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The Dance

It’s a Dream that our Dreams

Become a true Reality

A Real Actuality

A truly blissful life we lead

And I don’t choose to take the lead

But hope someday you’ll follow me.


Oh, lately it’s been going wrong

And no one sees or hears the playing song

It’s like we’ve been off-beat so long

Our minds have been away too long

And so we simply dance along to the same old rhythm

But I won’t go quietly

If I can’t dance to my own beat

Oh no I won’t go with ‘em.


We’re programmed to know defeat

We don’t respond we just repeat

The things we’ve seen on TV screens

But if my thoughts aren’t mine to speak

And in my words you hear defeat

Then what’s the point in being free?

What’s my life without the me?

I can’t even imagine.


There’s too much lost before it’s told.

There’s so much ground above the gold.

It’s not our lives, they want our souls.

I can’t even imagine.


So don’t ask, don’t tell

Just keep your thoughts a secret.

If found out, oh well, I guess you had to speak it.

I won’t ask, won’t tell

But keep you in my memory

And when we finally take the leap

The cries they hear, they won’t be weak.

The songs we sing shall make them weep.

And in our final victory the sounds of joy

Will go for weeks.

They can’t even imagine.

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