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Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704

Arturo Orozco Jr


To My Homeboys

Yo-Yo….word up son!   Check this, a while back I posted a blog in here admiring Cardi B.   Good qualities and lately I've been feeling a chic who has all the qualities and prettier, sexier than Cardi B.    Ya’ll heard?

So I've been checking out this chic for quite a while, she's gangster in the sense that she'll do anything I ask her, she's way too intelligent and not scary at all.  So y'all know I'm going to need to test her to see if she passes the test and is gangsta enough to have my last name and kids.  I need to check she's not afraid to handle herself under pressure, but at the same time to not be too proud to ask me what I need her to do.

So I've been waiting for her to bust her move and let me know she likes me and is ready for me.  I've been praying, asking the gods of the universe and destiny for a gangsta chic like this, and I believe this shorty is that gift, the way she looks at me there's fire inside my soul.  Naaaa mean?  

I believe she's my soulmate, I won't say her name but y'all know when I bring her home.   To email, download apps for





“My Baby Gangsta” – Mr. Capone-E

“Lost in Love” – Mc Magic

“Your My Gangster Girl” – Malow Mac

“Mine” – Bazzi




Arturo Orozco Jr. #R-25704


As I contemplate retaining my freedom into society, victoriously acknowledging and sensing everyone out-there is waiting for me, feeling happy for me.

It’s at this moment that I’m thankful to be blessed in many different manners, first by having an organized support system that functions like army of ants and bees assisting me in what’s necessary (as researchers, investigators, secretaries etc.) enabling my situation to become a success and making me experience content and second…to have the courtroom full of family and friends for the judge to see I’m still loved and cared about out in society, makes me feel empowered and loved; and third…for all the e-mails, pictures in mailbox, money for commissary, visitations, all that answer phone calls…I’m fortunate and appreciative to the moon and back. I’m lucky because there’s many prisoners that don’t have anybody and I put myself in their shoes and feel remorse and sadness, wondering what if it was me?

I observe as prisoners don’t receive mail, commissary, you know…when gym shoes are tore up looking like dogs barking help-me…it’s not no joke and saddens me. I therefore utilize this point of my experience to point out how blessed I am to have all you there. I won’t forget when I’m out there and become a millionaire, I’ll repay and return the favors bringing you with me to travel the world, enjoy life and live comfortably. Thank you for being so wonderful.




This is for my Dawgs


This is for my dawgs


                            Wud up B?

I heard this song Cardi B. and Maroon Five I dig…The lyrics behind were real and reminded me of somebody. I became a fan of Cardi B. due to her intelligence and courage. I respect most importantly her loyalty she demonstrated her man while on that love and hip hop show when homie was locked-up, making me glorify and admire her for so many reasons but also for her struggle, feel me? We all secretly wish to have a down chic like that in times like these but it’s difficult to find. All you homies know I’m picky when it comes to women but what I really like is a woman who is faithful to her man, I was fortunate to meet one woman like that, she was my girlfriend a few months and was killed by her ex-husband back in December 22, 2007. She trusted in me unconditionally and confided her every secret. She wasn’t afraid to bring me cell phones, drugs while locked-up. Know aaa mean? She was intelligent and courageous like that, whatever she needed she took care of that. Every time I watch Cardi B. it makes me feel connected as if I known Cardi B. for a long time.

To email me directly to prison, sign up on for immediate contact.

Peace out homies.

True always,

Mr. Mack Dog




Arturo Orozco Jr #R-25704


To my family and friends,

This one goes out to everybody in my corner keeping it together as I continue to fight to prove my innocence against corrupt prosecutors, cops and lawyers. Thank all of you for the support and assistance.

At this moment I’m ready to conclude this court proceeding and regain my freedom. I’ve been wrongly convicted since July 2003, yet I’m still learning of developments that contributed to my wrongful conviction. I learned about an unlawful act that my trial attorney engaged in back in 2003 before my trial commenced. He’d been hired by my old sister to represent my sibling and myself on this same case, knowing he could not represent us both since there were witnesses accusing my sibling as the shooter and due to this problem, the attorney would be engaging in a conflict of interest unable to present evidence or witnesses damaging to my sibling but helpful towards me vice versa.

Instead of informing me or asking me, this attorney asked my old sister to pick between my little sibling or myself, because he could only help one more than the other, and the second one would have to go to prison. According to this attorney my old family chose to help my sibling. This attorney continued to consciously take me to trial without witnesses or evidence knowing I would lose my trial. Now I’m back in court to inform my judge about all this, ready to prove my innocence.

Thank you for joining me in this battle for freedom and justice.




Song Dedications:

“Trapper of the year”

By: Baby E

“Mob Ties”

By: Drake


In A Dream


Yo – Yo – Yo…

There’s nights I dream of a chic I never seen nor met, feel me???  The type of dream that feel real as hell, know I’m saying???  Everytime this dreams change doing something different everytime.  Some nights we walk the ocean side holding hands, other times she looks into my eyes seductively flirting with each other, naaa mean???  Feeling so right so good when we’re together, you hearing this????  You know….like the true essence of that soulmate I seek within and wake up feeling peaceful, positive and complete, sometimes find myself hugging my pillow, see what I’m saying???  I never met a chic who makes me feel that way, only through these dreams I’m able to experience the magical sensation of been with that significant other, you know????  So I’m trusting with all my heart that she exists and is out there, even opened an ad on Love A expressing my heart to her where ever she may be at, feel me???? In my dreams there’s no drama, jealousy or arguments.  She’s calm, patient, relaxed, understanding and freaky, you hearing me??   Some nights I ask the universe to allow destiny to bring her into my life, see I’m saying???  I realized there’s a subliminal message in these dreams, that chemistry and the spiritual connection is more powerful than the thickness of these prison walls, you heard???   Our soul cannot be imprisoned, feel me???

Song Dedication:  “I’ll be there for you” by Methodman/Mary J. Blige 

Strong Passion


Yo what’s good?

It’s late night and I’m watching the Jimmy Fallon show, know what I’m talking about???  So dig this, the performing artist is Kesha and starts singing this song  “Praying”, feel me???  At the beginning of the song I wasn’t feeling her but then she started to express this strong conviction and passion that I felt deep in my soul, naaa saying???  I start feeling her pain throughout her singing, finding myself thinking like Dang…. whoever made her write this song mistreated her, feel me????  So it made me think deeper, realizing that some men could make a woman feel broken and bitter, this made me feel angry within, I went to sleep with this on mind.  So days went by and I realized further that some men are selfish and childish, naaa saying???  So I reflected on these revelations and concluded that I wouldn’t make a woman feel that way, you heard????  Instead I’d rather help a woman feel stronger, happier, fulfilled and complete.  Uplifting and encouraging her with all my might.  Be her teammate, friend, boyfriend, lover and dude all at once, naaa mean????  I’m a tough man here in prison and live amongst the coldest, feel me????  But I’m considerate to a woman’s heart and feelings, so I’m more understanding and laid back at this stage of experience, see I’m saying???  This makes me different than the average man, feel me????

Song Dedication:  “You can be my bitch” by Master P


Real & Mature


Yo – Yo – Yo…

Wut up bee?  Check this…

I be peeping many dudes out on these TV shows (Married at First Sight, Love and Hip Hop) acting silly, talking like they looking for love, you know, but they ain’t ready.  Feel me??  You see they start behaving immature, insecure and childish, see aaa saying ??? Wanna start arguments and competing with they chics, you know…. Putting them down and sheet…  It takes a real to understand the ladies and know how to treat a woman, naaa saying???  Most of these young men ain’t there mentally, they lack self-discipline and control, unable to keep their emotions in check, while a mature man like myself is more patient and understanding to women.  Feeling me?  So check this, I know all ladies go through a lot and most men now days are not considerate to you, you dig???  I’m not perfect at all, I have flaws too, I’m a convicted felon who talks mad in here every time I don’t get mail, pictures, visits, naaa saying???   but I’m relaxed mostly no arguments, fights, drama, see saying????  I learned to value and glorify women after many years of imprisonment, as you heard before “you never know what you got till it’s gone”.  So if you’re ready for the real deal get at yo boy, feel me???  No need to search elsewhere, lift your pen and write today, send pictures and phone number.  Peace!!!

Song Dedication:  “Strip for me” by R. Kelly

Crooked Cops Part 3


I’m on the telephone with my mother checking to see how she’s doing, having a typical jailhouse conversation about the tac team, searching my cell, trashing my court paperwork, breaking my TV, approaching me with hostility as if they expect me to react, reminding me I’m being harassed due to the political ties to my case (on appeal). So a week later I’m escorted to the hole, accused of threatening to hurt correctional officers during this conversation with moms, while the truth is I’m being treated this way because there’s correctional officers working in prison that are related to the murder victim in my case. Since my return to court I’m being continuously thrown in the hole and kept in Administrative Detention, allowing me to conclude it’s an effort to keep me isolated to distract me from my appeal. Prison administrators work hand in hand with prosecutors who’ve been attempting to hide me in the hole where my telephone calls and visitations are more limited, all due to new evidence I have showing my innocence and proving the homicide detectives in my case are corrupt. The same detectives who used physical violence to extract false confessions from me and younger brother. Now that we are able to prove our innocence, the State prosecutors are trying to hide the truth to avoid paying the multi-million dollar lawsuit for this wrongful conviction. Thank you for reading this, to read other blogs about this go to

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