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You're Precious

You’re precious

Valuable. I admire you

Gazing in your eyes

Got me floating in the sky

Like paper in the wind

I get paper and I win

I know it’s starting off shakey

But it gets greater at the end

I got my plans to empower you

Have you jumping without a parachute

It’s all about balance

So that fendi bag gots to have the matching boots

We are going to be a match that’s cute

I got a match for you

And you’re flammable like gasoline

You’re fuel for me

Currently, I’m underwater, beneath the surface

Like a submarine

You’re a breath of fresh air

You’re here for me

Gazing in your eye

Got me floating in the sky

Like paper in the wind

I don’t know where I’m landing at

Probably somewhere, where you get cherished at

Were some chocolate and cherries at

For every dude that did you wrong

I’m gone make it right

When it’s all said and done

If you close your eyes too long

This Earth won’t have no light

You’re precious! Smh

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