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Kyle Eckweiler #372111
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Enfield, Connecticut25Straight

Hi :),

My name is Kyle. Thank you for viewing my page! You won’t regret it. I’m going to make this short, sweet and to the point…

I only have a few months until my release so I’d like to meet a new friend before then!

I am a very straightforward, honest and real guy who loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. I’m also very open, friendly, outgoing and adventurous...

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David Breaux #A02270
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Galesburg, Illinois64Straight

“Attention All Responders”

All Illinois prisons require that a return address be present on all mail or it can be confiscated. However, postal labels, stickers, even stamps are ripped off without regard for inmates needing the return address inside within your letter. Also, glitter, perfume and lipstick are prohibited.

Pen Pals needed.

If you are single, married, 4’ or...

Raul Galindo #98437-079
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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania45Straight

Sending out smoke signals…..This is not a test, there’s a Texan in distress!!

If you’ve decided to continue, you’ve taken the first step and there’s no turning back now.  This is your chance to go big and embark on a journey most are afraid to venture on.  Seeing as how you’ve already separated yourself from the rest, you’ve got to know there’s nothing to lose and everything...

Arthur Phillips #355107
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Cumberland, Maryland38Straight
African American


My name is Arthur Phillips. I am 36 years old, down to earth, never judgmental, very mature, African American man. I'm interested in getting to know anyone who is willing and generous enough to allow me to know them.

A little more about me: I'm a very good listener, and I know how to be a real friend. I made a mistake in my life, but over time, I used this life lesson to re...

Amber Kenyon #1983107
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Gatesville, Texas38Straight

Hi, I'm Amber.  I am looking forward to meeting you.  I am looking for someone to connect with, someone who will challenge me to be a better person every day; friends or maybe something more?  I am open to anything.

I love to write and meet new people.  I am looking forward to meaningful and funny conversations.  I am outgoing and love an adventure.  If...

Samuel Orozco #519627
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin32Straight

Hello there,

I am looking to meet new people with whom I can establish a strong foundation for a lasting and beautiful friendship.  I am open minded, honest, understanding, a good listener, and sincere.  So I am looking to meet people who I have something in common with and share some of the same qualities, and that way we can have an amazing friendship.

I am not...

Adrian Garcia #M51735
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Centralia, Illinois23Straight

If you’re reading this I’m assuming my pictures must have you somewhat intrigued so I’ll start by telling you a little about myself. For starters, my name is Adrian; I also go as Cook. I’m 22 years old. I was born and raised on the North side of Chicago. I’m a cool, laid back person, I’ve got a good sense of humor. I can be funny at times. I’m also...

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Luis Alberto Ramirez #2861987
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Orange, California27Straight

Hi, my name is Luis, and I'm 26 years old. I am an intelligent young man who enjoys reading and learning new things. I'm from Orange County in Southern California, which is a beautiful place, but I'm open to meeting people from everywhere and all walks of life. It's a big world out there and I'd love to hear and learn about it from you. Mostly...

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John Kujath #20629-068
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Seagoville, Texas55Straight

Going to church no more makes you a Christian then standing in your garage makes you a car; meanwhile in a parallel Universe…MY GOD !! Where are all these single socks coming from?? (LOL)

I want to tell you a little about myself. I love to write and am damn good at it. My spelling sucks and my grammar leaves a lot to be desired. But most who have read my stories have...

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Donna Hockman #1406120
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Troy, Virginia44Straight

Don’t let my sentence deter you from reading on!

I work tirelessly on my case reaching out to legal minded individuals and organizations to take the evidence I have uncovered over the last 10 years that if presented to the courts would set me free.

I’m a...

Lacey Givens #W82569
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Chowchilla, California41Bi-sexual

My name is Lacey Lee Givens and I really appreciate you taking a moment to read my personal profile.

I am 39 years old, single, white, female with long brown hair and blue/green eyes. I’m hoping to meet new people from all around the world. I’d love to find someone that I can correspond with on a regular steady basis,...

John Christopher Marquard #122995
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Raiford, Florida52Straight

Hi, my name is John Marquard. I was born into a U.S. Air Force family and spent my first five years in Germany where my dad was stationed. When my father left the military we moved back to the United States where we settled down in North Carolina. Except for a few excursions that’s pretty much where I grew up. When I was eighteen I decided to see the country and did so on a motorcycle. I went...

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Lauren Reed #11112-030
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Sandstone, Minnesota35Straight

Hello, my name is Lauren J. Reed. I’m 35 years old, 5’10”, 210 pounds. I have green eyes. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa but grew up in the small town of Ainsworth in the country. I’ve never been married and have no kids. I’ve had horses all my life. I’m looking for friends and pen pals. I’ve been in prison for the last 10 years. I spend my time lifting weights and reading books. I like riding...

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Danny Varela #75816-004
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Jonesville, Virginia38Straight

I like to be in the company of positive people. I look forward to meeting people who wish to share the goals we have met in life. I believe that we all would love to be in the company of positive people, that have a positive outlook on life, and what's to come. Life is too precious for all the drama…so why stress for free?

I look forward to sharing our likes and dislikes. Me, I...

Michael Hicks #234494
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Adrian, Michigan47Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Hicks and today I present myself to the world. I am looking for a pen pal to correspond with. I like long walks on sandy beaches at night. Psyche! Just kidding. I am really just a laid-back, open minded guy, blessed with the ability to discuss many things on just about any level, so all are welcome. I am a Libra who's interest are in liberal arts, trends in...

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Brian Yang #AM2153
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Crescent City, California29Straight

I am a young man in search of lasting friendships. I’ve been locked up since I was 18, so I have no real experience in the world at large – but I am hoping to change that. I am a writer/poet/playwright and am working towards being published. I love to read and I have interests in history, science, cultures, philosophy and classic literature. I hate politics.

I am looking for people I...

Leslie Haun #205731
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LaGrange, Kentucky54

Hi there! :)

Many people have written to prisoners before yet for many reasons moved on? Others are doing it for the very first time.

After several years on WAP I only write two people who reside in Europe. It seems that the United States not only leads the world in mass incarcerations, but the citizens of our great country are indifferent to this failed practice? I, on the...

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David Herron #250414
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Eddyville, Kentucky32Straight

Hi!  I'm 32 single, never been married, and have no kids.  I'm looking to meet positive people or anyone who can keep it real.  My interest are: being active, lifting weights, running, cooking, music fishing, drawing and building things for my nieces and nephews, animals, horse racing, Ohio St. Buckeyes, Cincinnati Bengals, and Kentucky basketball. I love doing anything outdoors...

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Steven Camacho #34946-054
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Loretto, Pennsylvania48Straight

I have been incarcerated for the last 25 years.  Life has not been easy but the opportunity for self-reflection has transformed me from a brash young teenager to a composed and thoughtful man.  This experience has taught me quite a bit about myself and about life.  Chasing things which were unimportant put me in this position and now I value and seek what truly matters.


Aaron Morrow #236349
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Bayport, Minnesota28Straight

Hello, my name is Aaron. My interests include reading, watching movies, knitting and trying to stay active. I’m 6’2” and 195 pounds (about 188 centimeters and 89 kilos). I mainly do calisthenics along with some light yoga for flexibility and relieving muscle strain and the occasional game of soccer is fun too.

I’m actually a bit of a geek at heart. I enjoy reading novels, mainly...

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Joshua Lindsay #12749646
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Salem, Oregon38Straight


My name is Josh.  I’m currently incarcerated in Oregon.  I’m looking for pen-pals and to create new friendships.  I like lifting weights, writing, and listening to music, as music helps to take my mind away from this place.  I’m incarcerated for a major car accident where I lost a friend that has forever changed my life.  So, I choose to be positive...

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Cynthia White #1210927
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Gatesville, TexasBi-sexual
African AmericanBaptist

Black beauty in search of a man for a wild ride and some bronco busting fun. Are you ready to ride? This filly wants to be pampered and spoiled. Relocate, yes and no age preference. Education: plumber, A/C repair, grill cook, barber, computer, garden.

My hobbies are: sports, arts, mechanic, poetry, photography, travel. I’m outgoing, intelligent, motivated into health, fitness and...

Dalton Fletcher #591785
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Angola, Louisiana24Straight

Hello there! My name is Dalton but you can call me “Curly”. If you’re looking for an adventure feel free to write. I promise not to disappoint.

Here’s a little bit about myself: I am 21 years old, I’ve been locked up since I was 15 years old. I enjoy listening to music, working out and reading. Working and making money is how I pass the time. I like to hunt, fish and go camping. I play...

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Brandon Runge #W105947
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S. Walpole, Massachusetts26Straight

My name is Brandon Runge. I am 24 and I grew up all across the greater Boston area.  I am currently have less than 1 year left on my sentence for selling drugs.  Just because I am in prison, does not mean that I am a bad person.  Actually, the fact of the matter is that I am a really good guy.  I have a great sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a...

Andrew Martinez #01378722
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Tennessee Colony, Texas33Straight

Second chances…Everyone wish upon one when things don’t turn quite well…Hoping for the one “opportunity” to change the end result of previous choices in our life…Truth enough, they’re a rarity, but luckily, I am blessed to be approaching mine upon my release and can’t wait to get there…Attending degrees and knowledge is merely a step in the right direction…willing to become a better giver and...