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North Carolina Prison Pen-pals

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Black/African AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Anthony.

I’m hoping to meet new people and transition into a new frame of thinking. I am focused on ministry and education while I am in prison. I love to cook, bake, and read also. I love to motivate other people to be more than they are regardless of where they are from. Life brings all types of obstacles and we as people must dig deep within ourselves to...

Black/African AmericanBaptist

Hello there,

Thanks for reading my ad. If you are looking for someone to bring sunshine to your mornings and unspeakable joy to your soul, then you got the right one! 

Everyone calls me “LA”, and I am more than grateful having the opportunity to meet someone new. I stand with valor,...

Black/African AmericanHindu

Dear friend,

My name is William Allen. I’m 32 years old. I’m African American. I’ve been incarcerated since 2007.

I’m a writer/sketcher.

My short term goals are:

(A) writing a novel
(B) Getting my first novel published.

I’m looking for a female friend. I don’t discriminate.


Looking for a woman that can have intelligent conversations and/or write letters about current events and life in general.

I'm interested in someone that stimulates my mind.



My name is Mike Anderson. I’m hoping to meet some people who could help me establish contacts on the outside.

I’m very interested in furthering my education before I come home. I love to read, mostly fantasy and westerns. I’m also into videogames and computers as well. My favorite types of music are country, rock, techno, and sometimes I’m in the mood for oldies. I’m a...



My name is Mikel Arms and I’m from a little town called Lowell in Gaston County, North Carolina.

My hopes are to connect with open and like-minded people that are, and can relate to liking the outdoors, laughing in life, and living each day given with positivity. My goals are maintaining a healthy attitude while I’m incarcerated.

Thank you for taking time to view...


I am looking to talk to anyone and establish a relationship with people who are eager to get to know me and willing to be supportive and help me integrate from prison back in society. I get out in 6 months. I am 6'1", 200 pounds, with tattoos everywhere. I have good sense of humor and I am an artist. I love all kinds of music. I am into basketball and boxing. I like to spend time outside...


I'm a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, racing, fishing, camping, reading, tattoos, and classic rock.

I am a master of the grill and a good cook. I was born and raised in Iowa. Family and faith keep me going.

I've learned a lot about myself in the past few years and I'm looking for a new friend to write to.

Black/African AmericanOther

Please stand by.  My profile isn’t posted yet so has put this one up for the time being. My profile will be along shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it.  Please—write me today! 

Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile.

Christopher Benino #0027871 - Primary Picture

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m on this site looking to find friends, possibly even a best friend.

While it’s no secret that I’ve made mistakes, I believe no matter our predicament, we all deserve a best friend and a second chance.

I’m a Christian as well as a country boy. I love animals, which is one reason for the past 2 years I have been training service dogs for people with...


I am 6 ft. 1, red hair, and blue eyes. I like outside activities, skiing, hiking, and video games.

I am here because I harbored an illegal alien and conspiracy. Will be getting out in 2024. I have never been in trouble before this.

Was going to college for agriculture. Wanted to be a forest ranger.




My name is Alex. I hope to find a couple of positive and healthy pen-pals. Whether a casual acquaintance, a lifelong friend, or anything between. Anything to balance my time on the inside.

I am a naturally active social person, so when I built walls to deal with this bid it caused me to become too caught up in “prison society”. Finally I realized I must face the...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual

Hi, my name is Josh and to the person that is reading my bio right now, it’s nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be a helping hand towards my situation and many others. I’m not looking for anything serious, my only intention is to reconnect with some genuine people in society and catch up on the things that I’ve missed out on for so many years. I only have about...

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My name is Bobby. I am hoping to meet new people and contacts on the outside. I’m trying to continue my education, working towards a Master’s Degree. I currently have an Associate’s. I like to read, any fiction, especially sci/fi and fantasy. I am working on writing a fantasy novel and am saving to try and get it published.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life and hope...

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Hello y'all, 39 years old and in the BOP for trafficking. Those days of easy money are over. I've since turned to get my mind, body, and soul pure. I'm very open, honest, and down-to-earth. Right now, my focus is working out and education. Originally a Texas country boy but raised in the city. I love the outdoors and the ocean. Been in love before, save that, let's be friends.

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Black/African American

Just looking for pen-pals or friends to communicate with.

Multi-racialNative American

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan. I am very interested in meeting new people I can connect with while I am incarcerated. I stand at 6’3”, weigh 225 pounds. I have fun watching sports, reading manga, listening to the radio, and playing pathfinder (RPG). The sports I love are football and basketball. I love Country and Rock music. I like long walks on the beach and watching sunsets. I...


A good person with a good heart. Loves the outdoors and is looking forward to starting a new life. Licensed electrician along with many other skills.

Likes to travel and go camping. Has an 11-year-old daughter who he loves very much and will be in his life also. His family is there for him also and thinks he will do great once he gets released.


Hello, my name is Jamie Ryan Clodfelter Sr. by birth, but better known by either “Jmoney” or my Islamic attribute “Abdul Faraj Mahmud”.

I’m single and pretty much on my own now with the exception of my oldest daughter. I’m new to this pen-pal thing so please forgive me if I sound lame, as I assure you, I’m not. I’m Muslim, and I’m currently doing two separate Islamic schooling because...

Black/African AmericanOther

Sunshine. What’s more energetic? Refreshing? Its radiant streams illuminate with warmth. The spectrum of its colorful bow signals calm. “Dear Reader.” That’s not exactly how I pictured breaking the ice. Needs more panache. There’s a certain energy at play when getting to know someone. Shared moments! New experiences! Amazing.

I thought as I puzzled out the mystery. Slowly the answer...