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Damien Huckaby #01063191

“The Meaning of It All”

I stuck my hand in the murkiness of the future, feeling around for the purpose of my life. My fingers grazed many possibilities, but could never quite get a firm grip on their reality. Opportunities slipped through my hand in some waste on more than one occasion, but still never relinquished my quest to find my purpose. I was elbow deep in doubts and insecurities feeling that life’s ocean had no treasure reserved for me. As feelings of failure began to set in, something bumped up against the tips of my consciousness. I vigorously readjusted the angle of my thinking and wrapped my mind around what I felt was the object I longed to discover.

As I pulled up this train of thought and shook the mud from its inception what I laid eyes on consequently laid eyes on me also. I stared at my reflection with a newfound clarity and clear cognition, and became conscious of the answer that had hounded my soul for an eternity. My purpose in life was to find my purpose in life, and this could only be done by first discovering who I was in this life. The first step in receiving my answer was staring back at me with brown eyes and a five o’clock shadow; and in two words my life’s mystery was revealed: Know Thyself.




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