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Bayport, Minnesota49Straight

Hello, I’m Shawn. I am a fun loving, down to earth, Irish/Native American. I am 5’11” tall and weigh 200 pounds. I served in the U.S. Army at Ft. Richardson, Alaska. I grew up around wildlife and livestock and really enjoy the outdoors. I have a passion for sailing, building custom hot-rods and traveling. I also enjoy listening to music, dancing, reading, role-playing games, watching football...

Fredonia, Kentucky32Straight

Hello, my name is Amanda Jackson. I am 32 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am a single and available woman. I am also “Fun Size” but guaranteed to be a firecracker.

A like to go mudding, fishing and also like to travel. I love to listen to music and read books. I’d like to change my perspective on life and have a do over. I want to better myself so I can be a better mother...

Clarinda, Iowa29Bi-sexual

Not looking for any financial gain. I’m outgoing, supportive and accepting; wanting to meet new people who won’t judge me for being me. If you want to be lied to and misled, then don’t hit me but if you want someone that will try his best to make the sun shine brighter on you everyday, then hit me.




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Ione, California45Straight

I live in a gated community nestled in the foothills of Amador County. A beautiful drive for those interested in one day visiting me.

I am currently in a dog training program where we teach basic commands to shelter dogs in hopes of finding them forever homes. I will soon start training dogs for PTSD service. I’m happy and excited for that opportunity.

Over the years I have...

Calico Rock, Arkansas52Straight


My name is Mitchell Simpson. I’m currently incarcerated in Arkansas. I’m seeking a friend that will not judge and understands my situation. I have the desire to meet new people and not associate with the ill-minded, (old friends), in doing so, this will advance my progress toward success. It was once said that the most common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is...

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Pekin, Illinois35Straight

Just want to meet some new people.

Cody Vigil


Coleman, Florida32Straight


My name is Frank. I’m hoping to meet some charismatic, upbeat and personable people to start writing with. I love adventuring and traveling, especially cruising…and would love to travel the world if I could afford it. I enjoy learning the history and stories about different places while seeing and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy talking about technology and online...

Fredonia, Kentucky37Straight

Hey ya’ll! My name is Robin, I’m a dark haired, green eyed, true Southern Belle from Kentucky. I’m super down to earth with a great sense of humor and very outgoing. I like to go to the lake and wear sexy bikinis. I’m a girly-girl that likes to get dirty.

I honestly want nothing more than to have a second chance and a new start at life. I’m interested in furthering my education while...

Kincheloe, Michigan41Straight

Hi, my name is Joel. I am 40 years old, soon to be 41. I enjoy reading, watching sports, listening to music, working out, and meeting people. Prison gets lonely and boredom is a common issue. Sharing ideas, thoughts, and listening to someone would be a welcome change. 

I am hoping to find a friend that will write me and I can use snail mail or email on


Anamosa, Iowa29Straight
African American


I’m Telly,

I decided to join Write A Prisoner to meet new people.

I see a great opportunity to understand and learn about different cultures, and also life decisions from another’s point of view.

A little about me..

I am a very loyal person, and a great friend once you get to know me. I’m sincere, with a big heart. I don’t make assumptions or judge...

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Aberdeen, Washington41Straight


I'm looking for someone to start a friendship with.  Letters, phone calls, emails ( and meet one day.  I love my family, friends and really enjoy my Harley-Davidson and long rides. 

While in prison I work as a metal fabricator/welder.  On the streets I painted multi-million dollar homes.  I like the work.

I love all music, mostly R...

Grafton, Ohio30Straight

Hi, my name is DJ. I’m 29 years old and from Ohio. Before I came to prison, I went to a lot of music festivals and camping whenever I had the opportunity. Being outdoors is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy traveling. I would love to travel overseas and explore different countries. I think England, Scotland and Ireland are fascinating and would love to visit them in person someday...

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Milton, Florida30Straight
African AmericanChristian

Looking for a woman to share laughter and good talk.

I'm a man who made mistakes and learned from them.

If you're looking for someone to talk to who is down to earth, write me.

I'm looking forward to seeing your letter.

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Joliet, Illinois43Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello World,

I was recently inspired by a friend to try this pen pal community.  I was a little apprehensive about it, because of my current situation.  I've been incarcerated for 23 years and 4 months, for a crime I didn't commit.  I know that this is an unnatural situation to seek friendship, but I also know that some of the strongest friendships have been formed from...

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Marion, Ohio27Straight

My name is Tyler Lawrence, I'm 26, and I have 18 months left of a 5-year prison term until I'm free.

I'm seeking friendship with hopes of finding someone who's special in all levels of life. I enjoy being around love one's family/friends, travel, music, cars, and experiencing new things. I value loyalty & realness in a person. If you choose to be in my life, that goes for...

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Atwater, California44Straight
African AmericanLutheran

The greatest diamonds are products of enduring the greatest pressures. I'm a 45 year old brother with a vintage swag. I am from the East side of Detroit, Michigan, who embodies all the positive attributes of a man. The gift and the curse of incarceration has redefined my concept and my role as a man.

I'm non judgmental, good for uplifting conversations, and perhaps a laugh or two...

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Tallahassee, Florida38Straight

Hi, my name is Chrissy and I'm at the end of my time.

I'm looking for positive, loyal, and funny people to surround myself with. I have done a lot of things during my incarceration to better myself for the future. So I am wiping my slate clean and starting over. I'm a very outspoken and positive person with a big heart and a great sense of humor.

Last but not least,...

Canon, Colorado24Straight

I'm in search of someone who shares the same interests as myself, which includes sports, comedy, family, music, and friends. I'm at a point in my life where I'm focused on improving myself. That includes mental stimulation search for knowledge and wisdom, "physical enhancement" (daily workout), and spiritual growth "soul searching". I figure if I can improve these aspects of my personal...

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Mansfield, Ohio25Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Hi, my name is Ronald. I'm 25 years old and I hope reading this will intrigue you enough that you will want to get to know me better. I'm about six foot tall, with a lean athletic build, and I'm very heavily tattooed.

All my friends and family tell me I'm very funny, which I do agree with. I think my sense of humor is one of my best qualities because everyone wants someone that can...

La Mesa, Texas34Straight

I want to take this time to introduce myself to the true stars and to let the ladies have the blessing of getting to know a real gentleman.  My name is Alberto.  I am fun, down-to-earth and very caring.  I value sincerity, loyalty and commitment in all of my relationships.

I love the outdoors and can get on any level when it comes to bringing that smile to that special...

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Venus, Texas36Straight


My name is Armando Leon Jr., I'm from Dallas, Texas.  I'm seeking friendship and communication.  Maybe someone I can vibe with.  Yes, I'm single.  LOL    So you can say I'm drama free!

A little about myself;  I'm a lovable person, down to earth, easy to please. 

If you want to get to know me more, holler at me.

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Concord, New Hampshire33Straight

Hello, I'm Ian, and I'm serious about meeting down to earth women older than myself for potentially lasting friendship. What can I say? The deepest, loveliest, and most fully-realized ladies I've ever had the pleasure to know have been over 40. And 50. One woman whom I truly adore is over 60. So please, pause to consider; don't exclude yourself out of hand.

I'm 6'2", strictly...

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Longview, Texas32Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Patrick Brandon. I'm 32 and incarcerated for possession of a handgun. I’m originally from Memphis, TN but live in Houston, TX.

Although I’m a God-fearing man with enormous goals, I love the small aspects of life. People say I give off good energy and positive vibes, so that’s the person that I hope to meet. As well, I am respectfully adventurous and praying for a...

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Moose Lake, Minnesota24Straight

Hi, so my story begins when I let someone into my house cause they had nowhere to go. Well, they went out and committed some burglaries and brought the stuff back to my house. I got in trouble because he told the cops I did it so he could get less time. I had so much evidence against me, I had to take a plea deal so I'm here for almost 4 more years.

I'm a good kid,...

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New Haven, Connecticut29Straight

Born in York, Pennsylvania and adopted as an infant. Spent early childhood in Richmond, Vermont. One benefit was that the school sponsored ski lessons both at the Cochran and Bolton Ski areas. Loved skiing and snowboarding. Participated in age group swimming competition. Mom and dad were teachers and divorced. Dad changed jobs and later moved to Washington D.C.

At 10, Mom and I moved...

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