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Hello there!!

I'm a single mother of three beautiful kids that I miss so much.    I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, the city known for the Kentucky Wildcats and the state known for the Kentucky Derby.

I am pay very laid-back person and basically get along with everyone I pretty much come across.    I am spontaneous, caring, and generous...

Black/African American

In the spirit of humanity, allow these words to inspire a dialogue designed to enhance each other’s lives. At 195lbs, 6’1’’, I’m an open-minded, fun-loving individual with intelligent conversation combined with a passion for music, art, and all forms of beauty. I’m multilayered, with more substance than sizzle.

Black/African AmericanChristian

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Hi, my name is Sharon. I am a country girl from Georgia with a southern accent.

I am looking for people to connect with who will be a positive influence and inspire me. I love doing all things country from backyard BBQs to mudding in big trucks and four-wheelers. I am a very shy person, but I am working hard on breaking out of that shell.

I look forward to hearing from you soon...


Hey everyone! My name is Amber. I’m 5’7”, with a fit body and curves in all the right places. Outside of prison, I love to travel, and to go shopping. I’ve always been interested in going to places I’ve never been. Setting off on new adventures is always fun.

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina,...



My name is Elizabeth. I’m seeking friends, men and women, who are on a positive vibe and living life to the fullest! I’m 36, and a Taurus. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I love to laugh, and love dogs, music, and traveling. I’m very optimistic, open-minded, and family oriented. I can’t wait to hear...


My name is Kayli. I love music of all types and I’m a fan of all things artsy. I enjoy sports. Football and baseball are my favorite. I love to laugh and try to find humor in all things. I like to read, mostly Fantasy and Historical Fiction.

I am currently taking courses on Veterinary Assistance and would...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is Kareli. I'm 31 years old. My birthday is April 15th (Aries). I'm from the San Diego area. I've been down for going on almost 5 years now. I'm a very honest and open-minded person. I love new challenges in life good or bad. I've learned to grow from them. I like having fun and I'm very outgoing. I never judge a book by its cover, so bring on all you got and let's go from there...


Looking for someone to help me through these lonely times and offer encouragement as I seek to better my life after paying my dues for bad decisions. Non-violent person who wishes to continue my education after release to become a productive citizen.

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian


My name is Sonia

. I’m currently incarcerated and looking for someone to help pass my time. I would like someone that will provide a positive influence and friendship in my life. I am a very open-minded person, a very good listener, and I never judge anyone. I love a person who enjoys life. I value faith and family above all.

Thanks for reading my profile, and I...


My name’s Korina. I’m 24 years old, open-minded, and funny. I’m looking for someone to spend some of my time getting to know. Someone respectful, funny, and loyal. I’m a Capricorn born in Texas, and I’ve lived in Missouri. I like the outdoors in the summertime. Take a chance to get to know me. You won’t be let down!

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Aye! My name is Lueava Irene Corr, I go by Pebbles. I would like to develop a caring sincere friendship that can stand the test of time. I am a caring, easy-going, passionate friend who is loyal to the core. I made some bad choices in my life, but I’m not a bad person. I have learned to live on life’s terms and not on my own. I would value and appreciate having some positive people/...

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Hi, I'm currently incarcerated in Aliceville, Alabama with five years left on a 10-year sentence.

I'm 34 years old with a four-year-old daughter. I'm from Tennessee where I've lived all my life. I'm 5 feet tall and 150 lbs. I'm just looking for a friend to help pass my time that hopefully could develop into something more.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi, my name is April. I am seeking a long-term pen-pal, and contacts on the outside. I am 38 years old and hoping to do my time to further my education and becoming a healthier person all around.

I do enjoy reading, and working. I am from Kansas City, MO and have lived in the metro for over 20 years now. I love to laugh and enjoy being outside whenever possible. I hope to use this time...


My name is Tyler Sherman Dellinger. I’m 30 years old, and was born 1-10-1991 (Capricorn) in Rogers, AR. I’m 5’6’’ with an athletic build. I’m romantic to the core, an avid reader, and a movie buff. I’m an artist, and a pretty good one at that. I draw mainly portraits right now and people pay me for them in stamps or commissary. I’m also a tattoo artist and have a lot of tattoos myself.


Hey, I’m Lindsey! I’m 28 and serving 24 months on a probation violation (which I am over halfway done with!). Although I had difficulties in my last relationship that began on WriteAPrisoner, I’ve decided to take a chance and put myself back out there. My goal is to meet positive like-minded people, or possibly someone who wants to create a long term and meaningful relationship. I’m always...

Black/African AmericanChristian

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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me a deep love of all things "country". Hunting, fishing, camping, animals, and cowboy boots!

Before I came to prison, I raised goats, rabbits, and poultry. I want to add alpacas and honeybees when I get out. I like all-natural products and am as environmentally friendly as I can be. I guess you could call me a hippie country gal. I am an Air...

American Indian/Alaska NativeNative American

Hi, my name is Mary.

My friends call me “True”. I am a Native American from Tallahassee, FL.

I am looking for friends who will be a positive influence in my life, because I am a positive, outgoing, and funny person.

I love to make people laugh, and I love people who have a great sense of humor. I love all kinds of music and the outdoors. I also love working on cars and...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

My name is Regina Garcia. I am a 45 year old Latin American. I love my culture, my family traditions, and I'm proud of who I am today.

I am currently incarcerated at the facility on my profile. I know and I understand the decisions I've made that led me to this place and I've taken advantage of any programs that will help ensure I never come back.

My hobbies include; dancing,...

Torria Gonzalez #27305-064 - Primary Picture


I’m Torria Gonzalez.  I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall, 175 pounds, blonde hair and green eyes.  I'm from a small town in Oklahoma.   I'm currently at a work camp where I am a plumber/pipe fitter….it's a dirty job but I love it!

I am German and Irish, I know, I know Gonzalez is my married name, my maiden name is Armantrout.   I never changed my name...

Black/African American

Hi, I'm seeking a friend, nothing more unless it grows into that. I want someone that I can talk to, to uplift, and vice versa. A companion.

I love to read, especially love stories. I guess you could say that I'm in touch with my sensitive side, haha. I'm fun loving with a great personality, I'm hilariously funny, and I have an exceptionally great sense of humor. I love to laugh, I'm...


Hey, what’s up? My name is Brandy Hamilton. I’m currently in federal prison. I still have a few years to go and would love to have a pen-pal and to make friends and get to know people.

I am 5’6", have long brown hair, green eyes, weigh about 165 lbs, and have 13 tattoos. I’m from a small town in Southwest Virginia. I hope to be transferring to a different prison in about a year...


Hello, I’m Selena! I am 25 years old. I’ve got long brown hair and brown eyes. I am looking to make friends along this journey through life, in which will hopefully last a lifetime. I enjoy good conversation and love to laugh but being able to make others laugh and to bring a smile to the faces around me is the greatest joy. I’m very outgoing and laid back. I enjoy the outdoors and reading,...


The little humans that own my heart call me mom, but the rest of the world calls me “Amanda”. I’m born and raised in Tennessee, and I love my country roots. I’m learning and evolving to be a better woman every day, that’s my main goal and interest. Other than that, I love to travel and be outdoors. I love to ride four wheelers. I’ve never been afraid of a little dirt. I am fun and outgoing. I...

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