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Alabama Prison Pen-pals

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Hi!! My name is Kim. I’ve never done this pen-pal thing before but I’m getting really lonely in here so I figured I would give it a shot. Not really sure where to start, I guess I’ll just open up with what I like. I enjoy anything and anyone that can bring a smile to my face.

I’m not very religious but I’m also not turned off by it. I love to read and work out. I have a long sentence...


Coming home soon… Looking to make new friends.

I’m seeking to communicate with people who have a passion in life, who love to smile and have a genuine heart. Encouragement in hard times is priceless and I believe everyone needs lifting up in life and given a reason to smile. 

I’m an outgoing person and I love to bring a smile to others, I have...

American Indian/Alaska NativeNative American

Hello,my name is Michelle,but I go by my Indian name which is Azabee. I'm Native American Indian (Prairie Band Potawatomi) from Mayetta, Kansas. I'm 6`1-1/2ft.175 pounds, tall & slim. I have brown eyes, long hair, light skin and smooth to the touch...wink wink

I'm family and business oriented, strong-minded, very open-minded, determined, ambitious, keen, versatile, and over all, a...



My name is Tabatha. I am looking for friendship and smiles. For me, laughter and music are the key to the easement of my time. I enjoy reading suspense novels, ancient alien theories and working Sudoku puzzles. I have served over half of my time holding fast to my sanity these past few years. Every day I try to build myself up. I haven’t followed proper building regulations but I’m...


Hi, my name is Celeste.

I'm looking for interesting pen-pals. My interests include health, fitness, law, the environment, and most of all art.

I like to spend my time here teaching, reading, working out, and writing.

If you have a kind heart, please respond.



My name is Elizabeth. I’m seeking friends, men and women, who are on a positive vibe and living life to the fullest! I’m 36, and a Taurus. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I love to laugh, and love dogs, music, and traveling. I’m very optimistic, open-minded, and family oriented. I can’t wait to hear...


Hey guys, it’s Ashley- Fun, energetic, genuine, and loving me. (smile)

I’m 31 years old. I’m from Branson, Missouri. My life, experiences, and so much failure have taught me how to win. The position we find ourselves in gives us the advantage because there is no distraction of the physical. Just two minds, two souls, two beings that meet in the middle of the...



My name is Donna. I am 42, born and raised in a little town in Louisiana. I am a country girl who is always down for some fun. I love the fish, hunt, mud riding, anything adventurous…. I'm always down for. People say I am very adventurous, fun, caring, and kind.

Looking for a friendship, companionship, or relationship….. someone who is as free spirited as I am. Could that...


Looking for someone to help me through these lonely times and offer encouragement as I seek to better my life after paying my dues for bad decisions. Non-violent person who wishes to continue my education after release to become a productive citizen.


My name’s Korina. I’m 24 years old, open-minded, and funny. I’m looking for someone to spend some of my time getting to know. Someone respectful, funny, and loyal. I’m a Capricorn born in Texas, and I’ve lived in Missouri. I like the outdoors in the summertime. Take a chance to get to know me. You won’t be let down!


My name is Tiffany Coffey. I am originally from Rutledge, Tennessee. It’s a really small, one red light town. If you were driving through, you would probably still miss it, it’s so small LOL. I am 27 years old, beautiful blue eyes, brown hair, 5’1”, 117 pounds. So in other words, I’m a cute, little, petite thang. I am hoping to find someone that’s positive, supportive and funny because who...

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Aye! My name is Lueava Irene Corr, I go by Pebbles. I would like to develop a caring sincere friendship that can stand the test of time. I am a caring, easy-going, passionate friend who is loyal to the core. I made some bad choices in my life, but I’m not a bad person. I have learned to live on life’s terms and not on my own. I would value and appreciate having some positive people/...



I’m Katrina but my friends call me Kandi. I'm 5’ 2” tall, about 150 pounds (prison weight). I have a positive personality and a positive outlook on life in general. I'm open minded, a little eccentric but a ton of fun. I enjoy laughing and having a good time. I love music, movies, dancing, reading, traveling, nature and more.

I'm looking for someone with like interests and...

Black/African AmericanChristian

“Palms and Springs: Eternal Songs!

For all viewing this page,

Pause and open your hands. What do you see> Nature’s barcode-enrolled within the fingerprints, like an eternal seamstress-intelligent design. Trillions of humans have come and gone, yet you are the only one to ever possess those distinct lines?

No matter where we’re...



My name is Jennifer. I’m very outgoing, positive and I have a big heart. I’m a country girl and I love to be outdoors. I enjoy 4-wheeling, motorcycle riding, camping and anything that involves water. I’m also a huge animal lover.

I’m hoping to meet someone that I can get to know and that’s as positive and outgoing as myself I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hi, my name is April. I am seeking a long-term pen-pal, and contacts on the outside. I am 38 years old and hoping to do my time to further my education and becoming a healthier person all around.

I do enjoy reading, and working. I am from Kansas City, MO and have lived in the metro for over 20 years now. I love to laugh and enjoy being outside whenever possible. I hope to use this time...

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My name is Tyler Sherman Dellinger. I’m 30 years old, and was born 1-10-1991 (Capricorn) in Rogers, AR. I’m 5’6’’ with an athletic build. I’m romantic to the core, an avid reader, and a movie buff. I’m an artist, and a pretty good one at that. I draw mainly portraits right now and people pay me for them in stamps or commissary. I’m also a tattoo artist and have a lot of tattoos myself.

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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me a deep love of all things "country". Hunting, fishing, camping, animals, and cowboy boots!

Before I came to prison, I raised goats, rabbits, and poultry. I want to add alpacas and honeybees when I get out. I like all-natural products and am as environmentally friendly as I can be. I guess you could call me a hippie country gal. I am an Air...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hello there! My name is Mariah and I’m a 24-year-old Aries. I love running, exercising, and doing yoga daily. Oh and music. I LOVE my music. My weaknesses are spelling and cheesecake. I’m looking for someone who is optimistic and laughs easily. One special person who can bring brightness to my days and put a smile on my face.

So, an important question I have to know- are you ready?...


My name is Olivia Tylar Floyd. I am a true Libra. I enjoy music more than anything…. country is my favorite, but I love all genres. I am a Tennessee country girl and really enjoy being outdoors. Hunting, fishing, boats, and trucks. I also enjoy fast cars and motorcycles.

I'm looking to meet new people and to establish new relationships in my life.

I am very loving and outgoing...