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To a Beautiful Woman

O beautiful woman, may God fragrance your life with knowledge and faith, your time with obedience and awareness of him, and may He beautify your body with a covering of modesty and dignity, may he plant the seeds of righteousness in your life, green and fruitful, for you to sow and reap. As well as guiding you to, a straight path, with sound directives and wise directions that will safeguard you from misguidance and protect your integrity and honor. There is a quote I want to share with you “Do not value yourself independently of your achievements.” This quote is indeed poignant, and it contradicts much of what is conventionally thought about self-worth. Many people place the highest value on their accomplishments, but this attitude can be dangerous. The logical conclusion is that if you have not accomplished anything feel is not worthy, then you are not valuable. Valuing yourself independently of your accomplishments gives you strength to withstand self-doubt. Value is within, and you have value as soon as you are born. It cannot be lost by doing something good. Sometimes your actions may be generous and virtuous, and at other times they may not be, none of us are perfect. If you slip, seek forgiveness from God. You are still a worthy individual. The greatest value you can achieve is your value in the sight of your creator. You must become aware that you have an intrinsic value in his view. Indeed, the most noble of human beings in the sight of God is the most righteous of us. None of us is worth more or less than anyone else. We are all on an equal footing with all others, except for our level of piety, which is only known by God alone. This value based upon your creations is your ultimate value, which is found only in your creator’s opinion of you. So never forget that you are a valuable individual.

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