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David Carrillo #02186465

The Stories Of Life

We all have a story to tell, whether good or bad wishing us would of never had, the story line is can we really walk in someone else’s shoes? Condemning so we criticize, empathy has gone void so we can never empathize, never utilize, our lives can be like the roll of the dice with unexpectedness. In my life I was born fatherless we had a substitute that was very heartless, being neglected and rejected, verbally, physically and emotionally abused with nothing to lose. I was becoming psychologically neurotic and I wasn’t far from being called a maniac. I became lost and confused, a young man with no Love, where was the remedy. I lost trust in mankind and God was out of sight and out of mind. As a child I wandered the streets looking for Love in all the wrong places, the drugs and women with the thievery eventually led to my depravity. I was becoming a man that was very unstable with no hesitation and no a Rapper I am not, I’m just a philosophical thinker. There are many things that I’ve gone through and many things I can expose and express, the pain and the heartache it is very real that it seems so surreal. There’s many of us that have gone through this hellish society, the ups and the downs of it all, what is the purpose of it all. We Love, we hate, we kill either mentally or we go so far to kill literally. We steal and destroy lives even taking out own subconsciously, sorry if I offend thee. Many have judged and criticized even to this day the former belligerent with a mind that became deteriorated by the affliction and the oppression over time when a child is supposed to be at his or her prime. Being forced and confound to the special educational system all the way to the 12th degree and at an IQ score of 72 and deemed close to being incompetent, all hell has broken loose. What can we make of it, maybe it’s all irrelevant, will we be ever able to Love unconditionally, having the willpower to forgive and have mercy, hopefully we can take concentration without hesitation that many of us got a story to tell.



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