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Word Flow

Words flow like water fall oceans

Sometimes peaceful sometimes loud like

Thunder hitting concrete

Warming hearts or tearing them apart

Used to make one smile

When flowing right could make one growl

Word flow is beautiful poetry

Touching many souls despite a path

Of fire and a world of bitter cold

Word flow could lead masses

Break the unbreakable heal the broken

Powerful words form the spoken

Word flow or the flow of words

Beware tongues become ugly swords

Flow Flow Flow is it so

A mad man no spot or heart of gold

And weight with no beat of goal

Ha Ha I splash paint canvas

No worries no fear no see no hear

Words flow like winds off mountains

Amazing battle rounds those fountains

Maybe off/on yet so captivating

Broken glass

Rays of sun shine equal more contrast

This that Wayne Drake flow

Emotions playing on prison bars

Ink dripping out mental scars

This mind is a motion picture I go

#Word flow #where da world go

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