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Alphonso Jones #339283


Come find me where the road ends
Underneath the common sky
Surrounded by numbers living lost in time
Where the clocks freeze behind steel doors
And locks click closed
Confined unwanted homes crowding

Come find me in my thoughts
Watching highlights of life replay,
To an audience of smiles and tears.
Forgetful years skip memory like stones across ponds.
Holding hopes of not sinking before reaching the other side.
See the sorrow of regret,
Through the eyes looking back towards your soul.
Cold yet warm in spirit
Enraged but calm in person.

Come find me here,
Among my fears and flaws
Strengths and revelation.
Long awaiting anxious and patient.
While viewing the world combat hatred
Not to be mistaken as a shadow,
There’s still a shine here.

Under the roof of this brick box,
Trying to find enough comfort to sleep soundly
In a world jaded by rules
I walk as light as dust.
Down the halls of “lost cause” I search for purpose
In a cage built like a closed maze.
Made with walls that scream and cry why? Forever.
Separated by such ignorance yet close together.
Come find me there.



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