A Frail Old Angel's Cry

One night I had a dream, it left a tale to tell.

I dreamed I saw an Angel. Poor thing he was not well.

His body was bruised and battered. His wings, ripped and torn.

I saw that he could barely walk he was tired and worn.

I walked right up and asked him, “Angel”, how could this be?

He turned and paused a bit, then these words he spoke to me,

I am your guardian Angel a mighty task as you can see,

You’ve run wild all your life and this is what it’s done to me.

These bruised are from shielding you in time of evil.

Honor to wear so many times they shield you from evil

Unaware, every mark carries a mark of wickedness I have destroyed.

You’ve made me wish more than once that I was unemployed.

I will be keeping watch over you until the powers fail

But keep in mind my child, I am getting old and frail.

I could barely believe what I had seen, let alone how much he cared.

I wept upon his shoulder and left him in despair.

In the morning as I gazed into the silver mirror

I pondered and asked myself “Why should I try”?

Then in a far distance I heard A Frail Old Angel’s Cry.

By Artemio Arroyo