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Benjamin Frandsen #F29177

“Time In”
     by Benjamin Frandsen

Time in.
Time in the house where the windows
    don’t open
The broken are spoken
    of as dogs underfoot
They’ve put the shackles on prisoners
    who ain’t even been sentenced yet
Their sentence a run-on
    punctuated by periods ---- of confinement
    exclamation points ---- of anguish
    mad dashes ---- to negotiate pleas
And please, Momma, don’t abandon me
    to some random PD
    this cannot be
Hey yo, time out
Time out of balance
Out of primordial ooze crawls the same old quandary
    I keep seeing time and time again
Need more time to make enough money
    in time for the rent
To eat, drink, work, sleep
    dreamin’ bigger houses, faster cars
    time for your lover or for your friends
But if you took the time to see
    you’d see eternity is only time
    without end
And I wish to God my time would end today
End so I could time my days to different time
    make time for the people that matter to me
And this time I won’t waste time
    thinking, What if tomorrow doesn’t make it in time?
Because the time He’s given me
    is now
Time in.


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