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How do you feel about second chances? I am hoping for one. We all make mistakes, don’t we? Some are just bigger than others. I am 44 years old and from Washington State. I’ve lived in Multiple places from Virginia to Minnesota, Utah to New York, and places in between. My family moved a few times, and you never say in one spot for too long when you’re in the navy for 14 years. I love theater...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanAtheist


My name is Christian. I'm looking for new people to talk to. I'm doing a decent stretch, so new friends are always welcome. I read a lot of nonfiction novels and manga. Aside from that, I listen to a lot of music, mainly in the alt. rock genre, but I also enjoy country.

I'm doing what I can to better myself in here and am working on programs so I can get out sooner....

Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello world. I hope I am welcomed with open arms.

My name is Mauralon Darrell Harper. I am a 42 y/o African American male, with an athletic build standing 6'8", weighing 275lbs, dark skin with a body full of tattoos that tells a story about my life. I'm living in a lonely world behind these concrete walls.

Currently serving a 13.5-year sentence for shooting...

American Indian/Alaska NativeNative American


My name is Mitchell. I am hoping to meet some new, mature adults that I have something in common with. I’m a disabled veteran who helps other US veterans acquire Service Connected Disability compensation. The veteran must have an honorable discharge.

I served in the Marine Corps for just under 8 years. I endured (2) six-month deployments aboard the ship to the...

Hispanic/Latino American

My name is Brian, I'm 25 years old and I'm serving 120 months on drug trafficking charges. My release date is in 2026 but because of good behavior and programming, I can be released in 2 more years.

I'm trying to find positive people I can have in my life and build relationships not just while I'm in here, but to have when I come home. It's nice to have someone to talk...

Marino Leyba #72126 - Primary Picture
Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

My name is Marino K. Leyba.  I'm hoping to meet some new people.  I would like to form and establish some positive friendships, as well as contact on the outside.

I'm very interested in making new friends, mentors, and anyone else who would like to share their thoughts with me.  I believe new friendships are necessary to further ones education, thought...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanNon-denominational

My name's victor. I'm currently incarcerated. I'm an easy going person. I have a passion for graffiti art and street murals & hip-hop. I'm family oriented. I believe in the father the son and holy spirit. I love outdoors and mountains. I'm a caring person with a great sense of humor. I love animals. I'm a tattoo enthusiast. If you'd like to get to know me. Send an introduction, pictures,...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanSpiritual

I've made my mistakes in the past, but that won't determine who I choose to be in my future. My free spirit and love with the world is what helps me get through these darkened days.

My name is Alex and I've been known to be a very good listener as well as being a philosophical and witty person. I can easily keep a conversation going no matter the time of day or what kind of mood I'm in...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanOther

My name is Alberto Jose Ramirez. I like to exercise my mind by going to school. I enjoy working out. I like to watch movies and also enjoy listening to all types of music. But hip-hop is my favorite. I enjoy getting photos from family. I like to stay fresh and looking good. I enjoy going outside to take walks or running to clear my mind and thoughts. Just looking for pen-pals to write to,...

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Hispanic/Latino American

I'm 37 years old. 6ft 2in, and as you can see from my pic... I love to work out. I was born and raised in San Antonio Tx. I'm incarcerated for a drug offense but I will be getting out in 2 years, if I'm lucky 18 months.

Before I got locked up, I was a personal trainer living in El Paso, Tx and I was a full-time student at New Mexico State University studying to be a Registered...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanCatholic


My name’s Enrique, but everyone calls me “Ivan”. I am on WriteAPrisoner to find friendship, or someone to just talk about life with. I love basketball; My favorite team is the Brooklyn Nets. I also enjoy working out to keep my mind preoccupied. I grew up in Las Vegas, so I can’t wait to get home. I don’t have any kids, but I am hopeful in the future that will change...


Hi, my name is Andrew Mikhail Thomas. I'm 35, 5'10", and 173 pounds. I love to get lost in daydreams while listening to music. I'm a total tech geek and a huge movie buff.

I've really gotten into the whole fitness thing this past year but my real zen place is being in the water which is one of the things I miss most (2nd to my family) So, the reason for my profile is a buddy of mine...

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I went into this sentence a young boy, but I will be coming out a man. This sentence has given me all the time in the world to think, further my education on multiple levels, and understand myself and others on another level.

I'd be grateful to anyone willing to reach out to start a friendship, companionship, maybe even a work opportunity or two for the quickly approaching future....