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Angel Moreno #Y26611Primary Picture
Pinckneyville, Illinois25Straight

Hi, my name is Angel Moreno but I go by AJ. I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to Illinois when I was 17. I’m currently 25. I’m hoping to meet new people and make friends. I want to gain knowledge and obtain an educational degree while in prison. I have a high school diploma. I also have experience in CNC machinery and sales. I also have warehouse, distribution experience....

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Pedro Maldonado #296304Primary Picture
Suffield, Connecticut35Straight


My name is Pedro, my purpose for creating this profile is to hopefully meet some positive people who I can build a friendship with. Although I’m not where I want to be in life, I am taking the steps to eventually get there. I’m currently taking part in a Human Services course and my goal is to work with at risk youths and be a positive influence in my community.

I love...

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Lorenzo Harris #36773-007Primary Picture
Terre Haute, Indiana33Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello ladies, my name is Lorenzo. I’m a 33 year old, single male, no kids in search of my soul mate. I’ve been incarcerated since 2014 but thank God I have a 2020 release date. My past street life took 6 years from my life. 5 years later almost I can honestly say I’m a better man today. My days of being in the streets are over…Hopefully this site can find me the woman who will capture my heart...

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Corcoran, California53Straight

I gave love and wanted only love. If you love God, Christ, families, please read. I have no one in the U.S.A. I was a registered nurse from age 20 for 20 years until I came to the U.S.A. legally in 2005. Next 10 years in U.S.A. again I worked in hospitals. From 2010 I was working in Saint Jude Medical Center. So from age 20, 30 years of my life I helped sick and saved lives with love and...

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Carson City, Nevada

Hello, my name is Shawn. I'm a tattooed teddy bear looking to meet some people and build some friendships where we can be open and share our opinions, views, experiences, plans, and dreams with each other.

I've been here for quite a while so I'd love to get my conversation and mind out of here. I have a positive and good outlook on life. I enjoy each day as it...

Shawn Barnett #149720Primary Picture
La Grange, Kentucky39Straight


My name is Shawn Barnett.  I am looking to meet and build friendships with people and to have positive contacts for when I am released from here.  I spend my time in Vocational school or in the gym. 

I like to make people smile and laugh.  I stay away from negative people and that is why I'm reaching out to meet someone cause in this place, it's all...

Timothy Booker Jr. #1166169Primary Picture
State Farm, Virginia34Straight
African American


My name is Timothy, everyone calls me Tim.  I’m 33 years young from Richmond, Virginia, 195 lbs., 5’ 8” tall, in good shape.  I like playing basketball, softball, working out.  I'm a great listener and provide honest and positive feedback.  I consider myself a true gentleman, I'm down to earth and easy to talk to.  I love laughing a lot.  LOL  ...

Stephan Rodney-Tyler #1404109Primary Picture
Waverly, Virginia31Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hey, my name is Stephan and I’m just looking forward to making new connections. My main focus is to meet like-minded individuals, women who are interested in positive goals with positive mindsets, who have the drive and determination to set their goals and work to achieve them. I want to meet those who not only reach for the stars but seek to surpass them.

I’m a laid back kind of...

Carlos Diaz #BA8356Primary Picture
Corcoran, California30Straight

Hey my name is Carlos. First thank you for taking time to read this and i look forward to building something special in here with the potential to continue out in the free world. I am hoping to meet someone who stays the same all the time. I'm a straight forward man with a new walk of life and hungry for change. I spend my time preparing myself and picking up the necessary tools I will need to...

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Zachery Hanson #16081801Primary Picture
Tillamook, Oregon33Straight


Things my general profile don't tell you. I am a very big family person and enjoy spending quality time with all my family. I am also very honest and an outstanding person. 

I like to help others when I can and if they need help even if it's putting a smile on their face. 
I have just under two years left in here and I'm looking for someone to build a...

Marcos Martinez, Jr.  #84365Primary Picture
Tecumseh, Nebraska28Straight


Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Marcos Martinez. I’m a 28 years old, 5’6”, respectful, loyal, open-minded, laid-back person. I was born in Wyoming but I lived in multiple places.

My interests are drawing, working out, reading and watching TV. I also like listening to music, anything that sounds good but mostly Oldies and Rap.

I’m on this website...

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Jeremy Goodrich #A672-771Primary Picture
Marion, Ohio32Straight

Hello my name is Jeremy. I am 5''9 and 190lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm from Parma, Ohio which is close to the Cleveland area. 

I love to laugh have fun and enjoy life. I love being outside on nice days and nights. Having cookouts and picnics are always good ways to spend nice days when your not working. Sitting around a fire at night with some friends is fun too....

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Michael Samaniego #V80177Primary Picture
Delano, California36Straight

Hey, my name is Michael. I was born and raised in San Diego. I've been in prison going on ten years and I'm looking for some friends to email and pass the time. My review board is 2023 and there is a good chance I get early parole.

I like to have fun and listen to music. I value family and enjoy seeing happiness. I value honesty and showing my loyalty. Even though I haven't been the...

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Jason Hanson #B81351Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois39Straight


My name is Jason, most people call me by my nickname “J-roc”.  I'm 38 years old, I enjoy cooking, sports, traveling and meeting people from all over the world.  I’m seeking individuals who are open minded and don’t judge a book by its cover.  I’m an honest, loving, family-oriented man who loves to laugh and smile.

I’m educated with both book and street...

Riky Perasso #824639Primary Picture
Monroe, Washington41

Savage beast is what might come to mind when you first see my picture; that's fine because it weeds out all the fake people. If you are reading this that means you want to look past the cover and into the heart. Your heart is where the love comes from; your soul is where the passion lives. My heart is huge, my soul is deep. I need someone to express this with and to share some comprehension....

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James Callahan #230573Primary Picture
Sandy Hook, Kentucky31Straight

Hi! My name is James but I go by my middle name Austin.

I'm 6'0", 185 lbs, and in great shape. I love to work out, play sports, and listen to music. I plan on being a Personal Trainer when I get released. I also read a lot because I love to learn new things all the time. I am an Aquarius and an open book so if you want to know me... ask me.

I'll keep it short for now, thanks...

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Noah Tollefson #12951740Primary Picture
Tillamook, Oregon39Straight

I'm Noah.   I grew up in a small town on the northwest Oregon coast.  I very much enjoy the outdoors and outdoor sports.   Going camping in the summer, cliff diving and just enjoying the sun.  I'm also into snowboarding, surfing, and motocross.

I spend a lot of my free time in here in the gym lifting weights and focusing on personal fitness.  I also...

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Terry Fowler #17791290Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon29

This is my story; you ever get tired of reading a book and wonder when it’s your turn, your turn to be heard, a chance to have your book read? Every chapter has something to offer, not to be skipped!

That’s all I am looking for, someone to share my story, my hopes, my dreams, my goals and honestly my desires with.

I want to share my book for a change.

Thank you.

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Michael Boswell #02253881Primary Picture
Plainview, Texas39Straight

Hello, my name is Michael Boswell.

I am 39 but feel like I am 25. I found myself wishing I had a good friend to write and share things with. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but nothing that can't be corrected. I only wish it didn't take so long for me to realize this.

I am a fun-loving person that loves to laugh. I would like to meet someone with a sense of humor that...

James Hembry #17235-111Primary Picture
Mendota, California

Looking for pen to more.

Hello friends to be.  I appreciate you taking the time to review my profile and I'm hoping once you're done you can give our friendship a chance.

As we know, loneliness can make things difficult for anyone, especially those serving time away from loved ones.  Therefore, I'm looking for the conversation and moral support of a new...

Robert Stewart #15620963Primary Picture
Lakeview, Oregon30Straight
African AmericanChristian

Curiosity leads to great discoveries.  So, it's smart to look past the cover and open the book.  So, I invite you in.

My name is Robert, my passion is business and I've been utilizing my time here to prepare for my future.  I believe a real mistake should only happen once, so this is my first and last time incarcerated.  I am focused on launching a business upon my...

Nicki  Turner #274186Primary Picture
Ferdonia, Kentucky29Straight

Hi, my name is Nicki. I'm 29 years old and single. I have bright blue eyes, a stunning smile and a contagious laugh. I can be shy at first but getting to know me is the fun part. I'm a sweet, fun loving, country girl who loves the outdoors. I don't care to get down and dirty. My favorite things include 4-wheeling, camping, fishing, grilling out and hanging out at the lake. I'm a laid-back,...

Jesse Lee Yager #13608144Primary Picture
Pendleton, Oregon40Straight

Hi, my name is Jesse and I am a 39-year-old fettered son of Odin. I am reaching out through in hopes of making new friends, broadening my horizons, and experiencing fresh perspectives.

I am really only interested in corresponding with females as I am perpetually surrounded by other men. Age is not important but absolutely no homosexuals or other sexual deviants,...

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Stephon Curry #6704926Primary Picture
Anamosa, Iowa21Straight
African American

What’s up?

I’m Stephon.  I'm on here to find great friendship during my time incarcerated and hopefully after.

I'm very cordial and I love talking about life because you only live once.  I'm not judgmental at all and I hope there’s great people out there willing to accept me for who I am and get to know me without judging. 

I'm grateful for this...

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Darryl Brumfield #015900344Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas30Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello World,

My name is Darryl Brumfield, but I am better known as Rocko and I am a Black and Creole male from New Orleans East, Louisiana.  I have been incarcerated since 2008 and I am currently working hard to have my case overturned.

I know that everything is not always what it seems to be, so I am not looking to judge or be judged.  I am hoping to find someone...