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Black/African AmericanSpiritual

To that special someone….

I’m really just looking for someone who’s caring, considerate, and easy to love.  I’m not about no games, so I don’t believe in playing with anyone’s feelings. I have a whole lot of love to give and I hope you’re on the receiving end. I’m a real easy guy to love.   Take a chance, step out on faith and let’s build something beautiful together....

Black/African AmericanBaptist

Greetings, time and reality has granted me these privileges to communicate with you. But, before I proceed, let me pay my highest respects to you, your family, friends, and loved ones by saying I hope society is treating them all fairly.

I know by now you’re wondering who I am. Let me add that where I am doesn’t define who I am, but this can be the beginning of something rewarding for...

Black/African American

My name is Eric, but most call me "Eazy" for being easy-going and easy to get along with.

I'm 26 with a flame that will fuel your inspiration daily. I'm very open-minded to the big and small things that the eyes overlook. I enjoy working out, playing basketball, reading, and learning about the culture. Since my incarceration, I transformed myself into the man with a cape who turns...

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Black/African AmericanSpiritual


What’s up?

I'm a dynamic, charismatic, and open-minded New Orleans resident looking for a female correspondent.

I'm here to give you the time and attention that you deserve, if possible. Hit me up so we can get to know one another…..and you’ll be happy you did. Because then, I'll be committed to keeping that beautiful smile on your lovely face, ya dig.


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Black/African AmericanJewish

I might be what you're looking for. A friend, spouse, or just someone to who you can express your feelings. Maybe I can be the one to help your stars shine bright again. It won't hurt for you to give me a try.

I'm the guy who's willing to be there for you at your lowest. I like to connect with people to communicate and make new friends. I'm charming, funny, laid back, and free-spirited...

Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hi, how are you? I’m speaking to you that’s reading this. My name is Carl Arnaud Jr., nicknamed “Lucky”. I’m 43 years old, born 11-3-77, and a Scorpio. I’m from Plaquemine, LA, right outside of Baton Rouge. Yes, I am single, looking for a friendship, but seeking romance that’s sincere. Even though I’m incarcerated, it doesn’t affect my heart and loving ability. God has blessed me for a law to...

Asian AmericanMuslim

My name is Muhammad Ateeq, I'm a 33-year-old Muslim man from Pakistan, serving a 12- year sentence for Medicare fraud, expecting release by 2025.

I'm singe & all my family is outside the USA. I have an MBA & traveled widely, something I enjoyed very much. I keep myself fit & healthy, participating in sports as much as I can. I'm eager to correspond with anyone, regardless...


I am a 6’7”, 260 pound man in my mid 30’s who is looking to make friends with people on the outside in hopes of beginning a transition to life in the free world once again. I’m currently learning to weld, and I spend time each day focused on God and working towards being a better man. I also focus on what I truly believe is a bright future. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading,...

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

Hi, my name is Roberto. I am 33 originally from Honduras but lived in Miami. Lately time at this place has been going by slow so I wanted to come on here in hopes to meet a female who is open for conversation, friendship, or possibly more. I will say I am not perfect because you are reading this from a prisoner's site but I can tell you no one is perfect; we're all human and make mistakes in...

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Black/African AmericanMuslim


My name is Rodolfo, better known as “Paw”. I'm a Louisiana native born and raised from a Hispanic descent. I am bilingual (Spanish and English) with the exception of not being able to read or write Spanish. I am a Muslim, committed to the religion of Islam, but that doesn't determine the fact that I'm open and willing to meet individuals with different religion beliefs.


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My name is Kevin Baye. I’m new to this, but I thought I would give it a try and see if I could find someone to converse with.

I’m a stand-up dude, down for what I believe in, and most definitely down for the people I care for, which is only a few because not everyone is real. The most important things for me are honesty, loyalty, and giving me the same respect I give you. I may look...

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Black/African AmericanMuslim

I am 45 years old, 6’4’’, and faithful to my religion as well as my associates. I am very easy to get along with. I possess a great sense of humor. I have 4 ½ years left on my sentence after which I’ve paid my total debt to society.

While incarcerated these many years, I have made a total transformation. I would love to share my story with you.

Hopefully, you’ll reach out to me...

Black/African AmericanBaptist


My name is Stanley. I’m currently serving time for Armed Robbery, one of my biggest mistakes that I ever made. But it also turned out to be the best thing that has happened in my life. In short, prison has helped me to educate myself as well as see my true potential. 

So now I’m seeking a friendship that can build my biggest imagination...

Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hi, my name is Anthony and I’m looking forward to meeting you; someone that (hopefully!) I can call my new friend. I understand the feeling one may have when writing the first letter but please, don’t be shy. If so, consider this as my first letter to you. Feel better now? I hope so! :)

I’m joining “Write A Prisoner” to meet new friends; seeking to form a real, down to earth friendship...


Hello, my name is Ronald but friends call me Ron.

I'm looking for someone who wants someone to talk to and get to know better. I do like to read nonfiction books and I like listening to music. I have an education, and I am continuously trying to learn and better myself.

Just honestly hoping to find people who will be a positive influence in my life. Thank you for taking the...

Black/African AmericanOther

Hey Ladies,

Since you all already know my real name, everybody calls me Al. I’m 32 years old and I’m a Scorpio.

I have a great sense of humor, am kind-hearted (but not weak), and just a really cool person to be around and to get to know, I’m very intelligent. I’ve obtained my GED and also a welding trade since being incarcerated.

I enjoy reading, writing music, playing...

Black/African AmericanBaptist


My name is Harold. I'm hoping to meet some people that are interesting and caring. I'm hoping to find someone that understands my situation and doesn't judge me.

I'm a very loving and compassionate person, I like doing all sorts of things like long walks in the park, enjoying my girls’ company. I do believe in spending time with the person I'm with, and yes, I'm a sucker...

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Bryan Bordere #496906 - Primary Picture
Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hey World,

What’s up with all the hot sweeties out there? As for me, just staying trouble free. I’m trying to find myself a mature, outgoing and smart female that understands my situation and respects it. I like to stay swag out. I consider myself a hot boy. I be turned up to the max. Just look at my pictures. You can’t tell by the smile I be turned up for real. Just take the time out...

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

I’m seeking friendship/companionship with anyone who's willing to meet and learn about across other people across the globe. To share goals for ourselves and possibly give advice that could help prepare others for the obstacles that come with the reality of life. I’ve been incarcerated for 18 years and 188 days for vehicular homicide and my sentence was enhanced...

Black/African AmericanChristian

My name Justin,

I'm 27 years old, born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana.

Mainly I'm laid back. I like to stay in my own space and envision myself walking out these gates. I like to write poetry and music every now and then, but I found myself applying for this site with intentions of turning a destructive past into a beautiful future hoping I could have someone to keep my...

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