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Christopher Martinez #1853961 - Primary Picture
Beeville, Texas26Straight

My name is Chris (CJ) and I'm 27 years old. Born and raised in Houston, TX. I love sports, reading a good book, I have a passion for traveling, and I work out religiously. I love being outdoors and I like to listen to all types of music. I have a college background from San Jacinto College for welding. At the moment I'm enrolled in classes to further my education; so no matter what my past...

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Calipatria, California30Straight

Hello world! My name is Kamren. I am 30 years young and have been incarcerated since the age of 20.

Who I was? An impulsive, selfish, immature, and lost individual, who was misguided and caught up in a negative lifestyle. I'm ashamed of the old me and wish I could fix all the wrongs I have done.

Who am I now? A strong, patient, humble, compassionate, intelligent, and mature man...

Paul Pichie #G-47892 - Primary Picture
Crescent City, California34Straight

My name is Paul and I’m a 32 year old ex-Army Sergeant and Iraq vet currently doing time at the infamous “Skeleton Bay” (Pelican Bay State Prison). I’ve been in the hole/SHU for over 5 years out of the 7 I’ve been down with about 6 to go.  I’ll be getting out of the hole next year and even though this gulag has the worst administration in the California Department of Corruption, I’ll...

Christian Ortiz #AW3718 - Primary Picture
Susanville, California26Straight

Hey, my name is Christian and here's a bit about me. I consider myself a straight forward and positive person. I love sports, music, reading, exercising, and good conversations. I'm looking forward to meet someone I can converse with about anything and also share a few laughs/smiles with as well.

Hopefully, I've said enough to capture your interest. If you'...

Boise, Idaho24Straight

Hey, what's up, ladies!

My name is Miguell, I am 24, and I have been locked up for the last 3 years. I am trying to find someone that I can connect with, someone to have a good conversation with, and someone to just get to know on a more personal level. I am pretty easy going, I always try to stay positive about my situation, I love to smile and joke around so if you can make me laugh...

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Daniel Hopkins #783864 - Primary Picture
Coldwater, Michigan29Straight


My name is Daniel.  I have been locked up for 9 years.  I have 9 years left.  I’m 29 years old.  I’m proud of the man I am today. I can honestly say that I wasn’t always proud of a lot.  Knowing what I’ve been through my ups and downs, I’ve come to realize a lot about myself that if not having been in my current situation, I may have never realized. ...

Christian Skall #47931-177 - Primary Picture
Rochester, Minnesota31Straight


My name is Christian and I'm a blonde-hair, blue-eyed, country boy from Texas. I have been incarcerated for 5 years with a minimum of 12 1/2 years to go on a 20 year sentence. 

All I am looking for on here is to meet some fun and interesting people to help pass the time with. I want to meet someone who has a good sense of humor and can make me laugh. Someone who isn't...

Eli Torres #83719-280 - Primary Picture
Pine Knot, Kentucky42Straight

“Seeking Friends”


My name is Eli Torres. I’m 42 years of age and my birthday is coming up soon. I am out of Uvalde, Texas. I’m here for “Conspiracy” and along with being honest, sincere and grateful for having the chance to seek new friends, I thank for giving me that exactly...

Eduardo Rendon #106156 - Primary Picture
Boise, Idaho27Straight

Hey! Hope all is going good for you! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to view my profile.

My name is Eduardo and I’m a tattoo artist from Dallas, Texas but currently incarcerated outside of Boise, Idaho. Yes, it’s fair to say that I’ve made some mistakes very early in my life that have landed me in here. However, given the circumstances, I still get up each and every day...

Kyle Sutherland #1510887 - Primary Picture
Jarratt, Virginia25Straight

Hey, my name is Kyle and I am 25 years old. I have brown hair, blues, 5'8" with an athletic build. I am getting fairly short time so I am hoping to find a good friendship to help this fly by.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, football, dirt bikes, the beach/water, and pretty much anything else in the outdoors. I am always open to anything that is fun or just having a good time. My goal when I...

Elsa Trevino-Guardado #21214-180Primary Picture
Aliceville, Alabama36Straight


I’m Elsa, I’m looking for someone that has the time to get to know me. Someone I can build a good friendship with that I can trust and count on; someone that I can talk and laugh with or cry if I have to. The mistakes I’ve made in my past are my past and I’ve learned from them with the time I’ve done. I’ve turned into a mature and very positive person. I am looking forward to a...

DeAntonio Agee #M30059Primary Picture
Dixon, Illinois24Straight
African American

Firstly, I’d like to extend gratitude to everyone who has so kindly offered attention into my profile. Now, I can only hope your interest will persist and become the start of a blooming communication. My intentions are to meet new people with wishes of building genuine friendships. I am an honest and smooth individual. I’m excited to share my story and will enjoy to also come to know that of...

Montez Caples #6427939 - Picture 2
Fort Madison, Iowa29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

What’s Up?

My name is Montez and I’d like to send my utmost respect to you for taking the time to read this ad and getting to know a little about myself. I’m an understanding, loyal, honest, and respectful man with a good sense of humor. I would like to meet a friend who’s open to vent with and sharing real thoughts of care, without Jedi mind tricks and judgment. It doesn’t matter how...

Corey Hardison #A643-373 - Primary Picture
Lucasville, Ohio28Straight

Not wanting to say too much too soon, nor too little too late, it’s best that I keep this short and simple!

My name is Corey and I’m just an open-minded person, looking to meet new people and learn new things! If you think of yourself as like-minded and would like to get to know me, then drop me a couple of lines (LOL). I’d love to hear from you!

Until then…

Let chances...

Artemio Arroyo #C20149Primary Picture
Soledad, California57Straight

Hello Lady,

Good morning if you’re reading my ad at the moment. I would first of all like to say thank you, the pleasure is all mine. My full name is Artemio Arroyo, age 56 and I weigh 187 pounds. I grew up in San Diego and Los Angeles, California. Latin bilingual with lots of respect for others no matter who they are. My type of music is R&B, Oldies. I’m a great listener, humor,...

Dalray Vinson #A688-275 - Primary Picture
Chillicothe, Ohio37Straight
African American

What's up? I hope all is well with you! I'm thankful that you've taken the time out of your leisure to check me out.

Let me tell you some need to know things about myself. My name is Delray Vinson. I'm 35 years young; born Feb 12th, so I'm an Aquarius- if you believe in astrology. I'm 5'10" tall, weigh 195 lbs., and an athletic build. I'm very health conscious w/ a milk chocolate...

Talyn Piccione #AN7454 - Primary Picture
Calipatria, California28Straight


How’s it going? My name is Talyn. I’m a 26 year old tattoo artist from Southern California. I came to this site because I’m interested in networking and meeting new people who are down to write and help me pass the time.

I’m currently serving a long sentence over felonies from 2011, when I was 19. It’s a crazy long story, but I can tell you all about it if you’re...

Brenden Griffith #21561600Primary Picture
Umatilla, Oregon28Straight


My name is Brendan.   People call me B.  I'm going to keep this short and simple.  I'm currently serving a 60 month sentence with 10 months left.  I'm looking for a woman that understands what love is and is willing to overlook my past and get to know the new me.  Someone I can stand shoulder to shoulder and fight the everyday battles of life with...

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Shawn McKnight #318792 - Primary Picture
Carson City, Michigan39Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hi! My name is Shawn. I’m 38 years old, my birthday is in November so yes, I’m a Scorpio! LOL I’m 6’1, with braids and have a lot of tattoos! LOL So I hope you like a man with tattoos because I’m tatted up! I work out every day, so yes I’m in good shape! I’m single and looking for a female friend that I can get to know and be able to have good conversations with and just build a real...

Shandy Slight #0094509 - Primary Picture
Las Vegas, Nevada39Bi-sexual

Hey there! I am the fun-loving, outgoing, girl next door who has just made a couple of mistakes along the way. I am learning from these experiences, and bettering myself at every opportunity that presents itself. I am 5'5 tall, weigh 140 pounds, with red hair and bright green eyes.

Your age, race or sex is not important to me. I...

James Scott #AZ9702Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California31Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

It's my sincere hope that if you're reading this, that you're a positive and optimistic person. My intention in establishing this profile is to cultivate a friendship and possibly a romantic relationship in the near future through this correspondence. 

A little bit about myself:  I'm a single father to an almost four-year-old little girl. I am currently 4 years in on an 8...

Bijan Woodley #50704-039 - Primary Picture
Atlanta, Georgia26Straight
African AmericanChristian

Greetings Ladies

My name is Bijan Woodley.  I would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and hope for a friendship that shares some of the same virtues in life is I do!  For I am a single black male from Detroit, Michigan, currently incarcerated in a Federal prison.  I enjoy many things “to just name a few”; I’m outgoing, fun-loving,...

Bobby Jackson #17758886 - Primary Picture
Salem, Oregon29Straight

My name is Bobby.  I’ve been incarcerated for nearly 6 years.  I’m nearing the last stretch of my sentence and looking to connect with new, beautiful, fun people.

A little about me.  My two biggest passions are music and sports.  I have one beautiful daughter who is my world.  I’m a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran.  I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, boating,...

Martez Williams #698770 - Primary Picture
Munising, Michigan29Straight
African American

My name is Martez. I'm hoping to meet some new friends and hopefully establish a few positive contacts that can keep me company now and help me to be productive upon my release. 

I enjoy writing poetry, watching TV, and working out. I am interested in meeting people from all walks of life! I'm open to talking and writing...

Luis Hernandez #M54946 - Primary Picture
Menard, Illinois23Straight

Hey Ladies,

My name is Luis Hernandez and I am a fun, down to earth individual that loves to laugh and make friends. Even though I am incarcerated I set my own pace and mentally I am in the world living every day like it’s my last. I’m not looking for anything serious just someone to loan me their ear and vice versa, but if it comes to that then I’m open to it especially with the right...