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Leo Manuel Diaz #502161 - Primary Picture
Oregon, Wisconsin45Straight

My name is Leo. I’m actually 5’9” tall, 165 pounds. I’m trilingual. I was born in the U.S.A. and am of Spanish/Mexican descent. I also pride myself on my work ethic, I have a valid class A CDL license and my occupation when released is trucking.

I’m an understanding, humble, ambitious, loving, loyal, honest, respectful, very outgoing and reserved individual…Friendship is not only...

Rick Rhoades #999049 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas54Straight

Looking for Companionship/Friendship

I’ve had the bad boy mentality for most of my life but I’m reformed…or at the least, I’m on the road to a softer version (smile)! I’ve been locked up a long time and have never done the pen pal thing. Some days are dark and heavy and I’ve grown lonely and tired of the months and years of solitude.

Of course I like sports and I’m a voracious...

Earl Smith #AS-5927 - Primary Picture
Blythe, California26Straight
African American

Nice to meet you! My name is Earl. I’m a firefighter and 26 years young. As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, finding somebody to talk with would be a great way to finish and start the year. So, here’s to decent endings with better beginnings!

As for myself, I work 5 days a week as a firefighter and on the weekends I get to somewhat be lazy. I’m pretty mellow, why stress about things you have...

Tevyn Wiley #AL-2789 - Primary Picture
Susanville, California28Straight
African AmericanChristian

First thing first, let me start this by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my page…Now I hope the things below was enough to hear from you. 

My name is Tevyn and I'm 28 years old from Sacramento, California.  I find myself to be a very down to earth and wonderful guy with a good heart and an amazing personality. ...

Kyle Perz #562221 - Primary Picture
Waupun, Wisconsin28Straight


My name is Kyle Perz, pronounced Purs like a cat. This is my first time in prison and it’s difficult to deal with the loneliness, so I thought I’d try to reach out and find some pen pals. I’m looking for anyone who wants to form a serious connection.

 I’m single, very open minded, loyal and honest to a fault. I consider myself a romantic and I don’t see beauty in...

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Adam Brumley #1975858 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas32Straight

Hey, what’s up people? Well as you see I’m behind bars and it definitely gets lonely in here. So I’m looking for somebody to write and get to know. I’m not a violent person or poorly educated. What gets me in trouble are pills and the stupid things I do while on them.

I’m available for parole in November of 2019 and have my fingers crossed… hopefully I’ll make it.


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Reynaldo Aguero #01302352 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas32Straight

 As I open up this missive it is with great intent that I may touch the heart and mind of that very special lady, hoping that whoever she may be will be moved to the point where her hand is a step ahead of her thoughts, trying to get to the pen.

My name is Reynaldo Aguero.  I am 32.  I am slim for the most part.  The picture posted should help you visualize me...

Christopher Hall #1565195 - Primary Picture
Tennessee Colony, Texas39Straight

Hello World!  It’s been quite a long time.  Too long, in fact!  And though you may have forgotten me, I can assure you that I’ll never forget about you!  

This trip here is an unexpected DISASTER and I am not adapting well at all.  Been trying to adapt my surroundings to me, but it seems an uphill struggle at times.  But though my body is confined, my...

Brendt Volarvich #G-18926 - Primary Picture
San Quentin, California33Straight

My name is Brendt Volarvich. I'm 33 years old. I’m from Northern California, originally from San Jose. I am a white man residing on California’s Death Row.  I don’t have many people to write. My family and a very select few friends are my only constants, including a close friend who I met through this website and who visits me once a year (‘pictured’ with me above).


Charles Thompson #999306 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas48Straight

Howdy from Texas,

I’m a native Texan who enjoys having fun, laughing, sharing in good clean humor. I like all animals, care about the environment. I have a passion for history, other cultures, especially music. Music is a big part of my day. Prison is a lonely place, a real struggle for beating boredom! All types of music fill my days...

Misty Hays #W72305 - Primary Picture
Marysville, Ohio34Bi-sexual

My name is Misty Dawn Hays. I will be released on March 2, 2019. I’ve known hardship and tragedy both before and after I was incarcerated. I’ve put the woman I was when I first came to prison behind me. I’m determined to live life much better than before I went to prison. I’ve completed programs that made me more insightful and improved my coping skills. Plus, I...

Timothy Adarna #A-1082119 - Primary Picture
Eloy, Arizona31Straight


My name is Tim.  I'm a 31 year old inmate at a prison in Arizona.  My birthday is August 3rd. I'm 5’8” tall and weigh around 180 pounds.  I love animals and I like to read a lot.  I love sports and there is not many that I can’t play.  I love the beach.  I'm may be locked up in prison right now, but I’d...

Patrick Page #N-21564 - Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois54Straight

As we go through life it is hope that allows us to live out each day…without apprehension of what lies ahead of us tomorrow. Without such hope what would our lives be? How would it feel to wake up in the morning and think to ourselves, “There is nothing left for me to hope for…nothing in life left for me to look forward to”? Try to imagine just what a miserable existence this would be. I can...

Gilbert Vargas #01699169 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas30Straight

Time and time again I update this profile hoping to catch the attention of someone new. I sometimes use the same lines, try nice words and add pictures, all for a chance to share my thoughts and have someone listen.

I tell you this so you can get a view of why I’m on this website and hopefully you’ll understand my need for someone to come and take my mind out of this prison.


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Harlem Lewis III #999595 - Primary Picture
Livingston, Texas28Straight
African American

Hey, I’m Harlem,

I’m that genuine guy you’ll want to get to know all about.  You’ll find out that I am easy to talk to and I like making others laugh.  I don’t let my situation come between my unique personality.  I feel like we all need someone in our life that will bring that extra spark to our lives!  I’m that guy!  I like my friendships to get to the point...

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Vincent Fernandez #AT8279 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California27Straight

Without knowing anything about you, I’d bet that you’d enjoy writing me.  I’m the Dos Equis man of prison, lol.  But seriously, I have lots of interests and I’m a great listener who can find something in common with pretty much anyone.  We’re all human, right?

I speak English and Spanish; my relatives are from Spain, Italy and Argentina.  I’d love to travel all over...

Kyle Hulbert #1165519 - Primary Picture
Independence, Virginia35Straight

Enter the Strangeness!!

Hi Freeworld Peoples! I am The Kyle and I'm the best friend you've never had! "The Kyle" is not just a name though; it's a state of mind. I'm the one your mom warned you about: a hyperactive, super-cool-awesome wildcard with a wicked Cheshire grin, devastating charm, and far more curiosity, imagination and free time than can possibly be good for any of us!...

Brian Collins #26606-009 - Primary Picture
Forrest City, Arkansas39Straight
African American

Dear Someone Special,

I want to share this amazing fact with you that I have finally discovered. When there is more joy in a relationship it seems to be more positive and stronger. When you’re outgoing, trustworthy and compassionate in your relationship, it’s extremely hard to go wrong. You know today, a woman is measured by all the things that she has absolutely no control over....

Les Raymond #43829-060Primary Picture
Cresson, Pennsylvania50Gay


Thanks for checking.  I hope that you see or hear something that makes you shoot me a message sooner than later.  I am not too far from the door and I am seeking guys who believe in the innate good in all people and who may want to hitch their wagon to a guy that wants to go places.

I made my mistakes, now it is time to move on with life.  I just don't want...

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Archie Smith #910941 - Primary Picture
Rosharon, Texas50Straight

I want you to want me, and that's just what I can be for you.

A cheap trick. For the cheap price of a stamp I can be your own personal clown, adviser, amusement toy and most of all friend.

When your feeling angry and hurt, and you need a punching bag.

I will be your punching bag-cause I am tough.

When your feeling sad and blue-needing to hear...

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Kelly DiCaro #1061218 - Primary Picture
Indian Springs, Nevada61Straight

A bit about myself...I retired in 2007 from the Resort and Entertainment industry, not expecting to be where I am now. My life goes way beyond prison. 

I am the youngest of four siblings. Being surrounded by men it would be very nice to have a female pen pal to write to and receive letters from, to share thoughts with, book...

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Naarl Richard #18665-171 - Primary Picture
Yazoo City, Mississippi45Straight
African AmericanBaptist

My name is Richard.  I'm currently serving time in Federal Prison for Trafficking Cocaine.  I am 45 years of age, 5’11” tall, a Virgo, and never been married.  I am loyal, kind, generous, honest, non-judgmental, and respectful person who is also a very good listener, as well as a talker at times.  By the way, I'm not about games and value those who don’t play games. ...

Edwin Class #507727-C - Primary Picture
Bridgeton, New Jersey37Straight

In life we are sometimes faced with difficult situations. I never let that define the man I am inside.

A little about me, I’m Puerto Rican. I love to travel, work out, go shopping, make money, go out and have a good time. I learned that every day I wake up is a blessing. I live my life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and...

Ammar Harris #1116547 - Primary Picture
Ely, Nevada32Straight


I appreciate you taking time to view my profile, hopefully, this will be the start of a wonderful friendship. I’m originally from New York City but lived in many other cities, such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas.

My hobbies consist of reading, working out, and creating art. I try to find ways to better myself while in this situation, perhaps one day I can...

Eric Hanson #R-70445Primary Picture
Menard, Illinois42Straight


Are you the kind of person who likes to go to their mailbox and find something in there besides the usual bills and advertisements? If so, my name is Eric and I’d love to get to know you.

I’m a sincere and fun-loving guy with a positive attitude, big heart and great sense of humor. I enjoy 80’s and 90’s music, history and nonfiction, the Chicago Cubs, painting and writing...