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Who Am I?

Tune, ice, even ecstasy

All these drugs together can’t mess with me

I know I sound arrogant and gotta lotta confidence in myself

But I’ve ripped apart homes like tornadoes, making them take the family portrait off the shelf

From the youngsters to newborns, even old in age

I shame them all when they step foot on my stage

Who am I? What? You don’t recognize?

My cloak’s so good it’s got you hypnotized

Well, I’m just a drizzle of surprise, with a hard rush of water

The push! The shove! The try a little harder

You see, I grow trees until they’re strong and tall

Then snap them at ease when I want them to fall

In the jungle I stay humble when it’s time to rumble

Because I’ve shattered egos and made lives crumble

Shame, shame, shame, you crazy fool

You don’t know me? I’m your favorite tool

You use me to take the edge off, you use me to chill

You use me to breakdown, you use me to kill

I’m like a demon in disguise, but I’m not seen in the flesh

My shockwaves are so powerful, the whole world’s stunned by my blast

What? You still can’t tell? I’m the one who whooped the devil and took over hell!

I’ll give you another hint to tell me who I am

I’m the wind in your face when the front door slams

I’m the feeling you get when no one’s giving you dap

I’m the sting in your face from that hard, hard slap

Well ladies and fellas, this is your last chance to tell me my name

You all have me, use me, and love me the same.

Who am I? 

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