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Damien Huckaby #01063191

“Love and Loyalty”

Love and Loyalty. A mythological unicorn that everyone dreams of capturing. As slippery as the slime and grime found in the muddiest marshes, but as potent as the perfume wafting from a French harlot. Love and Loyalty. The yin and yang of our heart structure. To have one and not the other is a blunder that us humans continue to manifest. For these two entities are symbiotic; feeding off of one another to continuously ensure their existence. When one is siphoned away, the other will slowly deteriorate, leaving behind only a shell of its former self. Love and Loyalty. We constantly fool ourselves into thinking that one can survive without the other. That they are two separate beings that can stand alone in their own creations. We are mistaken. Love is the life-force that animates and sustains Loyalty. It is its heartbeat. If love bleeds out or stops pumping its essence through the arteries of loyalty, loyalty will surely cease to exist; and without the body, the soul will soon depart. Love and Loyalty. Like two lovers dancing to the same rhythm under the pale moonlight, joined as one. The Holy Grail of all relationships. Elusive as a professional cat burglar, but desired and chased like the most famous celebrity. Love and Loyalty. A beautiful burden that is full of pretty promises and wretched realities.



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