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Christopher Hall #1565195

The Age of Confusion

Through the ideological darkness of a world gone mad,
Simple concepts upended, their meanings a fad.
While the sun as our compass, is dethroned from the sky,
Dark lamps guide into trespass, the blind wonder why.
When tolerance, the only virtue, unpunished and unblamed,
The man with no principles, alone escapes unshamed.
They rail at the Nation, in earth and in sky,
Scream into the past, as coming generations await the chance to sigh,
When will the floodwaters drown the parasites of thought,
Communism, capitalism, the lies stolen and bought
When justice only assaults those too poor to ransom pay,
Judges bribed for dispensations, wave the wealthy away
Old loyalties destroyed, God, Blood and Soil,
Ancient covenants abolished, altars and thrones all despoiled.
The revolution is a sham, 1789 came and passed,
1917 brought new shadows, no illumination would last.
The war is not fought with Blood, Flesh and Rust,
But thoughts, faith and perspective in whom fools placed their trust.
The scepter of the filthy, will not long over the just reign,
Souls turn back to God, shatter dictatorships of the insane.
Revolution and convulsion only result in disorder,
To reset the clock, a restoration of order,
A return to tradition, to faith and to reason,
Innovations cast into darkness, for all times and all seasons.
A new Age of Brightness, an eternity will bring,
Cast down the Republics, Long Live Christ the King!