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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Daniel Thomas

Blinded by civilization, Native they dubbed URBAN

At least that's what they called me, watchin' Kermit

Ambassador to a new type of warrior, I'll run with it

I’m Heyoka, now look what I done with it, comes with his Blackstone

Sing me one, make it the flag song, but don't get the words wrong

14 languages, anguished if you said "Land of the free, home of the Braves"

Indigenous Holocaust, home of the slaves, just like mass graves

Police brutality and cage, make you say "Gangster rap made me do it"

Honest DNIS is the truest, on the warpath with my coupstick

It's funny 'cause I'm stupid, anything goes, turquoise ring on my pinky toe

Like I'm crazy in a sacred way, long road straight to the grave

Till my casket drops, in it every day, buried alive and broken-hearted

Letters are like flowers, early departed, death by a thousand cuts

Internally bleeding, put everything in these letters, sacrifice it freely

Tell my baby I love her, give thanks to her mother

Someone tell my cousin, "Don't play keep away from a brother"

One foot in the furor, see you when you get here or on the contrary

With unfinished business, things can get scary when you don't see the light

Ain't no sunshine in an unquiet grave, welcome to Devil's Night


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