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Do I?

Do I give up or try another attempt?

Is it my countenance or past that earns that look of contempt?

If it’s the latter, then it’s truly deserved

Yet I radiate a strength more fittingly reserved

For a champion, does that depict an aura of arrogance

Or a clarify of life rarely known to people lost in translation?

Do I give up or do I set the standard high?

Are you worth more than 1000 Instagram likes?

Or am I enough?

My heart is in chains, yet with a regal grace.

I embrace my faults, change is far but I’m no longer stagnant in place,

Please don’t judge.

I’ll show you the real me

Minus the alter ego I portray simply a member of human society,

Do I give up or do I epitomize growth?

A phoenix from its ashes, a man once backwards moving forth,

Now you smile, but don’t forget my brothers and sisters in chains.

How can they find the right exit with not GPS to switch lanes?

We’re reaching over the edge, please give us a hand.

You won’t be disappointed, I hope you understand,

From inside a hole, I’m pleading, please don’t give up.

The battle is almost over a generational reconstruction has begun.

–Daniel Acevedo

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