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Damien Huckaby #01063191


The night I died, I was bitten by love. Its venom coursed through my existence like the blood that supplied oxygen to my soul. It trapped me in a reality that was beyond my recognition. Opened a set of eyes that I never even knew existed, thus altering my perception like it was laced with the strongest form of narcotics. I tried desperately to find the ground for which I solidly stood upon before, but it had been swept away from me like a compact car in raging floodwaters causes me to panic. My pulse raced and my palms became sweaty; quickly trying to calculate an escape route. But, with nowhere to stand, I eventually fell, deeper and deeper. The abyss to this nightmare seemed never-ending. I fought like the mightiest of warriors, striking at my enemy with all that I could muster, refusing to give into this entity trying to encompass my essence. But, the inevitable soon manifested, and there I was; lounging in a place I never thought I would lounge. Dwelling in a village I never thought I would dwell. Traveling down a road I never thought I would travel. Lost. Confused. Terrified. But, once I opened up my heart, there she was; a vision I never thought I would see. An angel I never thought I would find. A life I never thought I would live. And in that beautiful moment, I was resurrected.




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