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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Search for International Inmates (outside US)

31 | Straight | Nebraska

Multi-racial | Christian

Looking to get to know new people and expand my circle.

PS  You can go to to email me!

30 | Straight | Nebraska

Multi-racial | Christian

My name is Tremain Berks, and I'm 29 years old. I'm currently pursuing a degree in Business Marketing. I'm a full-time Graphic Designer for a company that happens to be located inside the prison I am in. Cool right? I am the original founder of the previous business TB Designs in Lincoln, NE. My plans consist of opening two more businesses once released from prison.

My current drugs of…

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31 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Catholic

Hey there!

My name is William Joseph Blair. My friends call me Joey. I am an active and outgoing man who is looking forward to the day, in the not-so-distant future, that I can begin my life again outside of these walls. I can't deny that I have made some poor and self-destructive decisions in my life. I can't change the past but I can learn from it. I am committed to becoming a better…

30 | Straight | Nebraska

Multi-racial | Other

I'm going to start by saying I suck at the "About me" stuff.

Let's get my incarceration reason out of the way, the short version is I was lied to and unjustly punished. In the end I should've known or at least guessed but I didn't think it could even happen to me and I am paying for it.

Now that that's over with, I will get to the actual about me part and if you've made it this…

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50 | Straight | Nebraska

Hispanic/Latino American

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I spend my days as a K9 trainer and also have a passion for the arts. I am a family-oriented person and cherish the relationships I have with them. Given the environment I am in, I have learned to focus on individual achievements and self-improvement instead of getting involved in negative situations.

I enjoy teaching, healthy…

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54 | Straight | Nebraska

Black/African American | Christian

Hello world.I opened this message by first asking that I be judged by whole content of my character and not just by the mistake I made which landed me here. I want to thank you in advance if you take the time to write me. It’s my desire to hear from someone from Europe but I’ll gracefully reply to anyone who writes to me.

250 words aren’t nearly enough to describe who I am. I’m a little…

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30 | Straight | Nebraska


Looking for my best friend/future wife. 

28 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Buddhist

Open to anything. Looking for people to have conversations with through phone and or email.

I'm a 6'3", Italian, athletic male with arm sleeve tattoos.

Best way to contact me if you don’t want to write letters is to download the GTL GettingOut app.

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32 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Spiritual

I'm a very positive person who tries to find the best in any situation. I want to enjoy life and the people I'm lucky enough to have in mine. I enjoy connecting with people from all backgrounds. I like to joke and have a good time but can be serious when necessary.

One of my strengths is empathy and being there for people. I try to do all I can to support and uplift the people I care…

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38 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Muslim

Hey what's going on?

My name is Allen,

I'm on here looking for a new friend I can hopefully have a strong connection with in here, but most importantly carry that connection past my release date.

I am a very talkative and open person so it will be easy to get to know me. I don't care what state you are from.

I have at worst two years left so I hope to make a…

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28 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Catholic


So, there's no doubt that this bio could be approached in a million and one different ways. Yet, the purest way to catch my attention is to be open and honest.

I find it almost hard to describe myself, so I'm going to keep it direct and simple. And after we meet, we can dig deeper into our vast personalities. I have no specific expectations on who I would like to write to,…

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28 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Christian


I am excited about the opportunity of meeting someone new!

I am an outgoing person that likes making others laugh, having a good time, and trying new adventures. My values included honesty, patience, kindness, and overall family. I currently have a lot of tattoos, and most of all enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, camping. I really love reading all kinds…

34 | Straight | Nebraska


I have no expectations, I’m just looking for someone to talk to mostly. 
I like to ride motorcycles, spend time doing anything outdoors, workout, and play basketball. I’m looking for a friend, someone who is real and wants to write or email back and forth. 
If you are curious about me or want to talk more write me a letter or email me on JPay.

25 | Straight | Nebraska

Black/African American

What's up world?

I'm posting this broadcast in search of a female correspondent that can possibly be a friend or more. I'm looking for someone that is non-judgmental, intelligent, with a sense of humor, adventurous, empathetic and willing to help me grow as a person.

I'm a genuine, caring, and bold person, and curious about what the world has to offer me on my journey. I'm 25…

26 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Christian

I hope to find a woman to share my life with and enjoy my time with.

I enjoy movies, physical activities, such as working out, running, biking, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, being outdoors in general but also I enjoy cuddling up to a good movie and some good food.

I'm a supportive man who wants see a partner enjoying life. I like all sorts of music and fun activities. I…

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25 | Straight | Nebraska

Black/African American

Hey! I'm Kelsen. Five things I enjoy are making money, working out, listening to music, laughing, and talking on the phone.

I am looking for a girlfriend, friend, or whatever comes with this. I'm Caribbean and Indian. I have both sleeves and a few other tattoos and I'm originally from Atlanta, GA.

I'm 6'3 and I weigh 186. I go to work release in 2024 and I parole in 2025.

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47 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Other

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Hi, I'm Bjorn. I'm a rock n' roll country boy who loves to fish and take in the outdoors. I'm someone who likes to keep it real and not play emotional games. I believe in honor, accountability, self-reliance, and the values of Norse Heathenry. I use humor to deal with tough situations yet I'm still a kid at heart and know when to be an adult…

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25 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Muslim

Hey what's up?

My name is Michael Dewey,

I'm looking for a friend, someone to converse with. I'm interested in women in America and overseas. Life is too short not to meet amazing people.

So let me tell you a bit about me, I like to play and watch basketball, I'm into BMX and other similar sports. I also enjoy listening to music and working out. I like to travel. I have…

29 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Christian

Hello, my name is Taylor.

I am seeking to establish friendships with people who share similar interests. I have a positive outlook on life and always try to see the best in everyone. I am extremely loyal to my family and friends, and I enjoy meeting new people.

I am a Sagittarius born on December 7th, 1993. I am furthering my education while incarcerated. I am big into staying…

35 | Straight | Nebraska

Black/African American | Christian

Hi, I'm Geoffry X (my legal name). I'm 35 years old, 6 feet tall and weigh 190 pounds. I have a dreadlock Mohawk. My left arm and right leg are mostly covered in tattoos. I am from a small rural town in Nebraska. When I was incarcerated my last name was Eng and I chose to have it legally changed to X. 

I love playing all sports and most of those sports I like to watch also. Working…

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32 | Nebraska

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic


I would like to start by asking your age (as long as you're legal) and race isn't important to me. It's what's in your heart that counts. Besides, what I'm looking for can't be sold or bought. 250 words aren't enough to describe the whole man that I am, but let me give you a brief description of myself.

I am a handsome Hispanic male born and raised in Omaha, NE, and I'm…

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40 | Straight | Nebraska

Black/African American | Muslim

Please stand by. hasn't received my profile yet. My profile will hopefully arrive soon and be posted shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it in order to write to me. Please consider sending me a message now using one of the contact options below.

Thank you!

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32 | Nebraska

Black/African American | Christian

I am looking forward to meeting new individuals and really appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to remember we are still here.

My name is Sean. I have two amazing sons that are well loved. I love to travel and look forward to that the most when I return home.

I do believe in a higher power. I am really a down to earth nonjudgmental man. I look forward to…

37 | Straight | Nebraska

American Indian/Alaska Native | Christian

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rufus and I am 38 years young standing 6'2". I am respectful, loyal, open-minded, and down-to-earth.

I haven't had the opportunity to travel before my incarceration but eventually would like to. My interests are drawing, working out, learning to play an instrument, and eventually furthering my education. I am excited to hear from you and looking…

39 | Straight | Nebraska

White | Christian

Hi! My Name is Josh. I currently reside at a correctional facility in Nebraska. I am looking for a friend possibly more. Someone that is fun, caring, forgiving and has a good sense of humor. I am a honest, fun and loving person with a huge heart. That loves to share a laugh from time to time.

I am stuck in a bad situation, trying to make something good out of it. I will be at work…

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