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Hey there, I'm Simon. I'm about 6ft tall and 27 years old. I'm looking to make more friends and connect with good people while I serve my time. I have no violent crimes. I don't let that past define me, I have turned my life around while in here.

I grew up in Alabama and I love music, reading, yoga, working out, tattoos, the outdoors, and art. I look forward to hearing from you soon....

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

After 11 years my first love – my first everything – left me. She said she couldn’t wait anymore. I have no kids. I’m on my way home, and I’m looking for a girl to fall in love with who I can start a family with when I’m home. I want to take this time before I’m home to fall in love with her.


Please standby. My profile text isn’t posted just yet, so has put this up for the time being. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it. Please – write me today!

Thanks and please check back soon for my real profile.

Black/African AmericanMuslim

Hello world,

My name is Braheem. I’m looking to meet friends to write, some positive contacts on the outside, and maybe a mentor.

About me: I’m 38 years old from Philly. I’m very humble, laid back, and determined. I have a great personality, I’m intelligent, and well business minded. I love writing; Poems, fiction novels, and movie scripts are my things to write. I read on...


My name is Stephanie.

I am a happy, funny person. I enjoy the best of both worlds. I am looking for friends to communicate back and forth with. I love life and have learned lessons the hard way, but that’s okay. I am a country girl and love the mountains.

I want to learn new things and meet new people. I am outgoing and for some reason corny jokes tickle my funny bone. I hope...

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Hey everyone,

I hope you love to laugh and always smile, because I sure do, an I enjoy it more if I can get you to do the same. (smile)

I go by my nickname “Moe”, or “MoeMoe”. I am a young man with an intelligent old man brain and mindset. My family and I are from Palestine but I grew up in Chicago.

At the moment, I have a couple of years left in my cage in Federal...



My name is Corey. I was born and raised in Miami. I’m 30 years old. I love fashion, I’m a sports fanatic, and a shoe connoisseur.

I’m here looking to meet new people and friends and start positive relationships to build on prior to my release.

I’m into reading some urban novels, but biographies and business books pique my...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Cortez. I’m cool, calm, collected, laid back and humble. My plan upon release is to start my own business selling “Brazilian Remy” hair. I’m hoping to meet someone I can build with that’s on the same page as me…I look forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless.



Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian


My name is Annette. I’m hoping to make contact with both male and female for companionship and conversation. Let’s share laughter, strength and hope. I enjoy traveling, I am energetic, eat healthy, love sports, cars, tools and have goals of furthering my college education. My all time favorite star is “Marilyn Monroe”. Favorite movie is “Pretty Woman”. One of my strengths is...


Hello there! My name is Candace. I am a very energetic and outgoing person.

Even though I am currently incarcerated, I try to find joy and be positive. I am good at singing and I love to draw. If you would like a drawing done, let me know. If you want to talk football, I would be a great pen-pal.

Just know that the Detroit Lions are my favorite! I’m a very social person so I...

Black/African AmericanMuslim

Greetings! I’m Kareem and I’m from Philadelphia. I’m 38 years old, single with no children, and I’ve been incarcerated for the past 19 years. I’m due to see parole in April of 2021.

I enjoy watching and playing basketball, working out, reading, cutting hair, litigating and learning Civil Law. I’m spiritual in my worship with my God. I don’t want whomever to review this profile and...


Hey, my name is Amber.

I'm down to earth, smart, funny, and looking for intelligent conversation and some fun and who knows what else may come.

Black/African AmericanChristian

Tall, funny, well-groomed, handles self well, outgoing, independent, and ready to meet a new companion.

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Black/African AmericanChristian

I'm a published author, into real estate and stocks, God-fearing, and athletic.

I like family time, love to enjoy life, and am looking for a good loyal woman who wants the same in a King.

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian


My name is Angel. I’m looking forward to meeting new people to correspond with that are positive and motivated. I myself am very active and productive. I have an artistic talent with drawing, mixing colors, and being a barber. I also love music and have been told I move like Mark Anthony and Pitbull. I’m very involved in sports, while I have time off where work where I am a...


My name is Peter and currently reside on Florida death row. I'm 36, 6ft 1in 175lbs, and athletic. I'm an artist and spend most of my time either exercising or drawing. I'm very interested in meeting new people who are real.

I pride myself on honesty and would rather be told something bad than lied to. I no longer have family on the outside so to be totally transparent I do need help. I...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanSpiritual


My name is Steven.  I am originally from Puerto Rico.  It is an honor for me to be able to meet a friend.  I admit that my life has been one of numerous feelings, tears, and hope.    A life which through some bad past decisions I had temporarily fallen, but through failing forward I have gotten back up.

My hope is to meet someone with wisdom...

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My name is Robert but everyone calls me 'Saint'. I'm 38 years old and currently incarcerated here in Florida. However, don't let that discourage you. I am a man full of patience, love, resilience, and ambition looking for a friend, mentor, or positive influence to accept me into their life. My values are communication, respect, trust, loyalty, and honesty. That may sound abstract but please...

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Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

I'm very intelligent, handsome, have a nice body, and a beautiful smile. I'm adventurous and enjoy the outdoors. I'm a very passionate person, some may say too passionate. I have a passion for reading, I can cook too.

I'm looking for somebody just to talk to & help me pass the time I have in here. I'm thinking letters and emails from time to time, if that's okay with you. I'm...

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Black/African American

Hi. I’m interested in a friend who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. She enjoys the simple things in life but can also be spontaneous. She likes to travel, relax, and works hard enough, but her job doesn’t consume all of her energy. This contrast and balance are part of her character. She is centered and content but being with people she cares about is important to her,...

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Hello, my name is Mike. I am 5'5" and 170lbs. I work out regularly and try to stay in shape. I love artwork, music, and tattoos. I love creating things with my own hands. I am not necessarily looking for anything romantic but open to it even though I have been hurt more times then I care to count. I am still a hopeless romantic.

I prefer to write people older then me because they are...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

My name is Antonio Barnes; you can call me Tony.

I am the author of "Prison Is Not A Playground, and Bullying Is Not A Playground Game. Contact me for some of my social media information.

Sous chef, specializing cake decorating, amateur masseuse, founder of SOS/Save Ourselves, a program utilized as a coping mechanism for inmates and working on SO Schools-Save Our Schools and...

Black/African American

How does a man sum up who he is in a reasonable amount of words when mere words could never capture the true essence of who we really are, but in trying please allow me to share a brief description of my character, I strive to be patient and loyal in my friendships, clear in my communications, understanding in my listening, and committed in my spirituality.

As a man who has made poor...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian


My name is Ana.   I'm 32 years old and I was born in El Salvador, but I was raised in California.   I'm a very happy woman.  I like to work out and do crochet.  I love all types of music.

My incarceration has been tough, but it has been a lesson that I’ve learned from.   I have learned to cherish everything I didn't.  God has...


Hi! My name is Heather, I am very new to this pen-pal thing but decided to give it a shot. I have been incarcerated going on 3.5 years now and decided to try something new.

I am a country girl who loves the outdoors. I am all for hiking, going down the river, or just enjoying nature. I love adventure. I...