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Anthony Thomas #966931

Once Upon A Dream

Though our days of struggle may be great
Our nights we praise, as we escape to the place we wish and pray
Collectively forming dreams we raised, puzzling a reality in our faith.
Shaping our youthful truth into perfection in God’s divine way.
A Dream is Never Faraway!

Though together we may travel alone,
Know my heart protects you wherever you may roam,
Through darkness my soul shall shine with song,
Guiding you towards a heavenly palace, where we once called home.
A Dream is Never Wrong!

Though the time will come when God calls upon us.
Inviting Death to present her hand, yet within it carries his trust.
Welcome it as you welcomed my piece of peace and love.
For she will accompany us to the glorious kingdom which I speak of.
A Dream is Never Enough!

For we will see the restless truth we seek.
That rest within you and me through lost memories.
Upon our hearts they shyly tug.
Yet constantly we swat them away like an annoying bug.
A Dream is Just a Hug!

Thee Unknown



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