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David Peters #552600
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Green Bay, Wisconsin35Straight

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my page.

Well, it's been a long five years but I'm down to my last five months of my first and last incarceration.  I've made mistakes in my life but I've paid...

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Robert McQueen #237862
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LaGrange, Kentucky28
African American

Dear world,

So happy to report that I have once again, as of late, been considered for reconsideration of my case on appeal.  In fact in 6 to 9 months, I may be released back to society.  That’s part of the reason why I was transferred to a new facility so that I can be close to the courts. 

Trust is a...

Daniel Troya #75817-004
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Terre Haute, Indiana35Straight

I want to start this bio off with- if you’re looking for someone who has the potential to be a great person in your life and an even better friend then there’s no reason to look any further then myself.

I am loyal, a man of my word, family oriented, faithful morals and principles, and have a great mental fortitude.  All I need is some new...

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Michael Reyes #18792216
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Pendleton, Oregon30

Hello I am Michael.  Alrighty, let’s cut to the chase.  If we’re going to write let’s have some real conversation.  I’m down to earth and very open minded.  I am six foot, 170 pounds, Spanish, Native, Italian.  I workout so I stay fit.  I enjoy to laugh and swap stories.  Philosophy fascinates me.  In other words, you can say I...

Cory Bowman #M07506
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Centralia, Illinois29Straight

Hey, Hey!

First off let me start by whoever’s reading this “Beware” my profile cause Happiness, Laughter, Affection and Attachment LMAO, this is the part where I tell you I’m full of it! Ha, but as long as I still have your attention, then I guess I’m off to a good start!

My name is Cory but everyone calls me O.C. If you would like to know what O.C. means, write me and find out...

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Michael McThune #546064
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Oshkosh, Wisconsin27Straight
African AmericanMuslim


The following profile contains awesomeness.  Side-effects from viewing includes; blushing, smiling, butterflies in the stomach, and uncontrollable laughter that causes severe arousal and potential possessiveness.  Please contact a doctor if you feel the urge to snoop, as it may be the early signs of...

Cody Ray #952497
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Kincheloe, Michigan25Straight

Hi, my name is Cody. I am a realistic man with a genuine heart. I've been incarcerated for about 4 years now and have about 4 more to go; 2 if I qualify for boot camp, so really not that much longer in here. I get lonely like anyone else. I'm looking for someone with a good heart (female only) whose not judgmental too help me pass this time by. I don't discriminate on looks or...

John Leonard Ecker #W105133
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Gardner, Massachusetts57Straight

Hello!  My name is John Leonard Ecker. Most people call me Lenny, or Leonard.  I am interested in friendship, building a social network and support system, and connecting on an intimate level. Age is not an issue.

I am an educated and determined individual with a strong analytical mind, with excellent organizational and communication abilities. I am also likeable, free...

Jovan Ibarra #AH1621
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Crescent City, California29Straight

Hopefully when you’re reading these lines I find you in the best of all.  Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your day.  My name is Jovan and I am looking for a friend who wouldn’t mind writing me and developing a new friendship.  It’s been said that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet (smile).  I...

David Ray #R16861
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Centralia, Illinois35Straight
African AmericanChristian


I would like to thank everyone who’s a part of It’s truly a blessing to find the time to write someone in need of an ear. Recently I was denied my appeal so it looks as if I’m gonna be stuck here for the next 6 years and 10 months :(. It’s already been a long 5 years and slowly but surely being in this situation, outta sight is outta mind. People tend to...

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Quentin Dillard #A452749
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Lebanon, Ohio38Straight
African American


First and foremost, thank you for taking the moment out of your day to look over my profile.  Hopefully you will continue to get to know me by opening up JPay account and sending me an email.

I can tell you are a forgiving person who doesn't judge.  We all have experiences, some regrets, or dealing with some form of emptiness in our life.  I have endured a...

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Dalevonte Hearn #6544674
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Fort Madison, Iowa31Straight
African AmericanChristian

I’m Dalevonte`, also known as La’Swauve. Young, handsome, fresh and fit. A true go-getter that’s smooth as creamy peanut butter. I’m a confident, funny guy who likes making people smile. I like traveling, dance, boxing, beach and music. I listen to Moneybagg Yo, Young Dolph, even Demi Lavato but don’t tell anybody Ha Ha.

Similar to the sun because things get hotter and exciting when I...

William Speer #999398
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Livingston, Texas43Straight

Hello, my name is Will. I am looking for friendship and companionship. Sometimes as I lay here in my bed I am so alone and feel helpless. I admit I have done wrong and I am sorry for that. I pay for it every day.

Many years have passed. I have lived, learned and grown from a boy into a man. I have great leadership qualities. I care, I respect, and I love. I enjoy a good time laughing...

John Steven Martin #202874
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Rush City, Minnesota46Straight
Native AmericanNative American

Hey out there. Am trying new issues with newly discovered evidence. Need to get these new Neuro-psychologist opinions submitted to the supreme court for reverse remand. Had a counsel who reviewed my case and she stated it would need newly discovered evidence.

For you who are unsure about me, here’s a blink of history. I was raised around really good people in my community and...

Daniel Williams #W-95190
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Concord, Massachusetts28Straight

Hi Ladies,

I go by the name D. Willz. First and foremost I would like to say I appreciate you taking the time to view my profile. I must say I hope you like what you see. Despite my surroundings I’m very humble with a positive outlook in every situation. I’m more of a calm and cool, quiet type of guy...

Travis Babson #0750650
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Taylorsville, North Carolina34Straight

My name is Travis. I am 34 years old and I am a southern boy from North Carolina! I love to read, write, listen to music, play basketball ,and exercise. I like classic Rock, Rap, and Country music. I am very friendly, caring, and loyal. I have a past, but I am ready to turn over a NEW LEAF. I am at the point in my life where I want to be a different person than I was when I came to prison. I...

Jordan Ellis #158176
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Ordway, Colorado25Straight

Thank you for taking the time to want to know a little more about me. Before I go any further, if you’re looking for that savvy, romantic, whispering sweet nothings in your ears, tell you anything to make you feel good type of guy, I aint him. I am not on this site looking to find true love. I am looking for something so much better – a true friendship, someone who I can be...

Dana Gromaski #11133-059
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Duluth, Minnesota34Straight
Native AmericanNative American

My name is Dana.  I am 31 years old from Fargo, North Dakota.  My mom is Native American, my dad is Polish.  I am an easygoing, fun-loving person.  I try to see the best in people.  I like to stay positive in all situations. 

I have...

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Adam Titus #R-43512
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Joliet, Illinois34Straight
African American

“Special Place”
4 that woman

Is there something I can say to position u over into my world??   “Maybe, maybe not!!”

I got n special hiding place, this place u would enjoy.  If I told you let’s go,...

Cosmo Frieson #331010
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Enfield, Connecticut30Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

My name is Cosmo. Yes, that's exactly my name. My mom said she saw it on a mailbox on the way to give birth. Good thing we didn't pass Dick Van Dyke's house.

As a youngster, I was in multiple foster homes, not feeling truly loved in any of them. I turned to the streets as many young black males do, looking for love, money, and security in the wrong places. I resorted to crime as...

Heather Eicholz #25461-045
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Fort Worth, Texas38Straight

Hi!!! I’m Heather!! A genuine, kind, and outgoing, woman who lives each day to its fullest ....

In doing this time I have realized we all face obstacles in our lives and during these times we are molded by all the bumps and scrapes along the way. Taking every opportunity to turn this negative situation to build a positive new start I have graduated Cosmetology and Culinary Arts; I...

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Norman Schlunt #15382448
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Ontario, Oregon53Straight

Hi there! I'm Norm, and I'm whittling away on a life sentence out here in the high desert of Eastern Oregon. That's the bad news. So, what's the good news? Well, that's easy - I'm more than halfway through, so it's all pretty much downhill from here. The problem is, I'm surrounded by a bunch of men I've got little in common with; decent conversation is tough to find, and true  ...

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Jonathan Burkle #1526788
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Snyder, Texas31Straight

My name is Jon. I'm seeking stimulating conversation and to connect on an intellectual, even spiritual level. I'm a positive, vibrant person in a negative, nihilistic environment, where it's hard to find meaningful communication.

I find solace in music (country, rock, pop, electronic, hip hop), reading, exercise, and introspection. I'm a songwriter/poet, and learning musician....

Teresa Hernandez #06624-029
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Coleman, Florida49

My name is Teresa Hernandez.  I'm a fun-loving person who is looking for friendship.  I love the outdoors and like to try new things.  I do believe in truth and honesty, and would expect it in return. I'm always trying to better myself so I can be a better person when I get out.  I don’t ever want to make the same mistakes again.

Anyone looking for a...

Brian Killian #02046077
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Iowa Park, Texas37Straight

My name is Brian and I am 37 years old. I’m Not seeking financial support. My family does more than enough for me. I’m just looking for someone to correspond with to help pass the time. It can get very lonely in here and mail would be most welcome. I am a very good listener and would be open to sharing my hopes, dreams and struggles as well as hearing yours.

I am a loyal and honest...