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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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37 | Straight | Michigan

White | Muslim


I am looking for new and interesting people to correspond with. My hopes and intentions are that whoever you are, you are capable of being honest and engaging.

About me: My interests are reading, writing, and continuing my education. While I may not have made the best decisions in life, I am interested in personal growth in my mental, emotional, and spiritual/religious…

29 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Christian

What's up, everybody? My name is Q, and I'm ready to meet somebody. I'm 29 years old, have no children, and I'm 5'9", 225 lbs. I'm very easy to get along with, talk to, and I'm very open-minded.

My passion is music; I love listening to music and writing music. To me, music is a great way to express yourself. In here, a man needs to hear from a woman. I'm great at conversations, and I'm…

36 | Straight | California

White | Christian

Hello, my name is Vardan Abramyan. My friends and family call me V. I am 36, and my nationality is Armenian.
I am down-to-earth, understanding, and kind, and I have a great sense of humor. Or so I have been told many times. So, I've been locked up since the year 2006. I was 19 years old and my first time being incarcerated. I have made detrimental choices at a young age trying to protect…

25 | Straight | Virginia


My name is Jadan. I am looking for a girl I can connect with to help me keep my mind off this place. I love playing basketball and other sports. I need someone to talk to and build a friendship with. I have a year left. You can contact me through JPay.

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29 | Bi-sexual | Kentucky

Other | Muslim

My name is Fatima., i’m 29 years old and I am Arabic . My time is really cutting short and I have yet seek to find someone to have a strong connection with. I’m a very ambitious, humble individual who looks at life with the glass half full.

Please don't be a stranger to send me a message so we can get to know each other I might be the one you’ve been looking for . You can emessage me on…

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36 | Straight | New York


Please stand by. hasn't received my profile yet. My profile will hopefully arrive soon and be posted shortly, but you don’t need to wait for it in order to write to me. Please consider sending me a message now using one of the contact options below.

Thank you!

29 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Wassup, I'm Jose. I'm 29 years old and 6'2" tall. I'm an outgoing individual, and if you're into having a good time and staying entertained, you'll always have a smile on your face talking to me.

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32 | Straight | Washington

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hi, my name is Omar, or Quicks if you like, and since we don't have a lot of space for this introduction, we're going to jump right in. By the way, if you haven't noticed from my profile pic, I am... wait for it... Mexican! And yes, I speak Spanish. I'm 30 years old, a Libra, with darker skin, black hair, brown eyes, and the cutest set of dimples you ever saw, which may or may not be a birth…

Profile Alert! May be released as early as 6/16/2024! (Send self-help literature.)

31 | Straight | Florida

Black/African American

I am building this profile for my son. He is looking for pen pals and anyone he can socialize with and have communication. Anyone who contacts him will be a great surprise for him so hope you provide him with some happiness as it will make his day.

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34 | Straight | Nevada

Asian American | Christian

Hello, my name is Jin. I’m half Korean and half White, 34 years old, 195 lbs., and reside in maximum security housing convicted of murder. I’m not quite sure how to describe myself, but I’ll start with ‘I’m definitely not normal’, which is probably one of a dozen reasons I’m often called a ‘machine’ or ‘robot’ in here.

I’m pretty blunt, honest, and straight-forward. I prize…

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32 | Straight | Washington

White | Christian

I am interested in sports, both watching and playing! When I'm free I love to go hiking, camping, swimming, fishing. anything to do with exploring the outdoors! especially here in the pacific northwest!

I am outgoing and love to spend time with friends and family. I am looking to make new friends!

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38 | Gay | Washington

White | Spiritual

WARNING: You'll definitely want to reach out and connect after reading this entire profile including checking out the poem and artwork!! :)

Tired of dull, boring, and meaningless conversations? Tired of selfish, self-centered guys who only care about themselves? Looking for someone who will take a sincere, genuine interest in you and who offers stimulating and meaningful conversations…

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29 | Straight | Washington

White | Christian

"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit"- Aristotle

Our paths have crossed, that is clear, but who is it that crossed your path?  I am 6', hazel eyes with an athletic build.  I have taught myself to draw and paint.  I have trained service dogs for almost seven years and I am currently working on my business degree.  I am a compassionate, caring,…

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35 | Straight | West Virginia

Black/African American | Christian

My name is Dallas Acoff, and I greet you a heart eager to connect and share my story. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio, my journey has been one of both triumphs and tribulations, leading me to this juncture seeking connection, understanding, and redemption.

Growing up, I navigated through a myriad of challenges, facing the harsh realities of urban life while…

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34 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American

Hi, I’m Hector Acosta. I’ve been on Death Row for four years. I am looking to meet new and interesting people to correspond with. I like to spend my time exercising, practice boxing and making art. My primary language is Spanish, but I am also happy to correspond in English.

The quickest and easiest way to write is to use the Securus app to send E-messages. You can set up a free account…

37 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American

Hi, my name is Jose. I was born in Houston Texas but lived most of my life in Mexico. I’m 37 years old and have been incarcerated since 2015. I’m looking for that one person whom I can talk to about anything and everything.
During my time in prison, I’ve learned the real values of life and that’s one of the reasons why I stay focused on positive things. I’ve obtained my G.E.D, and got an…

24 | Straight | Arizona

Black/African American

Currently incarcerated till 2024. I don't need money, just someone to talk too..

Add me on the tablet and get to know me.

27 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

Hello, my name is Saul, and I'm hoping to meet some new friends. I love to learn, and I feel that talking to people from different walks of life is one of the most interesting ways to expand your horizons. I love to read and get immersed in the complex worlds an author creates. I'm also really into music; it's my lifeline and an anchor in life's seas. We all connect and heal through our…

39 | Straight | North Carolina

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hey, my name is Raymond but everyone calls me Chris. I've posted this profile in hopes of meeting and making new friends from all over the globe. I'm 38 years old, down to earth and open-minded.

I have been locked up for the past ten years and only have a couple more to go before my release. I'm from Wichita Falls Texas. 5'7, 175 lbs. I'm easy going so, ladies and fellows.

If you…

43 | Bi-sexual | Texas


I've been a bad girl but have a very good heart. I am looking for a friend/companion who is lighthearted, open minded and has a good outlook on life.

I'm educated, honest, loyal and would love getting to know one another and have a good person by my side through this difficult obstacle in my life.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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