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Christopher Martinez #02048726

I can’t lie, you’re one of a kind, I won’t find another one like you, to make all my dreams come true.
What else am I to do, but love you forever and a day, the way you make me feel, the things you say can’t be explained anyway.
Love’s complicated, emotionally evaluated, highly elevated and sophisticated. Don’t rush, but no hesitating.
Patiently waiting is no longer an option. Contained in your love, I’m boxed in.
So why fight our feelings. Just surrender to love, affection and sexual desires.
Our bodies spontaneously combusting, bringing new heights to explosive sexual loving.
Trusting you with everything I got. My dreams, ambitions, secrets and every other thought.
Stop! For a minute, now listen to cupid’s whisper as he delivers words you know to be true.
You love me and I love you too. Cool, soft and calm, sexy smiles full of charm.
In your arms I wanna be, turn your fantasies into reality.
Privacy, alone with our selfish ways, I want you to come first, but you make me wait.
Push, pulls, groans and moans, are just pieces of our comfort zones.
Influenced by each other’s movements, juices and fluids, we speak love fluent.
A language no need for sound, eye contact, body language, a gentle push towards the ground.
I’ll do anything for her, she’ll do everything to him, him is I, I am he.
He is King, and King crowns you Queen.
Till next time.
Susio 3MG
Christopher A. Martinez


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