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David Trujillo #747340Primary Picture
Seward, Alaska30Straight

What’s Up!?


My name is David Trujillo. I’m 30 years old, 5’7’, 165 lbs, a lot of tattoos, very physically fit and stacked in all the right places. :-)

I enjoy exercising, listening to music, drawing, reading, writing, and learning. I’m looking for friendship, people I can come to, to laugh and talk to about...

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Jonathan Lewis #02035639 - Primary Picture
Abilene, Texas28Straight
African AmericanOther

Pardon my patience,

But there's no time like the moment to establish an electric connection between two unique souls.  Right now is one of those trying times where I find myself in need of some comforting company.  Now just because I'm in prison doesn't mean that I'm too tough to admit that I get lonely sometimes.  We all need a listening ear to understand us and just be...

Juan Avalos #M38887 - Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois30Straight


Thanks for taking the time to read about a cool, funny, awesome person :). I’m a person who likes to laugh, have fun and enjoy life. I believe a day without laughter is a day wasted. I wake up every day with a smile and end every night with a laugh.

I’m a proud father to a little boy. He’s the reason I wake up every day and try to be a better man than I was yesterday....

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Hermergildo Garcia Jr. #01902341 - Primary Picture
Edinburg, Texas29Straight

First and foremost I welcome everyone and appreciate those who invested their time and viewing my profile. That said, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hermergildo Zamarripa Garcia, but you can call me “Jr” and ever since I can remember I been caught up in unfortunate circumstances (therefore I never experience the beauty life has to offer), but I still consider myself fortunate enough...

Emilio Ortiz #373281C - Primary Picture
Rahway, New Jersey36Straight

My name is Emilio. I’m in my 30’s and looking for a woman who I can not only talk to, but also listen to. Not someone who is perfect. Just a lady who is interesting and able to engage my mind.

I love honesty on both sides of the spectrum and I am very much willing to share my ambitions, future, and dreams. I am seeking an experience that I can live and learn from, but mainly I am...

Emmanuel Slagle #A591-119 - Primary Picture
Toledo, Ohio32Straight

Hey there!
I know how precious time is, so I won't waste any of yours. My name is Emmanuel Slagle, but everyone calls me Manny.

It's easy to list qualities you see about yourself, so I'll just tell you what friends and family have always told me are some of my good qualities. I am a good listener and conversation comes easy. I'm honest, open, and fun to be around. I would give...

Phil Smallwood #02075979 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

For It All…

I’m still dreaming! Feeling that my missing rib is somewhere in this world keeps me envisioning something real. I mean, “Life aint living without loving” (To say most)…

Though for the least…On my “Michael Jackson”. You know, self checking the “Man in the Mirror”. I guess you can say “Wondering” caused it, because out of all the dance moves I could do with ease, “...

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Matheu Ibarra #253770 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona25Straight

They say people are like books, often judged by their appearance and what’s on the outside, rather than by the story this within the covers.

So before you choose to pass me by and click to the next page, I ask you to get to know me before any quick judgment is made.

My name is Matheu and a little bit about me is; I grew up with a very humble beginning and for the longest time,...

Anthony Adams #404208 - Primary Picture
Lapeer, Michigan36Straight

Hey, I’m Tony, I’m 36, 180 pounds muscular build, blue eyes and quite a bit of ink. I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior. I enjoy beaches, parks, zoos, the mall, restaurants and driving the country exploring new places. I love cooking on the grill and watching football on the weekends. A majority of the things I did revolved around my little girl who was 2 ½ when I was...

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JC Lister #44485-048 - Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana46

Hi, my name is JC.  I am 5’11” tall and weigh 203 pounds.  I’ve been told that I have a great personality, I’m very funny and love to laugh.  I can be sensitive, gentle, and I am very patient.  I like to think that I have good personal values and I am very goal oriented.  I have strength and vulnerability in equal measures. 

I am a member of the Carpenters...

Timothy Jimenez #87549-280 - Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana44Straight

I am a strong determined person that holds my new life as a Christian. I am looking for females that are interested in a stable, loyal, and honest friendship. I am only looking for true people who will hold my faith in touch. I like to be positive, friendship as well as heart means a lot to me. Honesty, trust, understanding, and being open minded will always be shown through me and my...

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Francisco Inojosa #AH3506 - Primary Picture
Blythe, California27Straight

Dear Friend,

Hello, if you’re reading this introduction then that means my picture hasn’t scared you away :).

I’m 27 years old, been down since I was 19. As a teen I’ve made a lot of wrong choices that got me here. Since then I have made lots of changes to better myself for today and the future. God willing I’ll be home soon. I believe destiny has better in store for me.

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Alvaro Campos #F92416 - Primary Picture
Crescent City, California36Straight

Hello, please allow me a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Alvara. I'm an inmate serving time and I'm on this site because I'm seeking friendship. Besides my picture, I'm 5’6” tall, weigh 180 pounds, easy going, creative, athletic, and bilingual.  And no, I'm not related to Chris Hemsworth :)

Even though I'm in prison I try to make...

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Jason Tygart #306259 - Primary Picture
Enfield, Connecticut46Straight

Hi. My names is Jason. The main reason I’m getting involved with is to meet new and interesting people.

A little about myself: I’m 46 years old, a father of two kids and blessed with a very supportive family. I’m a honorably discharged U.S. Marine, having served in many locations around the world and now I’m housed in a Veteran’s block that is focused on getting Vets...

Ramiro Reyes #02031933 - Primary Picture
Cleveland, Texas28Straight

My name is Ramiro.  I am looking for new friends and after that it depends, we can become more than friends, maybe a relationship.  I’m looking for that right person that’s going to hold it down while I am away and that person that’s going to be faithful, and be there for when I get out. 

In here, my hobbies are working out and listening to music.  I like to...

Joshua Roberts #82262 - Primary Picture
Indian Springs, Nevada39Straight

While doing this time I find ways to stay busy in order to make these days fly by. I do have a job here that occupies a bit of my time. I also work out regularly, play cards, or just read or watch some TV to kill some time. Books I’m reading now are all “Norse Mythology” based.

Once back in the real world my plan is to get back to work ASAP which shouldn’t be a problem. Sometime after...

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De'Andre Beasley #241437 - Primary Picture
Burgin, Kentucky27Straight
African American

Let me introduce myself while being honest, open and upfront as I express my mind. I’m looking for a friendship that I’ve never experienced.

In my free time I enjoy writing, reading and maybe play ball just to move around. I’m a down to earth person. I’m understanding, passionate and considerate and for sure I’m not judgmental.

I’m looking for a friend that I can share any and...

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Danielle Kostiuk #15583-031 - Primary Picture
Bryan, Texas36Straight

Hello world, my name is Danielle.  I born in Canada but I grow up in Sabetha, Kansas.  I'm funny, smart, dedicated, and I love the healthy life.  Actually I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and I love it!! I have 2 kids (boy and girl) and they are the light of my life....

I'm looking for any kind of support...

Joalex Borges-Lopez #66054-066 - Primary Picture
Bradford, Pennsylvania36Straight

Hi, my name is Joalex, I’m 36 years old. I’m interested in a new opportunity with a person who wants to take one more opportunity and who is honest and real.

I like White American women and Hispanic, Mexican, Puerto Rican and foreign. I’m Puerto Rican 100%, born in Caquas, Puerto Rico. I speak English and Spanish. I’ve resided in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania for...

Holly Frantzen #54447-177 - Primary Picture
Fort Worth, Texas49Straight

Hi, my name is Holly.  I am seeking friends to correspond with from this lonely place.  I am from Dallas, Texas, but lived in Louisville, Kentucky for the last 5 years.

I am a firecracker. I am very athletic and love to work out.  I was a very competitive gymnast growing up- an Olympic hopeful.  I love sports. My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, and favorite...

Ladarren Ball #R52831 - Primary Picture
Mt. Sterling, Illinois35Straight
African American


My name is LaDarren. I’m 5’6, weighing 160 pounds. My interests include working out, writing letters, enjoying all types of music. Please allow yourself to be nonjudgmental, but yet open minded, broad-minded, curious and adventurous to the possibilities that lie ahead.

This is to you whose mind, heart and soul I may interest or connect. I have a good personality and a...

Ryan Christopher Zietlow #AW4018 - Primary Picture
Lancaster, California33Straight

Let me start by saying I'm glad you found a worthwhile profile!

I'm here to make friendships. I've been down since I was 23, so after 10 years you can't imagine how much I value real connections. My perspective has shifted in this time. Living in a box with only the basics has made me appreciate the little things.

We all have a past, but I look forward to making new memories....

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Clint Moss #1051861 - Primary Picture
Ely, Nevada37Straight

Do you want to know the main difference between a job and a wife? - Well, after 10 years, the job still sucks… - ha ha ha!

So, Look… if you like to laugh, talk on the phone or enjoy a good ol’ fashion passionate “pillow fight” … then you got to get at me!

If you like taking long walks, cuddling or even a guy who can not only, pretty much fix anything but also has a pretty great...

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Lamadrae Chapman #08460-025 - Primary Picture
Berlin, New Hampshire43Straight
African American


Excuse me beautiful, may I sit here next to you for a few or are you waiting for someone? No? Good.

Hi, my name is Lamadrae. Everyone calls me Drae, but you gorgeous may call me Madrae (My-Drae). My time away is almost over soon. Ready to begin my life in society after 11 years. Maybe you are right...

Trey Dickensheets #01574421Primary Picture
Dilley, Texas35Straight

In this day and age, new experiences are significant as well as valuable, due to the current state I am in.

My friends tell me I hold great conversations, yet my opinions are something I should be awarded for,  Non judgmental and understanding.   I look at the world as one great enigma. 

Are you searching for a new adventure?   I've...