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M.A.D.E. is Forever

Every made man evolves from the dirt of the earth/

But that doesn’t mean that we have to let the limitations of this world calculate out worth/

We are constantly Making Advances Destroying Excuses,

directing a production that is taking place under the lights that naturally illuminate every scene of our lives/

Black History is my history and I am the production of a historical Black queen who can see victory even when she is expected to lose.

In the midst of turmoil my Matriarch Ascends Despite Exhaustion.

As her heir why wouldn’t I do the same/

Using the voice of my spirit, I will resurrect from under the weight of these chains, like every Monarch of my lineage continues to do today/

I am M.A.D.E.; past, present and future tense/

Under the construction of the Most High who dwells inside of me/

Accepting my current circumstances as a scene in the script of my destiny.

Using this pain to gain the strength that ordains me to be a Divine Example.

Watch Me Rise is the product of an activated MADE Man, as I undergo this poetic evolution it is my duty to flow with Movement that is Activating Divine Energy.

As we rise, with power whooshing out of us that will cultivate the next MADE man/

M.A.D.E. is more than powerful words inserted into an acronym/

This renewed MADE concept is forever, Manifesting an Assimilated Divine Evolution!

M.A.D.E. is forever!


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