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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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43 | Straight | Iowa

Black/African American | Muslim

Hello world. My name is Isack, and I am a 6'1", 230-pound 43-year-old Somali American who enjoys good conversations of any kind. About me, I like to travel and listen to all kinds of music. I also like to make people laugh and fry food in different cultures that this diverse world has to offer. I am a great listener, especially when you need to be heard. I like to workout, and I love sports.…

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42 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

I'm searching for an open-minded, fun loving woman with intelligent conversation combined with the passion for life and all forms of beauty. I truly want to explore the unique beauty of your precious mind and I assure you that you will be fascinated with mine. I'm currently looking for someone really special someone who's not intimidated by affection and appreciation. I am very social…

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38 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American

This guy has the best sense of humor and is charismatic, and handsome.

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43 | Straight | Nevada

Black/African American | Christian

To all that grace my profile,

I’m greatly appreciative, first and foremost! It’s my first time on a site, so a lot about me won’t be visible through my words and pictures. I just hope you don’t judge a book by its cover. I say that only because I’m incarcerated. I’m a positive person in every situation. I’m old, but I feel…

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29 | Straight | Nevada

Black/African American | Muslim


Honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and respect are qualities lacking in today's society. These are traits I would love to convey to any potential friendships developed through my profile. My name is Markawon. My goal is to bring a smile to your face with a little conversation and attain a long-lasting friendship that will be positive and beneficial for us both.

I have…

49 | Straight | Nevada

Black/African American | Non-denominational

If you're viewing my profile, you're thinking about reaching out to a member of the "Lonely Heart's Club". Gotta admit, its a pleasure and honor to know that you're willing to give someone a chance in my situation. Honestly, I feel like I'm chasing a dream!

But after being on lonely street, for most of my time, with no mental and emotional support. I'm hoping to find some genuine…

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25 | Straight | Nevada

Other | Muslim

hello, I go by Arab. I am from Saudi Arabia. I have been wrongfully convicted, and am still fighting my case.. I am looking for some to vent with and confine in.

I'm outgoing, intelligent, have a good since of humor, and would love to tell you more about myself, so please write me soon.

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30 | Straight | Iowa

Multi-racial | Catholic

My name is Miguel but everyone calls me Cudi. I am looking for some new friends- someone with positive energy to surround my life with, I only have 24 months left until I'm a free man for good.

I'm loving, loyal, and humble. I grew up on old school morals and principles which I'll forever stand as. There's not much to this prison life other than work, read, draw, eat, and sleep. I'm in…

32 | Straight | Delaware

Black/African American | Christian

Hi, my name is Lamarr.

I’m hoping to meet a female that I can build a phenomenal bond with that will last outside of being incarcerated.

I am 31 years of age (Capricorn 12-24-90). I love to laugh and smile. I have a tender heart, and am very open-minded with a great sense of humor. I graduated from a charter school called Myer Academy.

I hold great communication and I’m…

28 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hi, my name is Henry Aparicio, I'm from Reno, Nevada, and I'm 28 years old. I'm here to meet some new people. Before I was incarcerated I did 3 years of activity duty in the Army and a couple of years in college out here in Las Vegas Nevada.

I love to go hiking, hit the gym, travel to different places, and hang out with good people. I'm a very active person, but I also enjoy hanging out…

34 | Straight | Nevada

White | Christian

I am a highly passionate, fun-loving, and loyal person seeking friendly companionship and conversation. I am open to exploring and listening to anyone who is willing to write and communicate. I promise to send a return letter.

I am 5'11" and weigh 175 pounds. I am of Irish, Greek, and Italian descent, 34 years old. I am into health and fitness, eating healthy, and have high energy. I…

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32 | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Hello, my name is Humberto. I was born in California but raised in Culiacán, Sinaloa. I'm trying to connect with real and loyal people who have healthy relationships in their lives. I'm family-oriented, open-minded, real, loyal, and honest. I'm also a great listener, and I'd love to get to know you. I believe we learn from our mistakes, so please don't be scared to take a chance on me. You're…

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34 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

I’m smart, beautiful, and funny. I’m hoping to meet someone I can build a beautiful relationship with. I’m open to friendship and maybe something more.

I’m out going, spontaneous, and fun. I have an amazing personality and a great sense of humor. I’m ambitious, a knowledge chaser, and eager to learning and exploring new things in life. I’m passionate, loving, caring, and loyal. I’m a…

20 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic

I'd like to begin this with my upmost appreciation to whomever is taking the time to check my page out.

I'm a young, humble, loyal and unique individual from Las Vegas. I have been incarcerated for 3 years, since I was 17 years old.

I'm very open-minded an an intriguing conversationalist that's looking for someone to share my thoughts, passions and aspirations with which will, in…

29 | Straight | Iowa

White | Christian

Let's go ahead and fall through this ice real quick:

What's your favorite zodiac sign?

What's your dream vacation?

Favorite season?

Three words you would use to describe yourself?
If you are up for the questions add me on, and send me a message. I look forward to your answers and sharing mine with you.

PS We use a mail service…

Straight | Nevada

Multi-racial | Christian


So, yes, my situation is far from pleasant, but through it all, I have to live in the house I built. This experience has enabled me to see the world in a wider perspective, which has, in turn, helped me to grow and develop on a personal level. With this expanded outlook, I would like to meet people who have themselves taken advantage of all the world has to offer. I myself…

| Nevada

I’m looking to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life, so I figured I’d try new things and try to meet some new people. Outside of the people I already associate with, I’m looking to establish some real, genuine, honest relationships that can lead to amazing conversations. I’m not here to waste anybody’s time, so please don’t waste mine. I’ve done a lot, been through a lot and…

44 | Straight | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American


My name is Brian Beltran. I'm 44 years old, 6’3", and 250 pounds. I am very athletic, I see board in six months so I figured a pen pal will help to make the rest of this time fly by.

Hope to hear from you soon.



35 | Iowa

Black/African American | Muslim

Hi, my name is Carl. I'm 35 years old and I'm very open-minded. I'm always open to meeting new people. I'm here seeking pen pals that I can get to know and vibe with on many different levels. Currently, my situation isn't the best, but I make the best out of it. I start with myself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Some things about myself: I'm very adventurous, I love music, and I…

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46 | Straight | Nevada

Other | Spiritual

Growing up, I got this tattoo, my first one, trying to broadcast myself as a newly-minted member of a street gang in Southern California. Boys tend to do things to signify strength, but in reality, it only placates our fragile egos.

Over the years, however, I shed my past and evolved into a more mature and sophisticated man. Instead of draping myself with insignias or images of scary…

27 | Straight | Iowa

White | Christian

My name is Zach Blair. I currently reside in Iowa. You can contact me by setting up a Corrlinks account. My state # is 6908221.

I have 7-8 months left on my sentence and would love to get to know someone. I love sports, working out, and I can't wait to travel. 

Shoot me a message and let's see if we have anything in common.

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28 | Straight | Iowa

White | Christian

Looking for a Connection

Fun and outgoing, I enjoy being outdoors, lifting weights, and playing pickleball. I'm an artist and love drawing and tattooing. I stand at 5'11" and weigh 220 lbs. I have red hair and blue eyes (ginger, lol), and I'm a proud father to a beautiful 4-year-old daughter. Family is the most important thing to me, and I truly love kids.

I've made some mistakes…

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38 | Iowa

Hi, my name's Joe Joe. I've been down for five years, and I go home in three. Ain't nothing to it. I'm hoping to meet someone I could really click with without all the small talk. I love the outdoors; adventures are my thing. I also like to chill and enjoy myself.

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39 | Nevada

Hispanic/Latino American | Spiritual

Well if you’re on this site you’re obviously discerning enough to understand that in life stuff happens and it’s worth getting to know a person and hearing their story before passing judgment. Or maybe you’re intrigued and attracted to the whole bad boy thing. If so, you still want somebody that’s worthy and that has some redeeming qualities and here I am!

I’m just going to keep it all…

50 | Straight | Nevada

Black/African American | Christian

Hello. My name Is Demans and I’m seeking friendships, business avenues, etc, I’m 22 months away from the parole board.

I love music. I love to workout. But mostly I love God in the utmost ways. I’m a very funny dude filled with a joyful spirit. Also I’m big on family. I lost my wife during these trials and tribulations, but I’m still holding my head high awaiting the days of my return…

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