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Black/African AmericanSpiritual


My name is Leonard Alexander. I’m a first time subscriber to WriteAPrisoner.

Since my incarceration, anyone is subject to loneliness when the world moves forward and they’re left behind. I decided to better myself in my position in order to be a positive, productive, law abiding citizen once I’m released back into society, which is why I decided to finish my schooling as...


I’m hoping to meet new friends with common interests.

I’m of Dano-Norwegian heritage. I’m currently trying to learn Norwegian. I love 4 wheel drive trucks and offroading. I also like to hunt. I’m pretty much into all forms of motorsports. I ride a Harley. I play pool (billiards). I like playing video games when I’m not doing something more exciting. I’m also a self-made tattoo artist....


My name is Jesse. I am 38 years young, 6’0’’ tall, 190lbs, and of an athletic build. I guess one can say it’s one of the very few perks of prison life, haha.

But seriously, I would love to communicate and write to honest and loyal individuals. It seems like those qualities are dying out.

As for myself, it’s important for me to be around like-minded people. That means people who...

Black/African AmericanOther

Hello beautiful,

I enjoy going to football games, basketball games, and traveling.  I have a Culinary Arts Degree, so I love cooking, cuddling up with that special someone watching movies, sitcoms, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

I look forward to meeting someone new.   I'm looking for a strong, smart, confident, and honest woman.   Beauty...

Black/African AmericanChristian

"To the world you may just one person, but to one person you may just be the world." - Mother Theresa

Hi, my name Keith and I am just looking for someone to make me smile.

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Hello, my name is Adam. I'm looking to find individuals to write to during my incarceration. I'm working to better myself physically and mentally while imprisoned and plan on reentering society as a better individual than before.

I feel that having people to write during my incarceration will help me to further develop positive social interaction skills. While incarcerated, I've been...


I am looking to meet new people. Someone to write, email, call, or all of the above.

Looking for people to get to know and chat with and see where it goes. I am easy going and get along with just about anybody.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to get ahold me.


My name is Giorgio but people call me Gio. I know this is not the best situation to meet someone but I'm ready for a chance at bettering myself and my future and hopefully meet someone positive. I'm currently in a building trade program.

When I am released I would like to work in construction and build/renovate homes. My goal is to save enough money to start my own business buying and...

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American Indian/Alaska Native

Hey, my name is Clayton. I am a 27-year-old Native American from northern Wisconsin and Minneapolis, MN. I'm trying to find an outgoing, honest, and down-to-earth woman that I can have a good time with and exchange laughs; building towards a genuine and solid relationship.

I have a lot of different interests and tastes. I do native beadwork and have always had an eye for photography....

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It’s easy for us to forget what freedom really means. It’s more than just being of restraint or incarceration. It’s much more than having the ability to freely choose where you want to go or what you’d like to do. One of the most essential pieces of freedom is having the ability to share your world with others, those you love and care for. I’ve discovered that when I am without the means to...


Hi, my name is Thomas. I'm looking for people to have conversations with about anything positive and fun.

I have two beautiful daughters; 5 years and 2 months old. My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. My hobbies are drawing, sports cars, sports, and outside activities. I'm just an all-around family man looking for some friendly company.


Have you ever asked yourself, when am I most happy in life? I have, and the answer happens to be; When someone else is there, to share lives small, large, and everything between.

Maybe we can find some happiness together! I’ve made mistakes in my life, but who hasn’t? The mistakes I’ve made serve as lessons for me today, and to those, I’ve been blessed to come in contact with, along my...

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WhiteNative American

I'm looking to meet a new, interesting woman.  I'm friendly, kind, and have a good sense of humor, and enjoy all topics of conversation.  My favorite things to do are:  spend quality time with my family, listen to good music, meet new people, talk about cars, camping, horseback riding, and a good movie.

I'm open to discuss friends and feelings or worldly topics such as...


My name is Sarah and I would love to talk to you! I spend my days trying to keep myself entertained.

I love long walks on the beach and watching the sunset. But then I remember I am in this cement box. As you can see I love to make people laugh. I love listening to music and creating works of art.

Take a chance and get to know me!


People always ask me what the worst part about being locked up is. Unquestionably for me it’s the loss of relationships and purpose in my life. That is why I feel it is so important for me to do anything and everything necessary to prepare for life beyond these gates.

First and foremost, I am enrolled in Adams State University working on my associate degree, while at the same time...

Hispanic/Latino AmericanNon-denominational


My name is Luis but friends call me Rico. I’m 32 years young, was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I speak fluent Spanish and English.  I have an athletic, stocky build. I love working out. It’s my time to release stress, and clear my mind.


Hispanic/Latino AmericanMuslim

What's going on world? I just want to thank you women for taking the time out of your busy work week to check out my page. Listen I want to address something with you before I go any further, now I need you to know that I'm on this website seeking friendship, and not on here to play any games, use you, or to be played with. I'm also knowing that it's looked down on when a man that's ...

Black/African AmericanChristian


Nice to meet you. I'm Anthony. Glad that something about me caught your attention. Our hearts are fueled by hungry yearnings for connections, interpersonal engagements, and a sense of belonging. I hope to build some solid friendships and establish a social life outside of prison.

A little about myself. I'm a great listener, easy to talk to, and not judgmental. I love music...


I'm a fun, outgoing female that would love to find someone who piques my interest.

Someone who can hold good conversations and who likes to laugh.

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Black/African American

Hello and blessings.

My name is Andre' and here's a quick bio. I'm 37 years old and I'm 6'4" with a muscular build. I'm the eldest sibling in my family. I have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I'm also an uncle to 3 nephews. I currently don't have any kids, however, I definitely look forward to becoming a father especially when I see my nephews and coming from a very loving and...

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How do you know when you’ve really connected with someone? I’m a man with an overdeveloped sense of humor who loves gadgets, movies, and cooking. I’m happiest when trying to learn new languages. If you enjoy having fun and trying new things, write to me!

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Black/African AmericanChristian

Hello ladies,

I guess it’s safe to say we have made it past the hard part, considering you have viewed my profile. I already know some people have a few misconceptions about people in prison. I would like to put those to rest if allowed. I’m not really the kind of guy capable of supplying you with a bunch of game, or B.S lines. I can only come to you as I am, and that’s real. I figure...


You need a reliable person in your life! That’s me!

You need someone you can trust in your life; I believe myself to be very trustworthy. I see myself as a loyal person that has a lot of good qualities! I’m a good listener, I have a lot of good knowledge. I see myself as very shy and reserved but brutally honest. I like simple, and I like to keep things real.

I am a factual...

Black/African AmericanNon-denominational

Hello, I am seeking a really good woman. Race doesn't matter to me at all.

I'm willing to get to know someone and see where this goes. I'm very outgoing and love to do a lot of things. I like to have fun, cook, movies, shopping, go out, hang out, skating, swimming, and more.

I know how to treat a woman with full respect.

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Hispanic/Latino AmericanChristian

My name is Christian, I am 33 years young, born in Puerto Rico, and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I speak, read, and write both Spanish and English. I have an athletic, but stocky build. I love working out as it helps release stress and clear my mind. I am a man of faith; It is the only way to maneuver through life and achieve my goals.

My yearning in life is to gain knowledge, prosper,...

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