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Black/African AmericanOther

My name is Jalen. I am seeking positive friend relationships and future legal business partners. I am currently working on elevating myself to be a successful member of society. I also love music and plan to make a career when I re-enter society. I am also dedicating my life to make sure my daughter’s (little girl who was in picture with me) life is flourishing and prosperous.

I am...


My name is Paula Asher. I'm 28 years old. I'm doing 4 years in federal prison and would really enjoy getting to know you.

If you want to know more about me, write me at the address listed below.

Also, send your email address if you would like to email back and forth instead of letters.


Hey ya’ll!

I'm from Tennessee, but you're the only Ten-I-See.  I'm a brown eyed beauty and 31 years young.

My family is my backbone, and I'm an honest hard worker. I never met a stranger, and I love animals and kids. I'm good with my hands and I want to learn more about working on cars - maybe you can teach me?

Hit me up…..I double dare you.

P.S. If you use...


My name is Jacob Baker. I enjoy long walks on the beach (just kidding, I'm incarcerated). It is something I would enjoy when I get out.

I am family-oriented. I love learning. I have a young son at home who I am so proud to be called his father. Really, I am looking for people to correspond with who want to have a lasting friendship. I was 25 years old when I got into trouble. I got 20...

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Black/African American


My name is Christopher D. Bennett. I'm 6’ 3” tall, 41 years young, average build with my greatest accomplishments ahead of me.

I'm a very funny and outspoken person that loves to do spur of the moment things to make people laugh and put a smile upon their face as well. I'm a very clean and respectful person.

I'm looking for a female to build a strong foundation with...


Hi, my name is PJ. I have a little time to do and I am looking to make some new friends that I can correspond with and get to know.

Some things about me: I'm from Georgia (the state, not the country), yes I'm a Bulldawg fan, I love football. I love most animals (my favorites being dogs and raccoons). I like snakes and I'm fascinated by spiders, but I'm terrified of a scorpion. I...


Hello! Let me start this off by saying that I have never done this pen-pal thing before.

I am getting close to the door so I figured I’d give it a shot. I have seen people meet some pretty cool chicks on this website and even fall in love. My name is David Bird from Sin City. I am 42 years old; been down for nine years. I am a big kid at heart… toys r us kid… I don’t wanna grow up. I...

Black/African AmericanOther


My name is Monroe. I'm hoping to establish friendships with people with positive energy, great advice, and strong mental support, while I go through a minor setback in my life. I keep busy by working out, reading books, and magazines. I finished two programs so far; CDL Licensing and Basic Construction to have further knowledge of these career paths when I'm released.



Hello, ladies! -This is how my brother wanted to start out his profile and as you can imagine, the rest of what he wrote was just as bland as any other profile you see on here. (I am a good guy, funny, smart, loyal, yadyda) Brandon is no poet let's be honest.

SOO! Allow me to paint you the real picture: The first part of his life was pretty much your standard middle class up bringing:...

Black/African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Michael, and I’m a 6’0’’, brown eyed Sagittarius from Raleigh, North Carolina. I consider myself a very open-minded, dedicated, determined, ambitious, passionate, and creative person. I’ve been incarcerated since 2016 and I spend my time doing a number of things. I enjoy reading self-help and motivational...

American Indian/Alaska NativeNative American

Hi, my name is Adam. I'm Native American, Lakota/Camanche. I'm 6'1" and 215lbs. I just turned 34 years young and looking forward to meeting new people; friends, pen-pals, someone nice to correspond with etc... Friendships and/or relationships, never know one might turn into the other.

I've been incarcerated since I was 19 years young. (2007) I like to read and write, work out, and...

Black/African AmericanChristian


My name is Greg. I’m hoping to meet new people to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I’m interested in learning more on how to build my existing business and also starting a new business or two. I will continue to work hard on re-entering society as a productive member. I also enjoy watching movies, traveling, and shooting pool. Thank you for...

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Black/African AmericanOther

Dear You,

I am pleased to inform you that being optimistic has finally paid off! Your search for King Charming has come to an end! And it is an honor to be embraced with your attention.

A little about myself…. I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's a small city that I equally love and hate. My ideal future home would be a place that experiences warm winters.

Black/African AmericanMuslim


I’m Jonathan, I’m 32, and a father of one.

A little about me: I’m very humble, laid back, think positively, and try to make the best out of every situation. I’m a provider, protector, pleaser, and love to keep the ones around me happy. It let’s me know I’m doing something right. I’m super loyal, trustworthy, a realist, I’m funny, and never judgmental because no one’s...

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Hello there!

If you are looking for adventurous, outgoing, fun, and fit you have found someone who enjoys walks on the beach or a night on the town.

I'm looking for mature, stable, and someone serious. If you aren't, keep looking! If you are, send me a letter.

Looking forward to a good time.   Smile





Black/African AmericanChristian

I'm 28, no kids, and getting my life together right now.

I just wanna have a lot of fun and stay focus on the stuff that matters. I'm on my way home in a few months. I have been down for 3 years. I want somebody that's outgoing. 

I can be soft and aggressive sometimes. I'm really good to a person as long as they are good to me. We will make a...

Black/African AmericanChristian

I am a young African American male. I'm called Ty, Freebands, and/or Coolkidd.

I enjoy listening to music, driving fast cars, hooking up with my buds, and playing video games. I played basketball and football most of my life. My grandmother had me bowling since the age of three. I have traveled to many places with my family attending bowling tournaments everywhere.



My name is James. I am hoping to meet new like-minded people that are interested in sharing their time with me. I'm a good ol' boy that likes to enjoy the simple things in like. I read sometimes 2 to 3 books a week depending on the sine and content. I like both fiction and non-fiction. I'm 6' 5" tall and I weigh 250. I listen to and know other music but country is my choice of music.



I've ran wild and wonderful in West Virginia for so long that it's hard on me to stay put. Looking for company and guidance as I learn lessons.

I'm 5’ 3” tall, medium build, country yet cultured, friendly and very open. I don't mind discussing a variety of subjects…. dealers’ choice.

I'm a sucker for a corny joke and a handwritten letter. Lover of love, cereal killer, believer...


I'm 5'4" ,178 pounds, Cuban and Mexican. I'm looking for a friend but hoping to build more with whatever comes. I'm looking for someone to keep my mind straight behind the walls of insanity.

Let's build and run it up.

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