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What Is the Color of Love?

Many colors and their oh so many different meaning. The color of love, what is it, have you seen it? One conversation with thought on a calm friendly night. Who knows what it truly is. Word from the Great Book said it’s pure, hope, jot, etc. Get lost of the thought is love benign the comfort one receives? An awe moments that embeds a memory? The soft touch on the hand, look the eyes, or simply inhalen of their scent? Or is it the position in the emotions, or a kiss on the lips?

Yellow because it symbolizes brightness? Green for growth, purple for strength; wouldn’t that seem the wisest? Black is too dark and can be moody at times. Has anyone ever asked what quick bursts of speeds will be shown before you get a full blossom. Red, pink, blue, if you want to go deeper with where you are in pursuit of your own color code. The color of love if it was one. Can an argument be made to have one?

Real R&B falsettos like Northern Lights, sensational fizzling it eyes are truth. Why not orange, emerald, or rose gold cause love is not a basic color with the extravagance it shows. Earthtones, birthstones, make it more personal knowing colors tell stories with purposeful meanings. What is the color of love? Would you tell if you seen it?

Dark colors, light colors, bright colors! Colors that change and those that forever remain the same. A perfect blend of two colors is love when people find the right tone together. If love was a color it’ll be as beautiful as when Paul described Heaven!

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