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Black/African American


My name is Shameeck, but everyone calls me “Meek” for short. I joined this pen service hoping to meet new people an established long-lasting friendships, so I'm really looking forward to hearing back.

Since I've been incarcerated, I've taken the time to reinvent myself and find out what I want in life. I plan on furthering my education as soon as I am released and...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanOther

Good day,

My name is Jonathan, I am looking forward to meeting you and building a relationship on a positive vibe. I am an outgoing person. I love wild animals, I am a pet lover, especially dogs. I love sports: Football, soccer, basketball. I love reading and learning new things. I love pop music, also hip-hop, R&B, and dance. I love to attend art shows. I am currently enrolled in...

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Black/African AmericanOther


How are you?

As for me, I am blessed in spite of my current situation.

Before I go any further, I would like you to know that my heart and soul goes into each and everything that I approach. At this very moment, as my words enter into your mind my sole purpose is to reach into your being so that we can establish some form of communication. I sincerely want you to...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Hey Free World!

I'm glad you stumbled across my page and hope all is well with you.

For starters, my name is Alden, but I'm known by my stage name “AldaDon”. Yes, I love music. I play the piano, sing, and also write poetry. I’m an island boy. Unfortunately, I haven't been blessed with any kids yet, but would love some eventually. I'm real spiritual and believe in no...

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Black/African AmericanSpiritual

My name is LaMar and I’m currently serving a 72 month Federal Prison sentence. I’m on here in hopes of establishing a solid friendship, which I will be more than happy to reciprocate. Being in here is like being blind to a degree. I need as many eyes, ears and interpreters as possible.

All of my photos are of me when I was on the outside because of Covid19. Due to the pandemic, Federal...

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Native Hawaiian/Pacific IslanderMuslim

Hello, my name is Eugene, but everyone calls me by my nickname, which is “EJ”. I was born in South Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to the US when I was five years old, and live and grew up in Hartford, CT. I graduated from Hartford Public High School in 2011. I’m a 28-year-old Jamaican male seeking correspondence with progressive women who don’t settle for anything less than they deserve in all...

Black/African AmericanOther


My name is Julian! Most people prefer to call me “JayTee” or “Gutta” (as in “Gutter”). I’m 26 years of age and I’m from Hartford, CT. Though my parents are of Caribbean descent, I was born here in the states. Now, more than ever, I try to surround myself with people who look to better themselves and are willing to bring positive vibes to the table.

I mean, with all the...

Black/African American

It is never too late to empower a change in order to make a difference when needed, as I take a leap of faith towards a new chapter in my life, I wish to engage with someone who can relate in being unappreciated and taken for granted. Though I’m in this current state, I refuse to settle for less. All I have to offer is my honesty, loyalty, friendship and genuine love.

I’m 30 years old...

Black/African American

This is something new for me, but here I am taking a chance to experience something new and adventurous. I just hope to be able to grow through the experience, meet new people and build friendships.

My deepest hope is to meet someone that can be instrumental in helping me restore a social life that I'm missing out on at the moment. If you're that special someone then I look forward to...

Hispanic/Latino American

Thank you for taking the time to check my page. My name is Juan, though mostly everyone calls me J.B. I'm Latino American, born in California but raised in Connecticut.
I'm on here with the intention of meeting someone to have good conversations with - whether its intellectual or just straight silliness - and building a...


Hello potential friends,

I’m Solomon, people call me Solo, and yes, I happen to be.

I'm a cool, independent, open-minded, fun-loving person.

I am looking to meet someone willing to build a friendship, preferably on similar grounds with common interests. But opposites attract, so I hope we can balance our ups and downs of the days. Lifting someone up will always raise...

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Black/African AmericanChristian

First and foremost, I hope all is well.

My name is Chris, but my family and friends call me “Chi”. I'm 39 years old and I'm from Texas but reside in Connecticut.

I'm excited about the opportunity for us to communicate on all types of levels. Hopefully we can build a bond that is strong and meaningful to the both of us.

I'm a loyal, easy to talk to, humble person. I like...

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Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Bernard. I'm 38 years old and I'm from Connecticut. I'm signing up because I am interested in finding new connections and creating new friendships.

A little about me; I'm a big sports fan and like basketball, football, and baseball. I also enjoy going out on a boat and fishing until the sun goes down. On the flip side, I am very outgoing guy. Huge people person...


Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am 30 years old. I’ve been wanting to sign up but just never knew what to say. Well I’ve been incarcerated for 5 years and I have 6 to go. I’m up here looking for a friend, a woman who is smart, funny and outgoing. Someone I can get to know and she can get to know me as well.

I like to go camping, play sports and go on hikes; I love the outdoors. The time I’...

Black/African AmericanChristian

What’s up?

My name is Taezhan. It’s hard to say so everyone calls me “Drip”. Since I was 12, I knew how to dress/keep up with myself and get money. Everyone tells me that I’m funny. I don’t see it though. I’m a good Rapper. I’m going to take that seriously when I get home. I made mistakes in my past that I regret and that got me into prison. It all went wrong when I lost my mother....

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Black/African AmericanMuslim


I just want to start by saying I hope everything is well and that you are in good health. I know they wanted a smile in the picture, but this was the last picture I have left until we take more.

My name is Eric, I’m 34 years old. I have a daughter, I am from New Haven, Connecticut. I’ve been incarcerated since 2011, I have a while to go. I am a very humble and outgoing...

Black/African AmericanChristian

My name’s Brandon but everyone calls me “B” for short. I’ve joined Write A Prisoner in hopes to meet new people and start new friendships as my time being incarcerated comes to an end. When I’m released I plan on pursuing my career and eventually owning my own business. I also look forward to traveling a lot and enjoying life to the fullest!

In my free time I like to listen to music,...

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Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello world,

As stated in my profile, my name is Welbon Bryan, but all my family and friends call me “Webb”. Now let me start off by letting it be known that I’m new to trying to find friends this way, so please give me a chance to know you.

Now let me tell you a little about myself. I like working out, listening to music, reading and having a great conversation. I'm a good...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hey, my name is Julito.

I am Puerto Rican, and I’m also 41 years old, looking for some friends that want to establish a solid and honest friendship. I was raised in Puerto Rico and came to Connecticut at the age of 15 years old and I’ve been in and out of jail ever since. 

I’ve been fighting my case for ten years now, looking for some evidence...

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David Burns #222737 - Primary Picture


Hi, my name is David Burns. I am 50 years old and I'm 7 years in on a 10-year sentence. I am looking for anyone to have a pen pal relationship with anywhere in the world. I find snail mail is outdated in this time we live in, so let's bring it back. I am open to anyone who has a...

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