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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

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27 | Straight | Texas

Hispanic/Latino American | Catholic


My name is Edward. I’d like to start by sending prayers and positivity to everybody experiencing hard times.

I recently got a 2 year set off and have been doing my best to keep myself uplifted. Lately, I’ve felt the desire to be more outgoing in hopes of finding a little sunlight. I consider myself a very straightforward, strong minded, big spirited, yet also humble and…

38 | Straight | North Carolina

Hispanic/Latino American | Other

Hey, my name is Raymond but everyone calls me Chris. I've posted this profile in hopes of meeting and making new friends from all over the globe. I'm 38 years old, down to earth and open-minded.

I have been locked up for the past ten years and only have a couple more to go before my release. I'm from Wichita Falls Texas. 5'7, 175 lbs. I'm easy going so, ladies and fellows.

If you…

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30 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American

I am 29 years old, out of Porterville, California.

I've been down a little over a decade. I am a very family-oriented kind of guy but unfortunately I do not have a wife or kids. I love meeting new people and making them laugh. I'm about a good sense of humor and chasing the positivity and good vibes.

I'm in hope of finding someone to correspond with and I'm all about growth and…

43 | Texas

White | Christian


My name is Josh! I hope you’re day is going great and thanks for visiting my profile.

I am here to meet new friends and hopefully establish some positive contact on the outside.

I am an outgoing Marine veteran that loves God and my children. I am also into fitness, tattoos, and the Dallas Cowboys!

So, if you are interested in being friends and knowing more about…

28 | Straight | Illinois

Other | Catholic

I'm new to this whole pen pal thing, so let's see how it goes.

I'm 28 and pretty much into a little bit of everything, so it's kind of hard to put a "what kind of guy I am" on here. Loyalty and honesty are definitely some of my most dominant traits and the most important things I look for in a woman.

So if you're trying to play games, I'm good, just keep scrolling. I don't want…

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25 | Straight | California

Multi-racial | Christian

So, here are some fun facts about me! First, I'm a very outgoing person. I love to draw and tattoo to past my time in here. Working out is another way I like to past time it helps me relieve stress and feel good. I see myself in about 2 years being home, free, enjoying life and achieving all my goals I've been planning.

I joined this site so I can find someone who I can pass my time…

29 | Straight | California

Hispanic/Latino American | Christian

My name is Richard Adame III, but ever since I was a kid everyone has called me Richie. 

I’m from Southern California. I’m currently incarcerated in Folsom State Prison aka “Dracula’s Castle Level 3”. 

Yes, you can say I have made mistakes, but all I can do is learn and grow, just like trees do. I’m getting short to the house, and I have plans for…

29 | Straight | New Jersey


Hello! My name is Tate. I literally went from living the American dream to becoming a political prisoner in the war on guns overnight. I am in the biggest battle of my life, a battle to prove my innocence and regain my freedom. I spent the last decade serving in the military and I am very patriotic.

I love anything to do with the outdoors such as camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring…

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42 | Straight | Arizona

Multi-racial | Christian


My name is Mr. Luis Adams. I am looking for correspondence through WriteAPrisoner because I am close to getting out on 12-3-23, and I am single. I am looking for someone who can show me a whole new beautiful world and help me share the new mindset of true freedom that I have yet to experience.

I am about to be 42 years old on February 27th, 2023, and I'm a Pisces. I like…

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27 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Native American

You can call me Montay. I'm from Tennessee, and I'm 27 years old. My birthday is November 8th.

I'm looking to make friends on the outside to help my bid go by quicker. I like helping people in any way I can. I'm a laid-back person. I like to listen to music, make music, and write poems. I enjoy cooking and making sweets. I also do legal work; it motivates my mind and keeps me going.…

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46 | Straight | California

White | Christian

My name is Jerry Lee Adams Jr. I'm the youngest of three kids and the only male. I'm the proud father of three wonderful sons. My middle son has gone on to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I've been sentenced to 25 years to life for allegedly avenging the murder of my middle son. By God's grace, I will be out one day. I'm using my time in prison wisely by enrolling in every self-help…

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36 | Straight | Arizona

Hispanic/Latino American

Hi, my name is Mark. I'm 36 years old, and I'm currently serving time in Arizona. I'm just looking for someone to chat with for the rest of my time. I love football, and the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team. I like going to motocross with my daughters. I'm also a big foodie, and I love going out to try new food. I'm a people person, and I love to laugh and have fun. I also love my dog Bella…

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39 | Straight | Oregon

White | Christian

My name is Ty Adams. I'm 38 and was born in Oregon, USA. I'm at an exciting place in my journey. A brand new life awaits me on the other side of the fence when I get out in 2025. A fresh start sounds nice. Maybe you feel that way too. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a home I own and a good career that are waiting for me. The only thing I'm missing is good new people to chat with. That's…

37 | Straight | Texas

White | Christian

Hi!  I am hoping to find a pen pal(s) to encourage me and invest the time to develop a friendship with.  

I am 4'11", some would say I am "fun sized." I may be small in stature but I have a huge personality. As the saying goes. "Great things come in small packages."  I am no exception to that saying. I have a great sense of humor and would love to find someone who can make me laugh and…

31 | Straight | Kentucky

Black/African American | Spiritual

My name is Antonio Adams. Although, the circumstances that I currently find myself living under aren't what most people consider favorable, I count myself absolutely blessed not only to be alive but in excellent health: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As I near the latter part of my sentence, i look forward to a new beginning and a very bright future, filled with new people…

59 | Straight | Texas

White | Non-denominational


My name is John and I'm looking for some pen-pals to help me do this time I have. I've been locked up since March 1997. In 1998 I went to death row and I got off of death row in 2010.

I'm 6 foot tall, 240 pounds, I was a redhead but now I'm bald and look like Santa Claus, (smile) as you can see. I don't come up for parole until 2037.

I'm not writing anyone at…

34 | Straight | Idaho

American Indian/Alaska Native | Native American

Hey, what’s up?

My name is Ray Ray. I was born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. I am looking to connect with positive, healthy, and energetic people.

I love music and art. I am a pretty filthy artist, who enjoys every medium of art. I am looking forward to tattooing in my own shop once I am given the opportunity to move forward with my life.

I am looking to connect…

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| Ohio

My name is Raymond but everybody calls me Ray and I am a 30yr old male from Cleveland, Ohio.

I am an open-minded individual who is interested in meeting an open-minded women who enjoys some of the things I like, such as music, sports, reading, learning and building on good convo.

Download the GETTING OUT app so we can talk.

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34 | Straight | Texas

Black/African American | Spiritual

I asked myself a profound question recently: "What do I have to offer a woman from this distance that would pique her interest and separate me from other potential admirers?" To accomplish this task, I will have to stimulate the woman within her mind- in a way no man has ever thought of, let alone stirred. The curious woman she only shares with the mirror, the quiet dreaming woman with, the…

41 | New Jersey

Black/African American | Muslim

Hello, my name is Tremaine. I'm 41 years old, and I'm a father of two. I have a son and a daughter who mean so much to me.

Despite my current situation, I remain in great spirits, keep my head high, and always have a smile on my face. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and building great friendships. I love working out, reading, and playing basketball. If you're interested in…

28 | Straight | Oregon

White | Christian

Hey! My name is John, but I go by Walker.  I am currently serving a 6 year sentence for Second Degree Manslaughter. I may share the details after I get to know you. I love reading and writing, and would be happy to correspond with you. I don't relate to many inmates, so I lack quality conversation. I'm most comfortable in nature, so these walls are suffocating.

I enjoy music, sports,…

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26 | Straight | Washington

White | Christian

Warning: Writing this individual may cause fits of laughter and uncontrollable smiles. My name is Jonny, and I am 26 years old from Washington State. I'm looking for someone to talk to and confide in, with the hopes of making a friend.

I am a good, loyal man who was put in a messed-up situation, and instead of thinking it through, I retaliated out of emotion.

I look forward to…

34 | Straight | North Carolina

White | Non-denominational

Hi, my name is Jesse. I'm 34 and from Jacksonville, Florida. I enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle and I'm also a big animal lover.

I have accepted my past and look forward to a bright future. I was in a near fatal accident that cost me my left arm so I take nothing for granted and appreciate the life I've been given.

I'm looking for sincere friendship and companionship. I'd like…

46 | Straight | Louisiana

Black/African American | Christian

Hi, how's this exquisite world of technology treating everyone? With pleasure I would assume.

Well, my name is Quindele a.k.a Q and I'm looking for a friend that's honest, trustworthy and loyal. I honor loyalty in any type of relationship. I'm a person with great essentials and high expectations.

I consider myself as being very intelligent, creative, and brilliant. I have high…

35 | Straight | Texas

Black/African American

My name Is Kash. I’m looking for a lady...someone I can talk to and someone I can trust !!