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Damien Huckaby #01063191

“Reasons and Seasons”

They say that people come into your life for a reason or a season. Please tell me then, what’s the reason God allows people to come into your life for a season only to commit emotional treason? Breezed in like a hurricane, dropping torrents of pain upon your island. Maybe it was hurricane season. What’s the reason for the fake hugs and counterfeit love that you never signed up for? False promises projected out of pretty mouths. What’s that about? Reasons and seasons. Must’ve been the coldest winter ever when my friend took the stand and said I was the man they wanted. I took that fall like autumn. Taught ‘em to never trust so much again. Reasons and seasons. With all of these lessons given, we’ll be the smartest students in Heaven when our time comes and our run has ended. Befriended too many snakes; that’s the reason why we can’t shake this venom from our system. Reasons and seasons. Maybe God wants us to be the season; the summer weather that makes everyone feel better. Could we be the reason why broken hearts stop bleeding? Experiencing pain and disappointment so that we can become the ointment that soothes those same ailments; for an antidote is created from the same venom it’s designed to cure. Can pure pain really create a pure heart? I don’t know, but maybe this is our season to start.




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