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Adam Zinsser

A Prayer From A Saint

I seek You all day and searched through the night

I walk in Your ways and live for what's right

I died to myself and now live through You

for the old me has passed, I'm a creation of new

I give You all praise as well as the glory

I studied the scriptures, for there is Your story

I die to my pride and run the good race

I search for Your presence as well as Your face

I seek to be holy in all that I do

I study Your words for they are all true

it's not about me I'm just a flame

a light in the darkness who lives for Your name

I pray with Thanksgiving for all You have done

I can't give enough for You gave your Son

You took a world that was evil and dead

You said let there be light and wrote words in red

You are the greatest of all the Kings

You fill me with joy for You my heart sings

I am Your servant who wishes to say

Thank you for Jesus and thanks for this day



Written by a bond servant of Christ Jesus

Adam C. Linsser  (2020)

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