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Sunshine Blue Skys

Sunshine Blue Skies

Today, I woke up after having a good night’s rest, thinking to myself how much I’m care for, loved, and blessed. This is God’s world! He put us all through the ultimate test – Sunshine Blue Skies – You’re the best. We can all be happy, smile, and be blessed. We must continue to strive for honor, and success. Nothing more or less. Sunshine Blue Skies you’re the best.

This world is trending during these unusual, changing, record breaking times. Keep your head up, stay alert, aware, and safe. Remember, no matter what, we’re still in the race, keep your distance six feet or more just like I space my words in this letter. Sunshine Blue Skies, we’re all loving, human, there’s nothing better.

People, listen to what I’m saying. Take life slow and easy, stand your ground, stay positive, optimistic, keep your peace, an open mind, walk in with no fear, stay humble. Pray to God He’ll make everything else disappear. Sunshine Blue Skies is here, stay on high, have no fear, pray to the Higher Power, He’ll make everything else disappear. Sunshine Blue Skies, smile, be happy it’s here. Keep your head up, have no fear.

I close with love, peace, sincere. The end hustle, man! Word up! Peace out, stay on high.

Written and Composed by Angelo T. Andrews MDOC#154570

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