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Black/African AmericanMuslim


Here’s a little bit about me. I’m 23, and I got on this website to meet new people that will have a positive influence in my life. I really don’t have that much more time left but would want nothing more than to spend the rest of it building a healthy friendship. I love building people up and would want nothing more than to put a smile on someone’s face.

I have a great...

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Black/African American

Hey, my name is Antonio but my close friends and family call me Neal. I’m 30 years old, very confident and open minded. I’m seeking to meet new people who are like-minded. So hit me up on Corrlinks if you like what you see.



Black/African AmericanMuslim

My name is Ny'Jawon. I’m 23. I have been in prison for five years. I’m a very real, laid-back guy who likes to joke and see the good in everything. I’m open to letters and Corrlinks.

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Black/African American

I'm going to let you know some things about me.  I'm 22 years old, 6’ 2” in height.   I have a strong passion for sports and music.    I love going on road trips and seeing new things, plus experiencing new things.   A lot of people say I'm chill and funny, and I'm genuinely a great person - just in a bad situation.

What I'm looking for is...

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Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Can I have a few minutes of your precious time and patience to share a few thoughts of mine, hopefully thru some intellectual conversations? Yeah, I know some women are skeptical about “penitentiary dating” due to the heartaches and pains from past relations.

I’m seeking something far more stimulating than a “penitentiary romance”. There’s no mistake I’m...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Hi, I’m Luis,

I was born in Los Angeles, California. I’m a funny, outgoing person. I know I’m in a bad place right now, but I know it’s not forever. I like to watch sports, work out, and play handball. I’m hoping to meet new people who won’t judge me for my past mistakes. I’m fluent in Spanish and English. I hope to meet you...

Black/African AmericanBaptist

My time is short, I anticipate being released in the next few months and I am looking for a female friend and companion that I can build with. I enjoy playing ball, working out, reading, and writing poetry.

I enjoy the outdoors, BBQ's, spending time with family and friends as well as relaxing in the house and spending quality time just kickin' it and listening to and writing music. I'm...

Black/African AmericanJewish


I’m looking for friends and support from anyone understanding. I’m no angel and not one to judge. I suggest you get to know me before you overlook me as just another bad guy in prison. I believe there are two sides to every story. Don’t you want to know mine?

Black/African American

Hello, Beautiful Queens! My name is Alan, but I go by "VI" because I'm from the Virgin Islands.

I want to start off by saying if you're reading this! Every second of your time is appreciated. I'm new on here looking to meet new friends who are willing to invest our time into each other. Learning about each other's lives and state of mind. I look forward to meeting people I can build...



Well I wish I knew how to say more in Spanish, that would be cool. I have a couple years left on my mandatory, maybe I can learn a lot more before then and maybe get to know you also. I’m a guy with a good heart and I’m headstrong. I try to stay genuine to who I am. I’m not a lazy person, I’m very outgoing. I believe, “In life you either have the results you want or you have the...


Hello, my name is Dustin Dewayne Armstrong Sr. I am 27 years young. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I am 5’4’’ and love music. I am an aspiring musician and plan on opening my own music studio. I just received my Associate degree from Iowa Central Community College. I am just looking for some good conversation. I love a good personality. I am a family man and love...

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Hi, my name is Jon, but my friends call me “Jay”. I’m hoping to meet a friend or pen-pal who wouldn’t mind big smiles, laughs, and open-minded conversations. I’m curious about meeting new people. This is my first pen-pal website. I’m intelligent, handsome, and goofy. I’ve studied small business and psychology. I’m currently in programs like NAACP and apprenticeship. I love to learn, and I also...

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So, I'm getting on this site in hopes of meeting some new people and finding a friend. I'm a pretty easy-going guy and I try to stay positive and make the most of every day. Given my current circumstances it's not always easy to stay optimistic, but maybe you could be that person to brighten my day or maybe I could brighten never know.

I've been locked up for a couple years...


I am a lonely man attempting to fill a social void in my life created by my absence from society. I hope that in my attempt that I aided you in your search to find what you’re looking for. I am seeking new insight, fresh ideas, a loyal friend who will understand, listen and reply. I want someone that will let me know what’s going on in the free world, outside the world I now live in. I am...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

I am single. I am a good person. I am lovable. I am family orientated.

I like to work out and listen to music in my free time.

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

My name is Diego. I'm looking at a 4-8 year federal prison sentence! Feeling lonely, I'm looking for a female companion to keep me company and help me get through this.

Let's exchange pics and text or talk on the phone from time to time. I enjoy reading and writing letters hit me up.


Jessie Baker #6093468 - Primary Picture

Just a bit about me…I’m like a rollercoaster ride beneath a clear, starry sky…just so wild, adventurous and free spirited yet, with the joy, serenity and wisdom of the ages!

Doesn’t that sound so poetic?? LOL

I could tell you more about me, like how I’m loyal, or the principles I stand on as a man…but I feel like you should just take that chance to get to know me and find out...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic

Available for parole in 2026, looking for someone to write/talk to.

Add me on corrlinks and email me if you wannna get in contact with me!


Hey there,

My name is Miguel Lorenzo, and I want to thank you for taking your time to view my profile.

A little about me: I’m in my early twenties. I love to read (mostly thrillers). Not to sound cocky, but I’m a great artist. (I will post artwork in the future.) I listen to just about every type of music. Without it, I don’t know how I would get by. Working out is a must for...

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Name’s Eddie, as you can read on my profile. Looking for a friend/pen-pal to write and tell me about the world out there. This is my first time in prison and last. Ha ha. I’ve traveled the States coast to coast, sky dived, white water rafted. Well ask me more and I will tell you.

To contact me, add me on or write me.




“What’s up ladies” My names David but everyone calls me Gordo, I know the name doesn’t match the picture I would definitely explain when you hit me up no secrets and definitely not shy. 

I’ve got almost 17 years in prison, I did 8 years in Nebraska at NSP, I’m from Omaha, Nebraska the best city in the country. I’m finishing my time up in IA, I was born in Omaha but have lived in...


Seeking long term friend, pen-pal and companion. Interested in intelligent conversion and openly talking about life and learning about a person on a deeper level. I am a lover of life who is searching for a long term friend and well, who knows? Waiting on you and your kind words and understanding.

Willing to talk about anything and everything. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Black/African AmericanMuslim


My name is Carl. I’m 32 years old. I’m looking for some pen-pals even if we don’t share the same interest in something, different is still a good way to get to know someone as well. I enjoy doing many things, but the main thing I enjoy doing is making people laugh, I was told I have a way with doing that with people. I...

Black/African AmericanBaptist

Building a brand for the future, and looking forward to a long, healthy, and successful life. I'm interested in furthering my education, and being wealthy in life. I want to be happy and live life to the fullest, travel the world, and enjoy every minute!


Black/African AmericanBaptist

I want to say thanks for taking the time and patience to view my profile. My name is D'Jay. Through my incarceration it has been up and down, trials and tribulations, but that's apart of life. I have found myself to become a better, stronger, and uplifted man that wants better. I have overcome my obstacles in life. I enjoy reading, playing sports, working out, and just...

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