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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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34 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Spiritual

Let's end being strangers; it's not every day I sign up to potentially have my heart broken, yet here I am against my better judgment, hoping there's someone on here sincere enough to warrant a correspondence?! Because even though my current situation tends to get lonely, I still can't sell myself short and embrace just anyone. I need real in my life. I've been through a lot, including having…

55 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American

My name is Shaheed. I believe we are all more than the worst things we have ever done. Redemption and reconciliation are gifts we all deserve. My struggle with positive change has been a long and hard road where I realize that the real lasting change begins in the heart. Failing to address my past and not facing my fears has hindered my growth. When I started to understand the root cause of my…

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22 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Other

Good afternoon,

My name is Malik as you can see but everyone calls me Leek. I'm 21 years old, 6’ 2” tall, and 189 pounds.

The reason why I joined this website is to fall back and kick it with anyone. But if you want to know more information about me, feel free to reach out. I'm not a judgmental person. If you're interested reach out, if not, have a good day.


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29 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American

Since you took the time out your day to read this (Lil Bio) I put together, I won't take up too much of your time w/ boring details about myself.

I'm easy to get along with...I'm Cape Verdean, 29, go to school, and have no kids. I know we don't know each other yet, but I'm hoping these few words on here will change all that.

Because of my situation its not every day I get to…

35 | Straight | Massachusetts

Hispanic/Latino American | Spiritual


Charisma, ambition, courage and righteousness are all attributes that I try to embody. I have many goals and I dream big. However, I’m cognizant to keep my ego in check. I’m interested in substance. I yearn quality over quantity and am looking for a friend who can relate.

Is that you?



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31 | Straight | Massachusetts

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Fun loving and intellectual guy just looking for general correspondence, friends, and stimulating conversations.

32 | Straight | Massachusetts

White | Non-denominational

My name is Brandon,

I'm 33 years old and from Fall River, Massachusetts. I'm a tattoo artist and a commercial fisherman. I value family, loyalty, and respect. I am funny and outgoing. I'm into fashion, sports, and the outdoors.

I'm looking for someone to build an honest friendship with that is built on trust and truth. If it progresses into more than that then the stars must have…

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36 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American

Hello ladies,

My name is Danny Austin.

If you would like to chat I can reached via (W112867).


31 | Straight | Massachusetts

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, my name is Julio Baez, as y'all could see but I go by Juwlz.

Well, I joined Write A Prisoner to meet new people and if God willing I could meet my one and only. I'm not judgmental and I'm happy to meet everyone. I'm straight, I love women, so please let's keep it respectful.

I'm doing a lot of time but with the grace of God I should be…

29 | Straight | Massachusetts

White | Christian


My name is Timmy Baker and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in Dennis, Massachusetts, which is a small town in Cape Cod. 

I am very easy to talk to and love to meet new people. I have an outgoing personality and a kind heart. I am outspoken and probably too honest for my own good. I try to always have an open mind and a positive…

Straight | Massachusetts



What's up, you? First off, I would like to take the time to thank you for allowing me to be your friend due to the unfortunate circumstances of me being incarcerated!

My name is DeAndre, as you can see, and I am  28 years of age. I'm also tall, dark and handsome - 6' tall, 194 pounds, in great shape and health and highly educated. I was born and raised in Springfield,…

35 | Straight | Massachusetts

Asian American


Learning is a life long journey that never ends, which means there is always something new to learn about someone or yourself.

Hi World, I'm Peter and I am currently a student at Emerson College studying for my bachelor's degree in media, culture, and literature.( Emerson is a college out of Boston that is offered at the prison.)

When I'm not in school, I run an affinity…

72 | Massachusetts

White | Christian

Hello out there. My name is John Blodgett, and I am a youthful 72-year-old widower who is searching for friendship. And yes, if the right person should come along, I would be open to a more intimate relationship. My wife of 31 years has recently passed away, leaving a void in my life. She had suffered from COPD for several years, and the past year had been especially difficult for her. In fact…

39 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Spiritual


My name is Alex. I am very excited for this opportunity to meet new people. So, no pressure, but try not to disappoint me.

If you are still reading this, you should have a smile on your face by now. It is only polite for you to return the favor. So, here are some tips.

Send an e-mail (

Send a picture (all angles welcomed)

Talk nerdy…

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36 | Straight | Massachusetts

Asian American | Christian

Hi world! My friends call me Ninja because in everything I do, I kill it and succeed. I'm outgoing, very social, and athletic. Working on my mind, body, and soul, so I read a lot for self-development and strive to be the best version of myself.

This is a minor setback for me, but when I am released, I have my sight and vision on real estate and opening businesses.

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33 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Christian

Hey, my name is Quint. I’m hoping to meet some friends and see where we can go from there. I’m 6’4".

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I also like to read self help books, watch tv, and listen to music.

My goal while incarcerated is to become certified in welding while educating myself as much as possible on becoming financially responsible for future generations.

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39 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Spiritual

My name is Emanuel, and I'm on here seeking conversation and friendship. I'm down to earth, easy to get along with, and a good person to talk to. I've recently been granted parole, so I don't know how long I will be locked up.

I'm currently waiting for a bed at this program they call "Transitional Housing." So if you write me here or hit me up on Corrlinks, and I don't answer you back,…

33 | Straight | Massachusetts

Other | Buddhist

I am seeking a friend, someone true enough to walk into my life when it seems everyone has walked out. I just want to share some laughs with someone along this journey. If this is you, then feel free to reach out.

My goal is to have those conversations that we both never want to end. I am very loyal and down to earth, but I guess you will have to be the judge of that!

Thank you…

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27 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Christian


I'm an intelligent, open minded, and mature individual. I love meeting new people and sharing meaningful conversations. All people are welcome though I do hope to meet some new female friends. Lol.  If you feel the same way, then I would love to meet you.

My case is currently on appeal, if/when all goes well, I will receive a major sentence reduction. Since my incarceration…

25 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Catholic

If you are reading this message take it as only a blessing! It's not how we meet, it's all about where we can go, Each one teaches one and the goal is to grow... Motivation is key.

I want to be the best version of myself with you and for you to be the best version of yourself with me!

34 | Bi-sexual | Massachusetts

White | Christian

Hey, what's up my name is Alex. I'm looking for someone that I can communicate with and build a friendship before I get released. I'm an open minded person who enjoys having fun, and I would like to find someone who's looking to possibly build some type of friendship, if your interested you can write me on corrilinks, if you do write me please include a picture to see who I'm writing with. Can…

Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American

Hello, my name is Denzel and I came to WriteAPrisoner to meet like-minded women. I love sports, arts and craft, science, but mostly I love good music.

If you stopped at my page and would like to reach out to me please utilize the CorrLinks App. You’ll have to make an account on the website first but then we can email directly. It would be the easiest way to get in contact with…

40 | Straight | Massachusetts

Are you sick of the same games and storylines? Are you ready for someone devoted to you, and you alone? Are you ready for someone that is ready, willing, and able to give you honestly no matter what? I am as well!

If you said yes, to the 3 above questions, it looks like we already have 3 things in common.

There are some facts that need to be addressed upfront, I’m in jail, I can…

49 | Straight | Massachusetts

Black/African American | Muslim

Seeking potential opportunity of friendships. My name is Kendrick The Great One. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I am 48 years young and one thing I’m always looking forward to is the assessment of a new friendship during the period which I call “The Passion Stance”. The build is to see how dedicated and competitively one performs and adapts within the unknown. I’m one to walk through any door…

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47 | Straight | Massachusetts


Hey, my name is Damian. I am Italian and from Boston, MA. I am honest with an open mind, a good sense of humor, and a positive attitude. Family is important to me, as is furthering my education and better myself in every way. I like to meet new people, have fun, and get the most out of life.

I believe you can let the chance of meeting someone who can make a real difference in your life…