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Rise & Fight

Rise and Fight

They see me doing good, making a change in my life, but they disrupt my means because it's change they don't like.

They’re stuck under the old paradigm, “He's nothing but a criminal”.

Scared of my maximum momentum, trying to keep me to a minimal.

They want their foot on my neck to maximize their authority, it may slow me down, but the fight comes with territory.

I must admit it's hard at times to remain optimistic, but the truth is: you don't go nowhere being pessimistic.

So it's time to rise and touch the multitude, breaking out my confinement and leave my solitude.

They keep track of my mistakes, but not one accomplishment, they want my image to be one that's unworthy to help their abolishment.

They’re mad because my intentions exceed their propaganda, but I have more rights than just Miranda.

They set up obstacles to determine influence, but they still underestimated my pursuance.

Every time they challenge me it's a chance at opportunity, all because my mind, soul, and spirit hold in unity.

I shall never submit to defeat, you'll remember the name Pete.

My name will live for all eternity, for I thought the fight that was an emergency.

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