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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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24 | Straight | Kentucky

Other | Muslim

Hello, my name is Mohamud.

I am a Sunni Muslim. I'm truly seeking friendship. I have no means to use or manipulate anyone.

I like working out, I enjoy conversation, and I also graduated college. I starred in the Captain Phillips movie. I am also a licensed Medical Technologist.

Everyone in life makes mistakes but everyone does not make changes. Also during my…

28 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Baptist

What’s up everybody, my name is “Chinch”, and I’m the coolest person you’ll ever meet.

I’m laid back and I love writing music. I feel like it’s a great way to express your feelings in a unique art form. My favorite kinds of music are R&B and rap, (old and new) and my favorite kinds of movies are romantic comedies and horror.

I’m easy to get along with and easy to talk to. I…

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26 | Straight | Kentucky

Other | Muslim

My name is Fahed Abudiab, but I go by the name Adam. To reach me, download the Securus Mobile app. My inmate number is 313459. 

I am a humble, respected, family-oriented, loyal, and quiet person. I prefer to keep to myself, counting the days until I can come home. My life story is unique, as I have faced many challenges. I am simply looking to build a genuine friendship with someone.…

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27 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American

You can call me Montay. I'm from Tennessee, and I'm 27 years old. My birthday is November 8th.

I'm looking to make friends on the outside to help my bid go by quicker. I like helping people in any way I can. I'm a laid-back person. I like to listen to music, make music, and write poems. I enjoy cooking and making sweets. I also do legal work; it motivates my mind and keeps me going.…

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32 | Bi-sexual | Kentucky


I'm a single, White, blue eyed man seeking pen-pals open to discuss anything. I'm trying to get through this time, any letters help!

34 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Christian

My name is Chris. I am 34 and from Bell Co. Kentucky and I'm looking for someone to just vibe with, someone who is real at all times and doesn't pretends to be someone their not..Someone who doesn't care to be themselves even if you are a little different from everyone else it don't matter you are you but I'm going to keep it short but if you hit me up it's not Jpay  anymore, it's securus…

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34 | Gay | Kentucky

White | Non-denominational

Hi! I’m Will. I’m 34 years old, 6ft tall, 200 pounds, with an athletic build. I have been locked up 8 years. I’m posting this profile hoping to make new friends and hope to maybe even meet that special someone. I’m a fun and outgoing person who loves to have a good time. 

When I’m free I enjoy a night out going to the movies a club or watch a show and have a couple drinks. However there…

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24 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Christian


My name is Talik Anderson, and I’m just looking for someone to talk to. Although I am a pretty positive person, it does get lonely here on the other side!

I’m really funny and a great conversationalist. I love spending time outside and listening to music - I’m also a pretty good card player.

I am NOT here to scam anyone - I would just really love the opportunity to…

28 | Gay | Kentucky

White | Pagan


My name is Joseph Auberry but everyone calls me Cody. I'm 27 years old and I'm on a 9-month deferment and I'm looking for someone to connect with and get to know on a good level. I love being out in the woods, 4wheeling, and basically anything outside. While here I do a lot of working out and…

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27 | Straight | Kentucky

Multi-racial | Spiritual

Some say you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. With that being said, I vow to only bring positive vibrations and transparency always! 

I can't promise to be perfect, but I can guarantee you that I'll always be respectful, mannerable, and go into our friendship with good intent with hope that we can build a bond, whether it's romantic, spiritual, or even…

21 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Christian

I'm 21 years old. I am getting my life together and I realized while being incarcerated that I was misguided and made a mistake at a young age. While I am incarcerated I am treating this as rehabilitation.

I am a great listener and very intellectual. I'm currently taking business college courses. I have really never experienced true love from a woman so hopefully you could be that one…

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30 | Bi-sexual | Kentucky

White | Other

Hello my name is Ryan. I’m am currently in Kenton County Jail in Kentucky/

I am looking for someone to talk to and connect with to get through this hard time. If you want to talk to me write and ask me for my phone information.

32 | Gay | Kentucky

White | Other

Hi! My name is Tyler!!!! I'm looking for a friend who can connect with and grow with.

I'm a down south country boy who loves the outdoors and I love to cook and have always aspired to own my own restaurant. Nothing too fancy, just simple cooking but what people love!

I also enjoy reading books and sometimes playing video games. I am looking for someone who is genuine and who can…

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35 | Transgender | Kentucky

White | Native American

Hi Everyone,

You’ve just found a fun, adorable, spontaneous, adventurous, quirky, snuggly bunny, love bug,  mixed with a dash of naughty and nice. My friends consider me to be a very energetic, vibrant, and upbeat person. I beam with joy! I love to laugh! is special, so smile. Transitioning in a men’s prison facility can be very challenging at times. My life literally feels like…

26 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Christian

My name is Tanner Banks.

I'm looking for sober friends and a new crowd of people to hang with when I get out! Do not contact me if you use drugs or have a criminal lifestyle I don't need these types of people in my life anymore.

I'm fun to be around and can't wait to get out and enjoy life. I have a new set of goals and plan to see them through.

I like designer clothes…

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20 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Other


My name is Eli. I am 6'2" and have a fun, outgoing personality.

I am hoping to meet someone that I can talk to during my time incarcerated and beyond. I like to spend my time outside and exercise. I also enjoy music, especially rock and country. But I'm open to anything good. I love watching the sun set and watching the clouds. I am also a big animal lover. I am young but I…

34 | Kentucky

Black/African American | Christian

Hello! How are you doing? I hope and pray that as you read this, you are in good spirits. I'm not going to promise everything that all the other folks on this site do. The one thing I can give you is friendship. But to start, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have recently decided that I would like to reach out to those outside the walls that surround me. I am looking to…

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39 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Non-denominational

Hello, my name is Eugene Barnett. I joined Write A Prisoner to make some friends. Prison is a very lonely place and I have very little contact with the outside world. It would be nice to have someone to correspond with. Someone who might enjoy some of the same things as myself. I like all types of music. Also enjoy horror movies and not afraid to admit that I enjoy chick flicks. I also enjoy…

41 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Christian

I like to keep things interesting and enjoy humor. I have three kids: a 5-year-old son and 8- and 10-year-old daughters. I love being a dad, and according to my kids, I have really good "dad" jokes. When they're not good, my 8-year-old will say, "just keep trying dad" haha. I'm from western NY and I'm a huge Buffalo Sabres fan (NHL) and Buffalo Bills fan (NFL). I'm also big into the outdoors…

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44 | Gay | Kentucky

White | Christian


My name is Ray. I'm originally from Parsons, West Virginia. I got my life cleaned up a few years ago and I'm at a point in my recovery where I would like to get to know some new friends.

God is central to my life. I'm a down-to-earth, genuine, and optimistic person. I have a wide array of interests, including hiking, cooking, baking, home improvement projects, reading,…

30 | Straight | Kentucky

White | Christian

God comes first and family second. I am a very loving, positive, and very energetic person looking forward to going to collage soon as well as trade school. I am enrolled in classes. I like music, sports, auto racing and helping mentally and physically and enjoy working in the house and on cars for repairs.

I would like to become pen-pals, to talk about everything going on in life and…

Gay | Kentucky

Black/African American

What’s up? My name is Juan Berry #173660. I’m a gay man looking for friends or maybe someone I can grow to love or a possible long-term relationship.

I’m 51 years old, but don’t look a day over 40. I’m in top of the line shape, tall, slim, 6’5”, with a bald head.

I'm open minded and love to have fun and stay happy.

I serve out and go home at the end of December, 2023. I…

29 | Bi-sexual | Kentucky

White | Christian

I'll be out of prison soon and can't wait to create a positive and pro-social life for myself.  I was married too young and never got to explore all that life has to offer growing up in Indiana.  I joined the military and spent most of my time in Arizona which I really enjoyed.  

Basically, I am comfortable in any situation or where ever I hang my hat.  I love meeting many different…

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31 | Bi-sexual | Kentucky

White | Non-denominational

Hello, my name is Ethan. I'm 5'8" with an athletic build. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm currently seeking friendship and genuine companionship.

I'm looking to find someone I can have deep conversations with and someone who is willing to help me build towards a brighter and more productive future. I love sports and anything related to being outdoors. I'm very spontaneous and…

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37 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American

What’s up? My name is Patrick but everybody calls me Zoe. I’m about 6’8” & 250lbs.

I’m looking for friends I can talk to & write (pen-pal). I love to travel and experience new things. I’m very honest and outgoing. I got a good heart and I’m a very likable person. My kids are my world and I’m very family-oriented.

If you would like to get to know me, feel free to write me…