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The World I Live In

“The World I Live In”

I look into the eyes of evil and realize that we “use” to know each other, the relation is so familiar that it's almost like we're brothers

Good doesn't exist in this world of darkness filled with sorrow and pain, with so much strife, contention, and hurt, it's hard to maintain

My life is shattered like a glass from a broken window and the cold breeze of reality knocks at my door forcing it’s way in without resistance.

The garden of my soul was destroyed, how could I ever rebuild what was lost?

There's no flowers of love, peace and happiness, just seeds of self-hate and anger, feelings of hurt over shadow me and puffy clouds of tears fall down my face like raindrops, where is the light?

When I look in the mirror, failure stares me in the face, oh how I wish success would come take its place.

I'm trapped in a world where there is no love, no real friends, no kisses, and there are no hugs.

Stuck trying to find my way like a lost dog beaten by his wicked masters, jumping through hoops, loops and other obstacles.

Survival has become nearly impossible, my only escape is the mind of my imagination.

As I sit and stare at the ceiling contemplating, thinking of the days of my lifely sin

I have come to realize that this is the world I live in.



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