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Look Through My Eyes

Imagine if you will, being made to stay in a place where your surroundings are unfamiliar, and so is every face. Imagine being ordered around by people you don’t even know, where people tell you when to eat, where you can and cannot go. Imagine hundreds of people around, and still feeling all alone, with nothing but pictures and memories of the place you called home. Imagine seeing mom and dad for only an hour, maybe two, just long enough to shed a tear when they tell you how they miss you. Imagine watching them wipe their tears as they turn to walk away when words like “I love you” and “I’m sorry” are the only ones left to say. Can you imagine what it’s like knowing you’re the cause of their pain? Why dad held his head a little lower, why mom’s face is tear stained. Imagine spending holidays with people that don’t know your name, and all you look forward to next year is doing the same exact thing. Imagine waking up to screams of mercy in the middle of the night, not knowing if it was yours, or if you overhead someone else’s plight. Imagine so-called friends and family turning their backs, other than mom and dad, there is no one else. Try to imagine that! Imagine your cries being ignored and all of your tears going unseen. This place could make the warmest turn cold, and the nicest man turn mean. See, I don’t have to imagine this place. This is where I stay, this is my reality, and I live through it every day. Yes, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and for them I’m not ashamed, for God has forgiven me, and for this I exalt his name. But I’m hoping that the young will see this is nothing cool, and the coolest place on earth for them is the one that’s known as school. You don’t have to walk in my shoes, just look through my eyes and you will see of all the places in the world, this is not the place to be!

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