is Frank and I was born in Oakland, and raised in a beautiful part of California, the Oakland-San Francisco Bay area.  Unfortunately, as a result of mistaken identification I’ve been incarcerated since 1987, and I am currently on San Quentin’s Death Row, pending my appeal.

Despite my difficult situation, I am hoping to connect with someone from the outside...

Matthew Marshall #648254 - Primary Picture
Raiford, Florida54Straight
African American

To Whom the Beacon of Hope May Concern:

I send welcome greetings enclosed with an invitation of friendship and the dawning of a new beginning possibly. Moreover, in detail, I'm sure you are entitled to know that I'm currently an innocent man on Florida's Death Row. However, for the message I now enclose, I'm a believer in fate and the...

Shane Mikel #1916785 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas41Straight


I hope and pray that anyone who reads this is in the best of health and spirits, but if not, maybe we can talk about it.  I'm a 40 year old country boy from a small town in South Texas, who made a few bad decisions in life, and now I'm in prison with 20 years!

I'm really looking for someone to be there for me mentally, emotionally, and help me make these dark days a...

Katrenia Larrew #WF2507 - Primary Picture
Corona, California33Bi-sexual

Prison sucks, but as I’ve grown emotionally, I’m thankful for the experience. I won’t allow my mistakes or prison to define my life negatively, nor change me like most here. (Hard cord chicks with neck tattoos).

Today I’m happy, healthy, fun and motivated to achieve goals no matter what obstacles may arise. I’m an Apprentice Carpenter weekdays (I can build a mean birdhouse) and earning...

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Robert Chambers #317827 - Primary Picture
Suffield, Connecticut33Straight

What’s up World?
My name is Rob and I'm 31 years old.  I was raised in Englewood, New Jersey, and moved to Connecticut in 2001.  Since then, most of my time has been spent in prison.  Like most people in my situation, I was a good kid with the best family, but a time came when I chose to zig when I should’ve zagged.

I like to read and I've found that I love to...

Jose Gonzales #01335078 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas43Straight

Hello, this is my second time on this Pen-Pal Site and my luck has not been in my favor. I am in search of kind-hearted friends who are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. I’d like women and men of different walks of life to write me. Age, race, or gender are not a problem for me. Anyone is welcome to write me. I love cats, dogs, and I’m a big outdoors kind of dude. I absolutely would...

Michael C. Williams #81133Primary Picture
Eagle Pass, Texas46Straight

Hello, I'm Michael. Regardless of how you found yourself on this pen pal site, here we both are seeking a new friend. I am over the norm, and perfect is boring, so I am sharing a riddle I wrote instead:

Big lost River, Brook trout
Long shadows of Quaken Aspen leaves flutter above an icy clear glacier born river,
#4 Panther Martin adorned crimson and gold casted true...

King Victorious #70419937 - Primary Picture
Salem, Oregon39Straight
Hi, my name is King Victorious.  I’ve been incarcerated just a little over sixteen years now.  And through those years I’ve had it pretty rough, but to be completely honest, I made it tougher on myself then it had to be.  Entering the prison system at a young age, and for the very first time, I felt it necessary to prove myself and...
Shelton Lee Phillips #00775261 - Primary Picture
Navasota, Texas46Straight

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking a moment from your day to allow me the opportunity to persuade you to honor me with your friendship.

If, like me, you would enjoy corresponding with someone that is looking for loyalty, integrity and honesty in a lasting friendship…Hey! I’m your guy!

I love nature, animals, all outdoor activities and reading of all genres. I do leather...

Joseph Taubman #D95099 - Primary Picture
Ione, California55Straight

Hello, I’m Joseph Taubman and these are all graduates of my first dog training program. I am currently beginning a new program here, learning to train service dogs. I hope to be certified within the next 3 years. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work first with at risk dogs for the SPCA and now with service dogs who will allow men and women with disabilities to live fuller lives....

Wallace Decker #02040493 - Primary Picture
Amarillo, Texas33Straight


My name is Wallace and I am here to meet new people and find interesting people to write to. I believe that the people we spend time with influence your lives and while I can’t change who surrounds me, I can choose who I give my time to.

I made some mistakes out there, that seemed right at the...

Pete Polson #6068347 - Primary Picture
Fort Madison, Iowa37Straight


Hi, what’s up! Let me introduce myself. My name is Pete Polson. I’m 35 years old. I’m from Cali. I’m currently doing time in Iowa. I have a lot of time to do but I’m on appeal so I need friends now more than ever.  I joined this website because I’m kinda lonely and I’m hoping to meet some cool friends. I’m a good person, don’t let the tattoos scare you off. I’...

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Eric Steven Jockers #275184 - Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky27Straight

Hey, I’m Steven! I’m 6’2”, blondish brown hair with light tan almost golden eyes. I’m looking for friends to write and anyone who wants to get to know me better. I love music, when I throw my headphones on, it’s like I feel free. I just get lost in the beat. I work out on the daily #fitlife Ha Ha.

I love to party with friends and have a good time. On the streets I was a GM/Nissan Sales...

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David Bends #12214638 - Primary Picture
Ontario, Oregon57Straight

Hello, if you are interested in writing a single, selfless, considerate person, then write me. Age, race or looks do not matter to me. I am seeking friendship, someone to talk to, confide in, laugh with. I especially want to be that person whom you’ve longed for to unload on.

I am wasting a huge, friendly, caring heart; please let me share myself with you. I am easy to please, no...

Michael JnLouis #01484190 - Primary Picture
Woodville, Texas31Straight
African AmericanChristian

To The Lovely Eyes Reading These Words…..


Thank you for taking the time to check out my page.  I assure you that you’ve made a wise decision.  My name is Michael, but you can call me Mike.  I was born in the St. Croix, Virgin Islands, but raised and groomed in Houston, Texas.  Since coming to prison, I’ve become an author, recently finishing the first...

Darrin Shatner #B42950 - Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois51Straight

Hello, bored, lonely, tired of the same old lines and lies? Guys lacking sincerity and respect? I promise you a friendship based on honesty and trust, replies to all letters.

I’m ruggedly handsome, tall and husky with an adaptable, considerate, nonjudgmental and philosophical attitude. A confident, adventurous, good natured personality who loves to laugh.

My case is on appeal...

James Grady #01851320 - Primary Picture
Snyder, Texas37Straight

I’m James, but you can call me Jay.  I’ve been told that you need three things in life to be truly happy; something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.  I’m hoping for all the above.   Ha!!  I have a loving family that supports me pretty well, but I’m still missing that compassion and intimacy that comes with a relationship.  Sometimes I feel...

Timothy Schultz #10850041 - Primary Picture
Yazoo City, Mississippi37Straight

 Profile Review:  4 Out of 5 Stars!!!

1)  I laughed till I cried and never expected so much fun…

2)  He’s a comforting mix of compassion, humor and can hold an intellectual conversation.  He actually listens and gets it.  I never knew what I “was” missing…Wow! 

Words from Tim Now

Remember the pair of shoes you wanted for your...

Robert Stayer #F40929 - Primary Picture
Ione, California39Straight


My name is Rob and welcome to my page. If you would like to get to know a good guy who caught a bad break, look no further I’m right here. I stand on my own two feet just fine like a man. I’m not looking for any money, I have my own, just looking for girls to correspond with. I am single, your complexion is not an issue as I’m friends with all humans no matter where they come...

Darriss Newton #W107062 - Primary Picture
Norfolk, Massachusetts26Straight

I’m glad you took a peek at my profile. My name is Darriss. I’m giving this a try hoping to meet people from all walks of life. I consider myself a down to earth person. There’s a lot of negatives being in prison but I searched for positive and one is using my time wisely, searching for who I am and I believe I found that.

A little about myself…

I’m more than halfway done with...

Lynwyatt Allen #01935579 - Primary Picture
Hondo, Texas28Straight
Native AmericanSpiritual

Hi there!  I am hoping to meet some new friends from all walks of life and learn about as many different cultures, lifestyles and perspectives as possible, including yours!

First off, let me just say, please don’t judge me because of where I am.  I made a catastrophic mistake one night and I will pay the price; mentally, spiritually, and physically for the rest of my life....

Devaughndre Broussard #AI4656Primary Picture
Jamestown, California31Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

From my position it seems like you know more about me than I know about you! I’m hoping that we can make this a fair exchange and you give me the opportunity to get to know you (smile).

I’m into a whole lot, I’ll let you in on a few of my interests: I love music, it makes a difference with everything I do. Good food, sports, my favorite is watching boxing. Good movies, it’s better with...

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